Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yew Kain’t Hide Them Lyin’ Eyes . . .

Uh-oh, it’s election time – DUCK & COVER!!! -- and a white flyer just arrived in the mail. Paid for by “Citizens to Restore Los Osos, Joyce Albright, Chair.” It’s urging the reader to vote for Tornatzky, Kelly and Sparks. In the lower right hand corner it says, “Vote for Integrity.”

Then, above that it states, as if they were facts, this: “The county has stated it will consider only gravity sewer systems. This means the CSD’s antiquated Ripley STEP/STEG system cannot be built here. . . . . “

Uh, actual FACT #1 (as opposed to a JoyceAlbrightFact, since I presume she wrote and approved of this thing), Noel King was quoted in the Trib as saying they would only consider gravity sewers. Apparently, at the time he said that, he didn’t understand what the County has actually agreed to do and is starting to actually put into place. Those efforts and intentions were reiterated in an October 5, 06 letter to the CSD from Paavo Ogren, who is the project director. In short, King spoke out of school and didn’t have his facts right.

As part of that agreed to and promised Process, the Ripley STEP/STEG plan will be presented (along with Ripley’s completed project update) to the county engineers and will be part of the “mix” that they will be considering as they go through the promised Process of evaluating options. Which means, unlike this JoyceAlbrightFact, the Ripley Plan could, indeed, be one of the options that voters will have a choice of voting for once the evaluation process is completed.

Now, if this flyer was printed and out the door before the correction could be made, I’m sure that another postcard will arrive to correct the "facts" that aren’t facts.

After all, that’s what integrity is all about, isn’t it?

If Joyce knew that her “facts” were false and used them anyway, then will Tornatzky, Kelly and Sparks repudiate this political postcard and set the record straight? After all, this card is asking that we Vote for Integrity and in a candidate, “integrity” demands that he or she make sure that the voters be given accurate information about a critical issue.

Doesn’t it?


Anonymous said...

A PROJECT WE CAN LIVE WITH. $79 million less than former middle-of-town plan...$154 a month vs. $328.

Hmmmmm. Sounds alot like "$100.00 per month. We won't lose the SRF loan. We won't get fined. The water board doesn't have the nerve to issue CDO's. Just vote for the recall and everything will be great."

Ann, you have more gall than any pseudo journalist hack I have ever read talking about "integrity." You are blind to the half-truths and out right lies issued by this current CSD which have resulted in the only lost SRF loan in history and the largest per capita bankruptcy in the history of California. And the lies by Cesena and Senet continue with your blessing. Can we expect a similar call for them to retract their claim of $154 a month and the implication that the county is going to choose the Ripley Plan (which they won't) from you? How about an apology for lying last year during the recall? Fat chance, right Ann.

Anonymous said...

Boy, did you call it anon. Ann doesn't "endorse" candidates, but we sure know what side her bread is buttered on, don't we? It's easier to bash the candidates she doesn't support than to give us reasons for voting for the one's she does support. The only people she demands truth and integrity from are those who disagree with her - she will never demand an acknowledgement from Chuck and Steve that they blew it and have been lying through their teeth for the past two years.

Shark was right - Ann's silence on this matter speaks volumes.

Ann, your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Sewertoons said...

I just re-read the letter Paavo Ogren sent to the Board. Maybe the County is being polite? They will consider it in the "mix." You can't possibly get from that letter that Step/Steg WILL BE presented to the voters.

Churadogs said...

Sewertoons sez:"I just re-read the letter Paavo Ogren sent to the Board. Maybe the County is being polite? They will consider it in the "mix." You can't possibly get from that letter that Step/Steg WILL BE presented to the voters."

What I said was, "Which means , unlike this JoyceAlbrightFact, the Ripley Plan could, indeed, be one of the options that voters will have a choice of voting for once the evaluation process is completed."


The county needs to be more than just "polite." They need to work the Process truthfully, accurately, no thumbs-on-the-scale. If Ripley recommended plan survives a fair hearing, fairly, then it COULD be on the short list that will be available for the "advisory vote" later down the line.

Also, if I heard right, Noel King spoke at a CSD meeting a few months ago and used the words "round peg in a square hole" when identifying what happened at Tri W. That told me that The County KNEW all along what the game was out here. Or, at the very lease, Noel King knew. I can only hope he/they won't make the same mistake.

Anonymous said...

For someone whose legs have been cut off at the knees, and down to $200 in her checking account, you got to hand it to Joyce Albright for perserverence. All because she wants a sewer at Tri-W. Is there any other person that has done more to divide and disrupt this community?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:23
Go to Ron Crawford's blog and read this quote from Julie Tacker: "A divided and bankrupt community is better than a sewer at Tri-W."
You're kidding me Anon 7:23, right? You don't call bankruptcy disruptive? You don't call lying to get elected divisive? And what means does Joyce Albright have to "get a sewer at Tri-W?" None. Your CSD has plenty of means of not having a sewer at Tri-W. And all that has caused is the biggest per capita public bankruptcy in the history of California. And a total fleecing of us property owners. (you a property owner?). Wait, let me ask that again. Are you a property owner? 'Cause if you are, either you're getting screwed happily and willingly, or you're just "asleep at the switch" as our hypocritical friend Ann is wont to say.

Anonymous said...

The highest per capita sewer system in the country. That never gets mentioned. Yes, I am a property owner, and I was getting screwed, but not happily and willingly. That's why we are where we are today.

Anonymous said...

So you were getting screwed at $200.00 per month, so to show everyone how mad you were you decided to recall the board, fight every agency in the state, bankrupt the community, turn the project over to the county, and now (due to inflation, construction costs, etc) you'll be paying $350.00 per month. Way to go!!!!!! Maybe that works for you, but for me, these theives on the board and the pro-recall folks just cost me a bunch.

Anonymous said...

Once again we get a figure thrown around with no basis. How can you say it is going to cost $350 a month when we don't know what or where a sewer will be built?

Anonymous said...

County staff report of June 19 which was passed unanimously by BOS and is the basis for developing a wastewater treatment facility states on Page 16 :

"Specifically, resuming the
construction of the conventional gravity collection system while also considering alternative
treatment plant locations are important project-specific strategies that must be supported by
all agencies for a County implemented solution to have a reasonable chance of obtaining
property owner support."

and again on Page 17:

"i. Conventional gravity collection; essentially as designed"

A recent Joyce Albright's mailer says:

"The county has stated it will consider only gravity sewer systems."

A Oct 10th Tribune articles references Paavo Ogren, Deputy director, reporting to Director Noel King that in part says:

"In a letter to Schicker last week, Ogren wrote that the county is optimistic about developing "cooperative efforts" with the services district and intends to use planning work already done. He outlined the county’s interest in using consultants that have worked on the project, including the original plan from Ripley Pacific Co.

The letter stated that Ripley would be retained so that it could present its report and answer questions regarding its project concept."

Today, Ann pines
"Uh, actual FACT #1 (as opposed to a JoyceAlbrightFact, since I presume she wrote and approved of this thing), Noel King was quoted in the Trib as saying they would only consider gravity sewers"

And then goes onto castigate Mz. Albright., when in fact the only real error by said Mz Albright is using the word 'Sewer' and not 'Collection'.

Ann is guilty of the same transposition of terms. What Is a conventional gravity collection coupled with non conventional treatment called, an AnnJoyce or a JoyceAnn?

It seems clear that the county will go with a conventional collection system , unless an overwhelming case is made for other collection systems, Then alternative treatment systems will be examined, costed, and be presented to the voters!

It is time to stop the SPINNING on both sides!

Anonymous said...

Talk about spinning! I don't know what you just said.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing that Ann comments on that is not severely compromised by her secular-progressive view of where our society should be heading. She does not care if property owners are made victims of these views: all wealth belongs to society and not to individuals because this wealth has only been accumulated because of society, and individual effort has only been a small part of the accumulation of wealth. It seems to me that she would support the idea that the ends justify the means. Ergo: no sewer in the "middle of town" would justify the LOCSD bankruptcy, and the damage to property owners is warrented to effect the means. The current LOCSD board of directors that she has attempted to defend in one form or another would seem to be of the same mind, after all they are mostly property owners willing to sacrifice their own interests to achieve an end. For anybody to defend that they did not know what they were doing, or that the problems leading to bankruptcy were produced by a previous majority of the board of directors defies reason. Ann: Why do you pick on Joyce who has and is defending the property owners? Obviously you care not about property owners and those who pay the bills.

It also seems to me that the obstruction of a mandate, required by law, against the rulings of a regulating board entrusted to uphold and inforce the law is an attempt at anarchy. For secular-progressives, if it does not "feel good", the cause of the feeling is bad and must be resisted at any cost, regardless of suffering.

It seems to me that the two members of the board seeking reelection have absolutely no sense of regret of their actions that have caused the damages to the community and property owners. Never once has the board appologised for the unintended or intended consequences of their actions. They, with the rest of the current board, continue to attempt obstruction of the Blakeslee law and the water law. They continue to place the property owners into increased jepardy from debt, after all, they would try their damnist to remove tri-w from any consideration, regardless of practical considerations. They are clearly secular-progressives with contempt for the law and the traditions that have made this country the wealthiest and strongest in the world.

Otherwise, it would seem to me that it would be the height of stupidity to reelect them to a debtor bankruptcy board defending the property owners against the creditor lawyers who they have fed and nurtured even before they were elected. They have already shown and continue to show a complete disregard of the law and the property owners who will pick up the tab. Do NOT vote for Cessna or Senet. For them to even run shows a complete disregard for responsibility, along with Duggan and Barrow (renters), who have been at the forefront of obstruction. Shipes has been closely allied with the board and does not deserve consideration, he has been too closely allied to board supporters. I have yet to see him condemn this board for their destruction, and would doubt that he would work to hold them legally accountable for their actions.

Churadogs said...

Anonymous sez:"There is nothing that Ann comments on that is not severely compromised by her secular-progressive view of where our society should be heading."

Secular-progressive? Uh, now there's a new spin on this posting site. Is violating the carefully set up legal, permitting, hearings, review Process involved in siting a sewer plant, for example, now considered a sacred activity while objecting to those Process violations and demanding that The Process be done right, now some sort of secular-progressive activitiy? Woa, that's a really amazing stretch.

Anonymous said...

Amazing stretch? One would expect this comment. It is perfectly normal for one with your views, Ann. But what about accountability? How about protection of minority rights? Fraud and conspiracy to obstrut the law? I guess we await the legal justice system. Already it seems like the county is gearing up with their complaint to the bankruptcy judge about misspent funds.

Where is it shown by any independent outside comittee of observers, or judicial review, that process violations existed? Where were objections ever found to be valid? Of course, individuals can always accuse, spout objections, put forth obstructions, lie, twist facts, and ferment unrest to defeat anything to achieve their secular-progressive view to give a different result that they wish. If secular-progressives cannot achieve their results through lies, law, and democratic process, they go judge shopping for a like minded judge, appointed by a like minded politician.

In the case of Los Osos, bankruptcy resulted. Amazingly, not one fine or required repayment has been paid by the LOCSD Board.
At this point there is severe insolvency and it grows worse. Even with bankruptcy protection, it will be almost impossible to continue the operation of the district. The costs involving filing of bankruptcy, payment of a receiver, unbiased accountants, and legal expensives will be horrific. These expenses will be pay as you go, and where the money will come from is unclear if mandatory public safety, insurance, and operating expenses are funded.

Life at home is sad and dreary, Life at home is like a tomb.
Sister Sadie has no anal cavity, Mother has a fallen womb.

Brother Billy has been deported for a homosexual crime.
Father Marty sits in prison doing twenty years hard time.

Though all at home is sad and dreary, Life has not gone up the spout.
Baby Jimmy has farted and blown his anus inside out!

Things could be worse.

Anonymous said...

Jeez...what's with the secular-progressive label? Been listening to Rush or what? Let's not fall into that trap. We're tryin' to keep it real here.

Anonymous said...

What does secular-progressive mean anyway?

Anonymous said...

For 23 years, everybody responsible for building a sewer has been let off the hook. 23 years of no required septic tank maintanence until a sewer can be built. 23 years of the Board requiring said sewer allowing the responsibility of building said sewer to change hands, knowing it wasn't going to get done as presented. Okay, only 5 years of allowing 1000 more septic tanks to come online. Some mandate. I think the one thing that may give people the idea that the problem is not as serious as presented is allowing this to go on for 23 years with no action on their part. Their in-action of allowing the Solutions group to take over the sewer was unconsionable.

Anonymous said...

If one has the ability to go to you can find meanings for secular. The same for progressive. You also might be well informed of the Culture War by checking out "Culture Warrior" by Bill O'Reilly. This book is #1 on the NY Times best seller list.

This is a book about how one thinks and views the world and the people within. You may find it an interesting read, and you will find ample references to both secular-progressive and traditional authors. It may help you to understand yourself no matter how you think, and make you less vulnerable to propaganda where ever it comes from, be it Rush, Al Franken, Ann Calhoun, or the pundits on the water board. You will look at any opinion with a different perspective when you understand the basis of it. Media agenda will become clear, along with intent of law.

Basicly we have a clash in the world between secular-progressive and traditional thought. Many people subscribe to both. One can be an athiest (totally secular) but still subscribe to Judeo Christian ideals and our constitution (traditional). One can be secular (IE a libertarian, supporting the elimination of all drug laws, and an agnostic) and yet traditional as to fiscal and individual responsibility. You can be an Islamic or Christian extremist throwing bombs and be totally traditional.

Whether you agree or disagree with the author, it is important to understand oneself and the influence and origin of different viewpoints on one's way of thinking, and why one agrees or disagrees with other views and opinions.

Of course, one can remain ignorant of this clash of thinking. Ignorance is bliss until the snake comes up and bites you in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your answer. More complete than expected. I did find out something about myself. I don't need a label or Bill O'reilly to tell me why i'm thinking what i'm thinking. One thing I figured out at a very young age, was that I am in control of my mind. Nobody else can control how I feel about something. Whether I make good decisions, or poor ones, it's all on me. I think labeling has maybe gone a little too far. Out of curiosity, what would you label me?

Anonymous said...

To just above 2:24 PM.

I cannot label you. However you are the sum total of everything you have sensed with the addition of your inherent human reactions to stimulus. You are the sum of what you believe, what you know, and what you have been taught or learned. Everone that you have come in contact with has left an impression. Thoughts and ideas which you have rejected have influenced you as much as what you have accepted. You are human.

You are a product of society and culture, which you may accept, reject, or wish to change. Even though you are in control of your mind, there is very little that you can do about outside circumstances except handle them with your attitude. Your attitude can make or break you. Attitude is learned.

However, the more you know about yourself, and what has brought you to think however you do, the better you can understand those who would wish to influence you.

I do not know any humans who have not been influenced. It is part of growing up to be a human.

Read the book. Of course O'Reily bloviates, he admits it, but he has defined the origins and thinking behind the "culture war".

And this is serious business in today's world. It is up to you to find out your own reality, hopefully you already have. After all, it is the way you think that really defines you. Not labels from others who know nothing about you.

Thank you for the well thought out question and the insight. It has been a pleasure to respond.