Tuesday, November 21, 2006

O.K. Take Your Little Micey Toes Off The Scale And Step BACK From The Machinery! Yes, it's Ron Crawford over at with another posting: "Fourth Time's a Charm? The Stupidest Election Ever." If you want to see how the game is beginning to set up (keep your eye on the cheese at all times -- bait and switchy can happen in an eyeblink. ), then do yourself a favor and go read his posting. Take notes. Yes, that's rustling you hear in the shrubbery. And be warned, How the issue is framed will determine what questions will even be asked, not to mention that deals can be done-deals in an eyeblink. Not for nothing is fait accompli always followed by, "What's That? You Object? Oh, Too Bad. Too Late. Sorry. Get Over It. Buh-Bye."


Ron said...

Thanks for the link, Ann.


Mike Green said...

Yep! I have to agree, Those late objections can have some realy bad results!