Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dog Lovers, SIT! Listen up!

For all you pet owners out there, it’s no secret just how difficult it is to find a rental that will allow pets of any kind. This is a shame since it’s been my experience that responsible pet owners are also responsible people in general, which makes them great tenants. It also tends to make them nearly-permanent tenants since they know how hard it is to find another rental that will allow pets, so they have a tendency to stay put, if only for the sake of their pooch. All of which means that a landlord renting to a responsible pet owner ends up with a double bonus: responsible, long-lasting tenants, which saves a landlord no end of expensive revolving door re-dos for a parade of constant move-outs.

The following is a press release from Deborah Sutton. I originally met her through her group called No Place Like Home, a volunteer group that helps get dogs re-homed. And while doing that she realized that so many pets were being given up because their owners couldn’t find living quarters that would accept them, no matter how great the dog was. The usual policy is NO PETS, NO EXCEPTIONS, GO AWAY, SHOO!

For that reason, she started this company in an effort to educate landlords to the benefits of renting to responsible pet owners and by letting responsible pet owners know of rentals available. Sounds like a win-win situation. She gives the website, so if you’re a pet-owning renter, check it out. And if you know of other pet-friendly landlords, or responsible pet owners looking for a pad, you might suggest they get in touch with Pads for Pets and get listed. Win-win. Woof!

Pads for Pets has 2 available pet friendly rentals. One is in Cayucos, and one is in Morro Bay
If you know of anyone looking – check out our website: – photos and info about the rentals are there under available rentals.

Also, we are going to have an open house for both rentals tomorrow (Saturday) from 10-12.

Deborah Sutton

Dog Lovers SIT! Listen up! Part II

Don't forget, the Wood's Humane Society's Wiggle Waggle Walkathon, today, Saturday, Oct 20 at Laguna Lake Park, from 9 a.m. - 1. There'll be booths, contests, demonstrations, dogs for adoption (or at least you can start the process), information, all kinds of fun, lots of dogs. I'll be personing the Greyhound Adoptption Center information booth, featuring The Mighty Finn MacCool as Greyhound Poster Dog Of Los Osos. Whether you own a dog or not, it's a fun day for the whole family.

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