Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Look, Up In The Sky, That Guy In A Red Suit In A Sleigh!

Don't know how many of you folks in Sewerville have had a chance to attend the Community Music Series at The Red Barn (next to the Community Center on Palisades Ave and LOVR). If you haven't, you're missing an extraordinary program. Every first Saturday of the month (and often other dates as well) an amazing variety of musicians assemble. The shows start at 7 pm., with a ginormous potluck din-din starting at 6. Local groups play during the pot luck, with the featured musicians starting up at 7.

The music is a range of bluegrass, Latin folk, banjo, acoustic music of all stripes by a wide variety of outstanding artists. And the donation for all these amazing concerts is $10. The money raised goes to support music programs in the local schools (with many of the visiting artists giving school concerts to the kids while they're up here)

And now, they have GIFT CERTIFICATES available for the $10 donation. You can pick some up at the upcoming Sat Dec 1 show or call Jonas at 528-4530 to find out how you can get some.

It's the Perfect Holiday gift. It's not fattening (well, except for the pot luck pre-show din-din), you don't have to dust it, re-gift it, hide it in a closet or end up putting it out on your next garage sale table.

In short, The Perfect gift!

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