Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lights, Cameras, Action, Part II

Below is a follow up press release from PZLDF concerning the recent Insider Exclusive presentation of the interview with a few of The Los Osos 45 who have been targeted by the RWQCB’s CDO Mad Hatter Tea Party and Auto De Fe Public Hanging. This press release supplies more info on the program and producer, and I’m posting it since some Anonymice blog posters raised issues about what, who and how the shows were put together, then launched into an amazing Round Robin dance of “signal jamming” and building air castles complete with angels on heads of pins all based on nothing but made up stuff from other Anonymice. Typical. Sigh.

Contact: Gail McPherson 805.459.4535

Los Osos Lawsuit Featured in New Civil Rights TV show-
Emmy Award Winning TV Producer Films Los Osos Civil Rights Case.

A high profile Los Osos, Ca lawsuit, filed by Sullivan and Associates against the Central Coast Regional Water Board, is the subject the INSIDER EXCLUSIVE TV show. The Show was looking to highlight a few Civil Rights Cases that represents injustice, unfairness and/or deception...Either for individuals or groups seeking tell their story, and the Los Osos appeal filed in San Luis Obispo Superior Court fit perfectly.

The Los Osos water board sewer debacle is gaining increased public attention based on the recent civil rights lawsuit that appeals the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Boards precedent setting prosecution of ordinary citizens. The complaint claims the regulatory agency violated due process and constitutional protections, including selective enforcement, discrimination and environmental justice, when staff randomly selected individual homeowners to serve as an example for voters, and applied regulations to their homes meant for industry. The water board members stated on several occasions their actions were a desperate attempt to change the will of the electorate, which is illegal and a gross abuse of regulatory power and authority.

That interested the Emmy Award Winning Insider Exclusive producer Steve Murphy whose focus is on cases of great injustice, because they are being litigated right now, or because they involve large numbers of people and very consequential issues, or because of their historical importance funded this production. Each TV Show is a 28:30 minute TV feature segment.

Steve Murphy, who regularly produces the Dateline, 60 Minutes, 20/20, and Prime Time-style TV Shows for Lawyers and broadcasts them on PBS, CNN, MSNBC, Court TV, Fox, Time Warner, Cox, AOL, and Comcast TV.

The filming of the Special 30 minute TV Shows on "Civil Rights Cases in America Today" was completed at Murphy’s studios in Studio City, California. The show can be viewed at “Crisis in Los Osos” link
Steve Murphy is Executive Producer & Host of the Insider Exclusive TV Show; the Executive Producer/ Host, ABC's The Law Business Insider; Senior Producer, Sky Radio Network,; The Insider Exclusive TV Shows have won over 14 prestigious films awards including 7 Emmys for their TV Shows.
For more information or broadcasting schedules, look for postings on the Citizens For Clean Water website
Other contacts:
Sullivan & Associates, Shaunna Sullivan, 805- 528-3355
Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger 919-445-2841, 559-445-5328
State Water Resources Control Board, Dorothy Rice, Executive Director
Central Coast RWQCB, Michael Thomas
Additional information on Steve Murphy and Insider Exclusive
2006 Emmy Award Winner - Director
2006 Emmy Award Winner - PSA Campaign
2006 International Family Film Festival - Best Documentary
2005 Fort Lauderdale Film Festival - Spirit Award Best Documentary
2005 Emmy Award Winner - Director
2005 Emmy Award Winner - PSA Campaign
2002 Emmy Award Winner - PSA Campaign
2001 City of Los Angeles Commendation - PSA Campaign
1999 New York Film Festival - Best Music Video
1999 Nation Telly Winner - Best Music Video
1999 International Aurora Award Winner - Best Music Video
1997 Emmy Award Winner - Director
1996 Emmy Award Winner - Director
1995 Emmy Nomination - Best Series

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Mike Green said...

OK, I'm, still convinced that PZLDF would probably garner more support if they dropped the "citizens for clean water" part off and concentrated on only the injustice of the selective enforcement.
Statements of sewer costs and affordability, while very good topics for discussion, detract from the core issue in my mind, namely due process and equal protection under the law.
That's my two cents.

Jane said...

I don't know Mike.

This injustice started long before they sent out the proposed CDOs. And the evidence the prosecutors used against the 45 was simple that they owned a home within the PZ. Seems to me that they need to look very carefully at that line; why it was formed, how it was formed, and the validity and reliability of the data used to justify it.
And why 1150 homes were allowed to be built within the established line prior to inacting a building prohibition, why a septic management district was never established,....... The list goes on.

I look forward to outside, independent review of the actions that have taken place in Los Osos over the last 30 years. I hope that The Insider is just the beginning of a long hard look at how and why the process has repeatedly failed here. This is the only way that government changes.

And examining the past should not in any way effect the future project......unless agencies in power are dirty.

Mike Green said...

jane, you don't win a war all at once.
win the battles you can first.

Mike Green said...

Oh and jane, the only way government changes 'round here' is in reaction to a disaster.

If you have any evidence to the contrary, I'd love to read it, thanks.

Mike said...

..and just because we're tred of CB's (Joe Freedman?) statistical rantings...

from today's Tribune a response from the County...

"Prop. 218 explained

T his letter is in response to continuing incorrect information regarding the Los Osos wastewater project that has appeared in recent letters. In a letter by Joe Freedman on Nov. 27 concerning the Proposition 218 vote, he stated “that when the vote is analyzed it will show that the residents voted 50/50, the same as they did during the community services district recall election.”

Freedman also furthered the misconception that “the overwhelming vote came from organizations (school district), businesses (grocery stores) and individuals (apartment owners).” This simply is not true, and in fact, the analysis shows that single- family homeowners overwhelmingly approved the Proposition 218 assessments.

Single-family homes had 78 percent of the voting power. This number grows to more than 80 percent for the “total housing vote” when the mobile homes, apartments and multifamily housing are included. Consequently, the school district, commercial properties and public agencies had less than 20 percent of the total voting power. Single- family homeowners submitted 76 percent of their ballots, with 78 percent of those submitted voting “yes.”

Finally, in stark contrast to Freedman’s assertion, analysis reveals that the “yes” votes from single-family homeowners would still have resulted in an overall 62 percent “yes” vote (compared to the actual 80 percent) even if all other “yes” votes had been submitted as “no” votes.

John Diodati,

Public Works administrator, San Luis Obispo County"

Cut the statistics anyway you want, but Los Osos overwelmingly voted in favor of assessing ourselves for a County designed and constructed sewer as opposed to continueing the LOCSD's non-plan...

Churadogs said...

Amen to Jane's comment above. We really do need either a grand jury investigation (Bwa-hahahahah, in this county? hahahahah) or some ginormous "trial" (maybe somewhere that breach of contract lawsuit can be started? That should uncover some interesting info) or maybe we could make do with a Truth & Reconciliation Hearing. So much went so wrong from day one and, sadly, the citizens are going to pay big time for all the wrong-going-ons. and that happens because not enough of them care enough to stand up and demand better. instead, it's the old "I'm all right, Jack," you see in some of the posters regarding the CDO's, for example -- shoot the messanger, trash the victim, sneer at their plight, claim it's none of their business since THEY didn't get a CDO, & etc, and fail to look at the bigger injustice, turn away, shrug, self-justify. Typical, and exactly how and why these messes continue.

Shark Inlet said...


Which breach of contract lawsuit do you want started? The one where TriW contractors are suing the LOCSD, the one where the LOCSD is suing the SWRCB ... or are there others?

On the issue of only a few people getting CDOs ... it is only a few who have gotten them yet. Should some notable people in Los Osos attempt (yet again) to torpedo a fair and reasonable process, they might issue CDOs to the whole town just like they've told us they intend to do.

I also note with interest that you've not yet told us that neither you nor Gail would support a lawsuit to change the scope and nature of the County project should the PZLDF lawsuit over the definition of the PZ be affected. Until you do so, all your protestations of this issue being only about civil rights and justice are no more than words. If PZLDF would come out and make a pledge to not pursue additional lawsuits (which would only end up raising my bills) we could feel far better about supporting them. Heck, if every PZLDF member and every individual currently named as a plaintiff in the PZLDF suit were to make that pledge, I'll contribute $100 to their legal cause.

Why haven't I contributed yet? Unlike what Ann says, this is not just an issue about justice and helping our neighbors. This is an issue where I believe the PZLDF folks are pursuing something that I believe to be likely harmful for our community. Even if the RWQCB didn't dot their "i"s correctly on their random sample of PZ homeowners for prosecution, the PZLDF suit is so far-reaching that it threatens the County project and I resent that.

If the suit were to ONLY tackle the one issue, the random sampling, but not the definition of the PZ I could support it.

Which allows me to make another point. While the PZ definition is ... um ... problematic from a political point of view and I would rather the line through our town not have been drawn in the first place because we would likely have a sewer by now ... the PZ definition was largely based in science at the time and there has been little since then which would make us think that the PZ line had been drawn incorrectly.

Churadogs said...

CORRECTION: Regarding the above blog posting referencing the PRI Inc/Insider Exclusive Investigative TV Series, I received a email/letter from Smyth Law Office requesting a correction to the above 2007 Blog Posting regarding the PRI reference. I am happy to comply with his request to correct the original posting. Herewith, Mr. Andrew Smyth's letter regarding the requested CLARIFICATION and CORRECTION.

Dear Ann Calhoun and Gail McPherson
I represent PRI Inc/Insider Exclusive Investigative TV Series, and it was brought to our attention this week, by one of the former Insider Exclusive “Contractor producers”, that a Dec 02, 2007 blog posting, “Lights, Cameras, Action, Part II” in reference to a 2007 Insider Exclusive TV Series episode produced by PRI Inc, entitled “Crisis in Los Osos” currently displayed on the Calhouns Can(n)ons website is currently erroneous. Specifically in reference to the words “Prestigious film awards and Emmys as applied to the Insider Exclusive Investigative TV Series, and the listing of these awards. See
Recently the Insider Exclusive TV Series ended its relationship with one of several “Contractor Producers”, Robert Manciero, who as one of the Insider Exclusive team producers for 7 years, was the actual individual recipient of the Los Angeles Chapter of the ATAS Emmy Awards, nominations and other miscellaneous awards. As one of the contractor/team producers of the Insider Exclusive Investigative TV Series from August 2007 to November 2014, these awards were authorized to be publicly displayed as awards of the Insider Exclusive TV Show Producers, and did not apply to the TV Series itself. Immediately subsequent to Mr Manciero departure from the Insider Exclusive Investigative TV Series in November 2014, all mention of these awards, as a part of the Insider Exclusive Producers team, were immediately removed from all PRI/Insider Exclusive TV controlled and/or owned websites.
Mr Manciero’s attorney, Cyrus Naim, has requested that we write you, as a courtesy, to ask you to correct the erroneous mention of these awards on your websites as they apply to the Insider Exclusive Investigative TV Series.
Please direct all any and all inquiries and followup regarding this matter to Cyrus Naim, @
Thank you
Andrew Smyth

April 14, 2015