Thursday, June 19, 2008

Email to the Tribune

The Tribune finally got around to printing a story on the resignation of the CSD’s lawfirm, Burke-Williams& Sorenson, which firm cited potential conflict of interest in the Taxpayers Watch lawsuit, the suit that’s personally suing the CSD Board members. Naturally, the story was late and apparently a dollar short as the following email forwarded to me indicates:

“Hi Sona,
The article concerning the Taxpayers lawsuit and BWS resignation from the district contained the following statement:
“Before the former Los Osos board was recalled Sept. 27, 2005, it was involved in several lawsuits. The plaintiffs in some of those ended up winning election to the district board after the recall. “
None of the three board members elected in the district recall were EVER plaintiffs in ANY lawsuit.
Steve Senet, Chuck Cesena, or John Fouche never filed ANY lawsuit or was ever a party to any lawsuit against the district. They were not members of CCLO or any organization that filed lawsuits.
Lisa Schicker was elected in 2004, however, she was never a party or a plaintiff in any lawsuit.
Long before being elected she did introduce friends to Keith Swanson of CCLO that were attorneys. This was NOT BWS, but another firm.
She has certainly openly and actively supported CCLO’s mission for an alternative project, but was never a member of CCLO or organization that filed lawsuits against the district.
The article unfortunately is misleading, does harm, because it suggests misconduct ---(such as plaintiffs later elected and then paying their attorneys) This is exactly what has been alleged by Gordon Hensley et al, but exactly what DID NOT HAPPEN.
The Tribune has an obligation to contact the directors to confirm their status concerning the lawsuits, and then to correct the statement to present facts to your readers.
Thank you kindly for your prompt attention to this matter “

Hmmmm, Which brings us back to a question that I hope the “Trial” will answer, because the Tribune didn’t: Somebody please ‘splain just what this lawsuit is really about?

Twenty Eight gay couples get Married In SLOTown

Amazingly, neither the county nor the state fell into the ocean or was struck by lightning. Some of these couple actually got married in the church of their choice, thereby having their marriage sanctified, according to their beliefs.

So, here’s where it’s going to get interesting. If the Change The Constitution Anti-gay Marriage Initiative passes in November, the state will have to require that these folks get unmarried AND they will be told that their holy matrimony wasn’t the right kind of holy.

And what’s truly odd about that is this: The various religious conservative groups who are funneling money into the state to support this initiative would have an absolute cow if someone were circulating an constitutional amendment initiative that declared that the people of the state of California should have the constitutional right to tell THEM what’s holy or unholy and un-sanctify THEIR marriages -- as in, "Oh, Sorry, but YOUR church isn't the RIGHT kind of church and so it's sanctity isn't valid. Only OUR type of churches get to sanctify things."

It would be cowville all ‘round. Apparently they’re working under the notion that our constitution and the bedrock foundation of this country is, “Freedom and equality for ME, but not for THEE.”

GGGAAAGGHHHHH, Better I Shudda Gone To France

Which is what I’ve been saying for a few weeks as I’ve neglected this blog (not a whole lot happening on the Sewer Wars Front, thank God), while my computer got an upgrade, put in DSL, and have been endlessly fussing with both a new email program and having to re-do my email address book. GGAAAGGGHHHHH.

Eventually, it’ll all sort out all right, but in the meantime.

And Finally, Is a Divorce in the Wind?

Been hearing rumors that Mark Low of NOWASTEWATER is getting “divorced,” un-partnered, separated, go-separate-ways, unhooked, departing, buh-bye from Tom Murphy of AES Reclamator Co.. Mark simply confirmed the separation but offered no details. So I’ve asked him if he wanted to send me any info on the split, I’d gladly post it here. So, stay tuned.

Meantime, It’s Another Beautiful Day In Paradise

Our time here is so short, our lives so often taken up with trivia (like updating email address books), that we too often ignore the really important things in life. Like spending time with your family, time to go out to see the flowers bloom. Walk your dog. If you don’t have a dog, heard there’s a really cool greyhound mix neutered 6 mos old pup at DAS looking for a home. My greyhound mix, Archibald McDog, turned out to be an amazing critter. So, go adopt this pup THEN go walk the dog. Weather promises to be gorgeous today.

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Mike Green said...

Email to the Tribune
(An utter exercise in futility, maybe a textbook example of the definition of insanity, they have always sucked, what do you expect?)
Twenty Eight gay couples get Married In SLOTown
(hopefully they will have better luck than straight couples, I wonder how many people opposed to this development are divorced? )
GGGAAAGGHHHHH, Better I Shudda Gone To France
(Coulda bought a Mac! Bwa ha ha, oops maybe she did?)
And Finally, Is a Divorce in the Wind?
(Mark! say it aint so! or did you read a book on manners?)
(Also look out for the Gay divorces, should be a BIG Trivial headline)
Meantime, It’s Another Beautiful Day In Paradise
That it is! one of the most beautiful spots on earth!