Monday, May 03, 2010

Cosmic Navel Lint: "Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black" - Tim Wise

This piece by Tim Wise is beyond brilliant.  If you haven't read it, please click on the link "Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black" - Tim Wise and scroll down a bit to the April 23 posting.  (It's also posted on Tim Wise's Facebook page.) I remember the '60's well and the images of the armed Black Panthers wearing black leather jackets, huge Afros and spouting anti-government rhetoric were NOT described in the media as being American patriots and as American as apple pie or people just wanting their country back. 

It's always other shoes, other feet and what something looks like depends on whose glasses you're peering through.


Alon Perlman said...

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Let’s give it a spin; by Bren Tierney, UK

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Pay me? Good havens, no. But if you could put a handful of those early Kennedy Half dollars in the top tray of the tool box while I’m washing my hands, I’d be much obliged,
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And if you could brew me a mug of black tea, two bags, and my Call box won’t squawk, I’ll settle down and relax my achin’ joints a moment, cause I’d like to tell you the tale of the good Samaritan and the Luddites and how I think it relates to the perception of the black panthers and those colorful tea baggers.

Churadogs said...

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