Saturday, February 11, 2012

Are you done now?

The dust-up was profoundly stupid.  Employers, under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) would be required to offer their employees medical coverage that included birth control, thereby insuring all women would have full coverage.  Religious institutions would be exempt if they were primarily religious but not exempt if they were primarily operating in the public sector, such as various Catholic Hospitals that employ and serve all kinds of non-Catholics. The morally bankrupt Catholic Bishops and, since it's an election year, the profoundly cynical, hypocritical, morally bankrupt Republicans came conveniently unglued and we had the ridiculous spectacle of Mitt Romney declaring this insurance coverage to be an attack on religion, conveniently forgetting that his own Romney Care- Massachusetts  health care plan did exactly the same thing.  And the usual conservative brayers joined in to portray President Obama  as a Christian-hating Muslim who was trying to destroy the First Amendment and attack our religious freedoms! Awwww Gawwwwd!

Uh, no.  The Affordable Care Act was just trying to make sure that women employees had insurance plans that gave them full access to whatever reproductive health needs they might have and various religious institutions had a year to work out any work-around, or make adjustments they needed in order to satisfy their religious scruples while still treating all their employees equally.   That's all.  One year to solve any problems the issue might include. 

In less than a week, Boom! the biggest issue was solved.  Not a year.  A few days.  And it didn't require all the shrieking and cynical moral posturing.  Just some good faith common sense and a willingness to compromise.  And, of course, the old wink and nudge.  As usual.

And you wonder why Congress can't get anything done. And you have just had a glimpse of how cynically stupid the "culture war" issues will play out this coming election year.

Time to move to France.    


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