Friday, July 06, 2012

Helooooo, Where's Darrell?

So, Darrell Issa was running around with his hair on fire, shrieking about how the Obama administration was the most corrupt administration in history and how Obama was allowing massive gun-walking to Mexico to create a blood-bath so bad it would scare Americans into allowing him to institute gun control laws here in this country and take away everyone's guns (this eternal lunatic conservative's drooling wet-dream scenario was coughed up by some nutter CongressIdiot and Issa dutifully parroted it on TV, to his everlasting disgrace.) and how he, Darrell Issa, The Oversighter, was the only person who stood between chaos and tyranny and the utter ruination of the Republic!

So he loudly, amidst the blare of headlines featuring Darrell Issa, ginned up a contempt of Congress vote against AG Holder from a profoundly contemptible Congress (many members of whom were directly threatened by the NRA if they didn't vote the "right" way).  First time in history!  Darrell Issa was in the books now, smile for the cameras!  

And the attorney general's office said, Meh, shoved the paperwork off its desk with a sniff, refused to prosecute, said no laws were broken.

And suddenly, the media went dark.  Not a peep. Not a photo op. Not a word from Darrell Issa.  Except a final confession that, no, well, er, uh, um, no, he didn't have any evidence that anybody in the administration (you remember, the most corrupt administration in the history of the world!) broke the law, so, um, er, well, . . . nevermind.

At that was that.  Silence.  The theatre went dark. Which begs a question, If there are no cameras present, does Darrell Issa even exist?  Like the tree in the forest that falls and nobody knows?

Well, I can only presume that Darrell Issa, the Oversighter, the Joe McCarthy wannabe, is back at work.  The cat at the mouse hole poking his little paw in and out, claws extended, fishing hoping against hope, Oh, pluueeezeee, plueeezzee, miaow-miaowwwww, just let me find one little eenzie-weensie mousie in there, pluueeeeze, plueeeze, tail twitching, eyes rolling back, whiskers trembling and always on the lookout for the cameras, the cameras, where are the goddamed cameras!


Mike Green said...

Blew up faster than a San Diego fireworks show. LOL!

Mike Green said...

Contempt of Congress? Sounds more like an accolade than a rebuke. Guy should probably get a medal or something.

Anonymous said...

Sure give Holder the Metal of Honor while you're at it. He can even lie about how he won it protecting his honest boss.

He's out of a job in January and he knows it!

Churadogs said...

Mike sez:"Blew up faster than a San Diego fireworks show. LOL!"

hahahah. I would amend that to "blew OVER" faster than . . . sunk like a stone. And if we want to know what the hell happened, we'll have to read the Forbes article and/or wait for the book, I guess, since the "oversight" committee has apparently left for lunch. Or on to the next headline-grabbing photo-op. Good old Darrell.

Anonymous said...

He's out of a job in January and he knows it!

No, he knows he's not out of a job. But you're out of the political prediction business if you think he is!

Anonymous said...

Darrell Issa has always been a self-agrandizing, self-promoting, car alarm salesman and will always be.

Crook, crook, crook, crook, crook!

Good article, Ann. (As usual.)


Churadogs said...

Anon sez:"He's out of a job in January and he knows it!"

Alas, the Darrell Issa types are never out of Congress. They can always find a sufficient number of people to con into voting for them. Sigh.