Saturday, February 08, 2014

Armed and Stupid, Part II

O.K. You've probably already figured out how profoundly stupid people can be when you read about the box of popcorn as a deadly weapon (and we're not talking about the artery-clogging grease they pour on the kernels) in the Stupid Murder In The Theatre case in Florida.

So, here we go again.  Mr. Michael Dunn, a Stupid Angry Armed White Guy -- in Florida . . . where else? --pulls up in his car in front of a convenience store in Jacksonville.  Black guys in a car pull up next to him, their radio blasting away.  Stupid Angry Armed White Guy tells black guys to turn the music down.  Words ensue.  Stupid Angry Armed White Guy pulls a gun and shoots 17-year-old Jordan Davis multiple times then drives off, is later arrested for murder and claims he killed Davis because he "felt threatened," and claims, "I had no choice but to defend myself, I'm NOT a murderer.  I am a survivor." 

Sorry, Mr. Dunn.  You ARE a murderer and you are a MORON.

Consider, please:  What's on a car that makes it different from a building?  Right.


Damned thing moves, as in . . . .  AWAY.  Like, you're next to a bunch of black people and you "feel threatened" and you've got enough sense to think maybe things might go south on you?  Think . . . WHEELS. Think . . . . DRIVE   Think . . . . AWAY. 

Of course, that would occur to sane, smart people living in a sane state, but we're talking Florida here.  In Florida, cars don't have wheels and can't move, and are filled with  Frightened Stupid Angry White Guys who don't have brains.

But they do have guns.  And a Stand Your Ground license to kill. 

Way to go, Florida.  Way to go.  

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