Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sunday's Blessings on Saturday

Rain or shine (in this case, rain), the CCC's are on the job.  These fabulous guys and gals, in keeping with the California Conservation Corps' mission of service to the community, showed up on their day off to help at El Chorro Dog Park.  Rain couldn't stop them and several hours later they had re-graded a large flood-prone area and restored the wood chips, thereby improving an already fabulous Dog Park.

These young men and woman are amazing.  All over the state, they're out there working to make our public lands -- parks, wilderness areas, forest, watershed resources -- safer, better and more beautiful, all for all of us!  So when you see these hardy crews at work, give them a shout-out of thanks!

They are a blessing.  Thanks CCC!  You're the best.

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