Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mas Parting Shots

Since my last posting, I've entered the Wilshire Hospice Program, which is to say that things have sped past the speed of light and slid down into absolute down-time, all at once. In other words, neither the brain nor the computer seems to be working properly.  But then, as some wag would say, "How ever can you tell?"


But here's an update on my recent Grand Pre-Estate Sale End Times Garage sale, we managed to raise $1,182 for the Wellness Kitchen, They have a wonderful "pay-it-forward" program to help reach and teach people facing health issues who can be helped by way of of good nutrition.  They can be located at or at (805) 434-1885.  And for all of you who help me with this project, I can't thank you enough.  I'm am so blessed with so many kind neighbors and friends who were ready to step in at a momemnt's notice. My thanks to them all. 

So many of those same friends have also been there to help get many things settled as my house, like Penelop's loom slowly comes unspooled. (I'm still trying to figure out just how in hell I ended  up with 4 table cloths all the the same color.  Yes, it's a nice peachy-pink, but, c'mon!)

In the meantime, life, even in Hospice, goes on.  As a matter of fact, that's the credo and while it'll be a bit of a puzzle and a bungle, well, that's about right as well. My hugs to all of you.  The precious, fragile  thing you hold in your hands every second, well, that's it.  Life.  Treasure it. 


Cherie said...

Oh Ann, I am so very very sorry. It is us that are left behind, that carry the hurt and will miss you so. I have to believe that you will be with all of your furry angels that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and friends and family that have gone before you. Know that Shaun and I love you and will dearly miss you. Say Hi to my Mom and Dad... we love you - xoxox

Thomas Aquinas said...

Dear Ann, I need to tell you how truly much I've enjoyed so many small tidbits of conversation with you. Leaving here for nearly 25 years your ideas, opinions and memories are of great treasure. We have agreed and disagreed on many subjects, fought the battle for our community together. In all that time I have truly admired all that you have stood for. You have kept me in check, given examples of my poor ideas, yet never tried to ridicule or in your words "pooh-pooh" dissimilar logic. Ann, the art treasures around town will always remind me of you. You my dear will always be the citizen of the year, here in small town Los Osos. It is a great honor to know you..." Respectfully and with great admiration. Tom Salmon

mariko said...

Ann, I have been following your blog since we moved from Paso Robles to Portland, but I somehow missed the posts leading up to this one. I am so sorry. I have such fond memories of meeting you and your basenji gang (plus Archibald) when we were trying to decide on whether or not to become basenji slaves. I also remember bringing Deedle to meet your pack at the dog park and how fascinating that was. Who knew those dogs could make such weird noises! You were so generous with your time and your knowledge, and I can't thank you enough.

sewermouth said...

Ah Ann so much more...
this last year I clicked on the blog once or twice, thinking the postings were sparse.

You always think things through, and that comes out so well now in this context.
l hope we can have a little more of you
I wish I was around to help.


sewermouth said...
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sewermouth said...
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sewermouth said...
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