Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meeting Updates
Thursday, Feb 26 [added note: agenda items have been switched, with one matter scheduled for the morning postponed for the afternoon, so the wasterwater presentation could be switched. Suggest anyone interested, better show up by 10, I presume, otherwise you may miss it all?) the Planning Commission will hold an informational meeting to hear from the County on the DEIR for the Sewer Plans. It's in the BOS chambers.

On Wed, March 4 at the SLO City/Co. Library, the WRAC will meet to decide whether or not to form a subcommitte to submit comments to the Planning Commission in April.

The Planning Commission has blocked out both April 23 & 30 for all day hearing on the LOWWP. It's likely they'll certify both the DEIR and grant the CDP.

If the BOS takes up the appeal in May or early June, they may finish to get to the Coastal Commission in July when the CC meets in SLO.

I have been told that the County will NOT be making the RWQCB meeting in Watsonville in March, which could be unfortunate since I believe the issue there could raise concerns about water recharge/salt-water intrusion, water loss, etc. by the present proposed plan. But then, when did the RWQCB concern itself with water? So whether the county attends or not will be moot, as will all things having to do with the RWQCB since it's all rubber stamp at this point.

Written comments on all of this must be submitted in a timely manner or forever hold your peace.

Dates and times may change, so stay tuned.

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