Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Just In

New York Times ( ) story concering Morro Bay medical pot dispenser, Charles Lynch: His sentencing hearing has been postponed until April 30 while the judge gets a ruling or clarification on the Attorney General Eric Holder Jr's recent ruling "that federal authorities would not seek to prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries if the operations complied with state and local laws. . ."

Mr. Lynch's attorney said Mr. Lynch "has not violated any state laws." The federal prosecutors said that the "issue of state law was not raised in the trial," just violations of federal statutes.

Still missing from this case is exactly why Sheriff Hedges, who is not running for reelection and who was in a fine mess of his own at the time the Lynch raid went down, what with domestic disturbance phone calls at his home and allegations of illegal recording of his deputies, whistled up the feds in the first place. All very peculiar, if you ask me. Well, stay tuned.

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