Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Request From Mother Calhoun

Dear Former CAO Edge

1. CAOs and Assistant CAOs are NOT 13 year-old “needy romantic” BFFs.
2. If you have to suggest that your Assistant CAO get a sex toy in order to “pleasure herself” because you think she doesn’t know anything about the subject, your Assistant CAO is too dumb to continue in the job as an Assistant CAO and should be dismissed immediately.
3. Please add up all the money the taxpayers have had to cough up to pay for this unholy mess, including the cost of the Robertson Report. Divide it by ½. Refund that amount back to the county coffers.
4. Now, please go away. Thank you.

Dear Former Assistant CAO Wilcox

1. Taxpayer-financed out-of-town conferences are NOT intended to serve as taxpayer-financed Pimp Runs for sexually hungry county employees on the make.
2. If the Robertson Report is even half-accurate, please don’t waste your time and the county’s money on your sexual harassment lawsuit. That suit won’t even begin to pass the smell test.
3. Please add up all the money the taxpayers have had to cough up to pay for this unholy mess, including the cost of the Robertson Report, and the cost-to-date of your “harassment” suit. Divide it by ½ . Refund that amount back to the county coffers.
4. Now, please go away. Thank you.

Dear SLO County

1.Please reinstate annual, mandatory attendance by all employees in sexual harassment classes.
2. Please institute mandatory attendance at a new ETHICS in Government class. It will cover things that apparently have gone missing, like “Thou Mayest Not Canoodle With People You’re Negotiating Labor Contracts With.” I know that seems so obvious that even a dunce would know that, but clearly that’s not the case here. Thank you.

Dear Reader

1. The Robertson Report is posted on the Tribune’s website at
2. After reading, take a shower. Lots of soap.

Uh, Oh, Ron’s Been Snooping Again

Time for the County Grand Jury? Oh, wait, I forgot. If memory serves, didn’t one Grand Jury Personage say The Sewer Issue here in Los Osos was just too difficult and complicated for them to look into. Well, enjoy all the dots at


Ron said...

Ann wrote:

"3. Please add up all the money the taxpayers have had to cough up to pay for this unholy mess, including the cost of the Robertson Report..."

MEMO TO SELF: Never, ever, evvvverrrrr become a government employee.

Thanks for the link Ann.

Now, could someone run down to the Los Osos Community Services District office and let me know if it's still in business?

Watershed Mark said...

Has anyone seen Warren Jensen's overdue "treatment" of Lisa's formal complaint yet?

GetRealOsos said...


Very good research.

What I find interesting is that Pandora and hubby have done exactly what they've accused Lisa, Julie, etc. of doing.

You know, the delaying of the project, lying about the price tag, etc.

Also, it's interesting that Ms. Sullivan has been working with Gary for years (and other "Dreamers") with the Bay Foundation. They are funded by grants from the water board.

But, Ms. Sullivan is fighting the agencies she's working with?! That looks very much like a conflict of interest to me.

Who isn't corrupt in Los Osos?! A n y o n e ?

But, now I see why Pandora can't go out in public or is afraid to anyway. She's so darn guilty.

GetRealOsos said...


Same goes for YOU -- just like Pandora, you are! (I still believe you're either Richard or Gordon.)

You accuse people of what YOU do!!!

Let's start with the governmental agencies you want people to trust! They've lied every step of the way (of course this includes Bruce Gibson and his public works dept.) right up to this very day!!!

AB2701 brought us gravity and the 218 brought us a blank check!!!

You want everyone to go along with the big lie starting in 1983 with the RWQCB.

The tests on which the RWQCB based its support of the "mega" sewer on were done in uncapped wells drilled below a horse farm!!!

This is what the RWQCB bases everything on!!! All of their other tests were inconclusive (also confirmed in a letter to the County from '94 from USEPA) and don't indicate that it's the septic tanks at all!!! Besides, by law, it is the RWQCB's duty to prove their case.

And your permitted, legal Tri-W project that you mention over and over again. Illegal buddy!!!

Even though there were resolutions passed claiming sources of revenue to repay the SRF loan, those resolutions did not dedicate a source of revenue - not according to Article XIII of the California Constitution (Proposition 218) which says you MUST give Los Osos' property owners the right to vote on whether or not they would be assessed to repay the loan!! Your agency (recalled CSD directors) violated federal and state law, and by intentionally proceeding with that loan knowingly violating the Federal Clean Water Act jeopardized federal grants which support programs in the state.

Mike, you've accused me of lying over and over, yet you've yet to pull one lie out of your hat. On the other hand, I can call YOU out on many lies!!! But, that's all you do, lie, and lie. That's who you are!!!

Ron said...

GRO wrote:

"What I find interesting is that Pandora and hubby have done exactly what they've accused Lisa, Julie, etc. of doing."

Yeah... that's what P. calls "behavior based marketing." She's been misdirecting for years in Los Osos. It's what she does... errrrr.... did? (What should we put the odds at that G. and P. will ever come back from their latest "extended vacation?" By the way, is it just me that notices this correlation: Every time the Karners go on one of their "extended vacations," the amount of creepy, anonymous comments on this blog drops to nearly zero.)

"But, Ms. Sullivan is fighting the agencies she's working with?! That looks very much like a conflict of interest to me."

I was going to let my latest post stink up the room for about a week, and then I was going to report on that.

Semonsen's name also comes up in that Bay Foundation, along with Chris Clark. Clark's been cashing check after check after check because of the Karners. (That's right, Chris, welcome to SewerWatch!)

And, Sullivan's name also comes up in association with, what I have to admit, has got to be the shadiest Chamber of Commerce in the county -- Los Osos/Baywood Park.

Wanna see an interesting link on what I just said there?

Here ya go.

There's ol' P. -- the Chamber's "Citizen of the Year" in 1999, and, there's Shauna.

By the way, Mark, to answer your excellent question, it's my guess that Jensen wants to quit his job, right about now.

Watershed Mark said...

To answer Lisa's complaint is to "own it"...
With all the corruption currently being investigated anything written about Lisa's formal complaint should be "telling" and usefulto investigstors one way or the other.

Warren will be on one side of the investiation or the other, he is by design part of what is being investigated.

GetRealOsos said...

A bit too quiet...

Where is everyone?...

Funny, that now the Feds are looking, Lynette, Steve Rein, and now Mike have gone away!...


Churadogs said...

The "Feds" are looking? What, with eyeshades on? Flashlights turned off? Earplugs firmly in place? Hands over eyes and ears humming Lalalalalal I can't heeeeeerrr youuuuuu. . . .

GetRealOsos said...

I would guess that the US Justice Dept. is looking at the whole picture with the Water Boards (dating back many years) and the County up to date (with Lisa's complaint) -- let's just hope something pans out and justice is served. It may take some time.

We do have a new President and new eyes looking. Obama firmly stated he wanted to rid state and local government of corruption. Now let's see if he really means it!

Ron said...

GRO wrote:

"I would guess that the US Justice Dept. is looking at the whole picture..."

Well, the Parks Commission meets the fourth Thursday of each month, and, according to Ann's handy-dandy little calendar on the right of her blog, the next meeting is August 27.

So, if Pandora doesn't make it back from her latest "extended vacation" "out of the country" by then, that means she will have missed three of the last four Parks Commission meetings, including May and June, due to another "extended vacation."

It looks like we'll all know at 6:00 p.m. on August 27 whether or not the Karners are, indeed, on an "extended vacation," or if they have fled the country.

Of course, by then, they'll have a month head-start on investigators.

My tip for the Karners? Start watching the Jason Bourne movies. Good info on how to remain unfound in those movies.

My tip for Bruce Gibson? Start looking for another Parks Commissioner.

GetRealOsos said... item alone stands out to me...

...for the RWQCB to have documented, visual evidence of Morro Bay pipes that are leaking and broken, absolutely polluting bay and groundwater (unlike septics in L.O. always described as "suspected" to be polluting) and yet do and say nothing of that and only focus on picking on Los Osos with their 45 (random, ha!) CDO's etc. totally avoiding their "Fair, Firm and Consistent" policy is really wrong.

...we'll see...

GetRealOsos said...


Funny you mention Pandora out of the area, a good friend of mine saw her last L.O. of course!

M said...

GetRealOsos, i'm a bit surprised that you still think Mike is Gordon or Richard. I'm sure you know them better than me. I thought I nailed it with my analysis of who he/she is in an earlier section. If you were to go back to the timelines, you can see a correlation between when an idenity was banned from this site, and when a new one started.
I think it is obvious why sewertoons has been missing ever since she was called out by Gail. I realized a week ago or so that Sharkinlet has been missing as well. I don't know, maybe something to do with all the computer time spent on possibly State time? With all the corruption that has come out recently, maybe he thought it best to cool his heels for a while.
We should call our country the United States of American Corruption now.
I'm just thankful that I have entered the final quarter of my lifespan and hopefully won't be around to see this country that I fought for go down the toilet. Actually, we're already on our way down, we just haven't reached the Level5 flush technology yet.
Sincerely, M

Ron said...

GRO wrote:


Funny you mention Pandora out of the area, a good friend of mine saw her last L.O. of course!

Her e-mail to me, that I cite in my story, and says, "We will be out of the country from tomorrow until late August," was sent on Friday, July 24.

So, I'd have 2 questions for your friend, GRO:

1) Was it Saturday or Sunday that your friend saw Pandora?


2) Did your friend happen to notice if she was stocking up on food?

GetRealOsos said...


I believe he said he saw her on Saturday.

GetRealOsos said...


I don't think Mike is Ja.

Mike can't spell, I hear Gordon can't spell.

When Mike says Q & F all the time, he does sound like Richard or Gordon. Mike knows too much insider stuff too. Ja wouldn't and is out of the country and wouldn't be so involved.

Richard will never go away. He'll always be on the blogs with another name.

My opinion anyway...

M said...

Thanks GRO. I figured you knew them better than me. I did see ja a month or so ago in Morro Bay.
No big deal. Right will prevail, correct?
Sincerely, M

Aaron said...

Mike is someone who gets in touch with Richard LeGros.

It's old news now, but a couple of months ago, I met with LeGros at his house and we talked about a couple of things, but there were issues -- that we discussed -- that "Mike" was all too eager to discuss after the meeting ended.

One of the first things Richard said to me was, "You know, Aaron, I remember those really bitter attacks you made toward us [the pre-recall board]," and after he brought it up, that became one of Mike's talking points -- and keep in mind that this subject wasn't discussed before in depth until I met with Richard.

That got me suspicious. It's like... well... leaking information out of closed session. When someone else echoes specific information, you can't help but to connect the dots.

Ironically, Richard has been very respectful to me when I've spoken to him. However, I've never met Gordon Hensley, and I was told he has similar feelings (compared to Mike) about me.

I just think it's a real shame that Los Osos has regressed to cheap shots from behind the curtain -- and I understand their reasons. They fear retaliation, but at the same time, what goes around comes around. The solution? Don't be a problem.

GetRealOsos said...


You ask, ",,,No big deal. Right will prevail, correct?..."

And, I say to that, Yes. I think so.

You are a good man, but the Dreamers who wish harm to their neighbors so they can profit greatly, they will be cursed by the Chumash as long as they live.

M said...

Anybody think it's odd that none of the names we are talking about have responded?
Somebody mentioned ja was out of the Country. Somebody mentioned that pandora was out of the Country. Sharkinlet has been mia. Anybody checked the coffers lately?

Watershed Mark said...

Steve is still online:
He published ”this” for me last night.

Shark Inlet said...

Sorry to disappoint you, M, but I've just been busy with other things.

Besides, the amount of actual information and the nature of the discussion of late hasn't caused me to want to participate.

On other issues ... I would donate to Ron via his website if he would only promise to finally buy that tinfoil hat he so clearly wants to wear. I am afraid he'll spend the money on beer and on reviews of the various Midstate fair concerts (um ... Kiss and Journey? Heart? is Ron stuck in the 1970s or 80s?) ... no thank you!

Finally, a plug for Dan Walters at the Sac Bee.