Sunday, December 27, 2009

Your Sunday Recipe

1-3 dogs

1 leash and 1 brace lead

pocket full of poopy bags

warm coat

comfy shoes

Clip dogs to leads. Untangle dogs. Untangle own feet. Put on coat. Put leads down, go get house keys. Untangle dogs again. Get unbrella.

Walk briskly 30 - 35 minutes or until done. Enjoy.


Alon Perlman said...

Ah, Poopy Bags.
The white man's greatest gift to the environment.

Sewertoons said...

Hilarious! Thanks Ann!

Hey Alon, (or anybody), do you remember how much poop is left in the Elfin Forest by clueless visitors who don't clean up after their off-leash dogs? I recall a CSD meeting when that number was told, it was in pounds per year, I think.

Mike Green said...

Oh no, this has not far to fall.
If you start with doggie poo, where can you go?

Smart pills I guess.

Churadogs said...

Actually, there's a lot of irony in doggy poo. At El Chorro Off Leash Dog Park, we (the Board) were required to buy and use BIODEGRADAGLE poopy bags, (more expensive than regular old plastic bags) which were then put inside regular, heavy (county issue, same county requiring more expensive biodegradable poopy bags) ply trash can liners, picked up with the rest of the trash then taken to Cold Canyon and buried in an anaerobic land fill which will preserve for all time everything buried therein.

Uh, so what's with the "biodegradable" requirement?

Interestingly, some communities are trying to compost dog poop from off-leash areas as part of their green-waste, but the stories I've read of this don't say how they get the poop out of the bags, (Eeeeuuuuuu) or whether they just compost poop from biodegradable bags from dog parks?

One thing for sure, leaving dog poop on the street to be washed out to see is NOT a solution. (Even more dangerous is leaving CAT POOP to wash out to sea with its parasites to lurk and infect and kill sea otters & etc.) So, poop is poop is poop and is both funny AND serious business as population grows and concentrates and overwhelms our resources.

Churadogs said...

Oops, partdon the typos. Monday morning hurries at work.

Mike said...

Sounds like another lawsuit to force the Coastal Commission to require the County to require all dogs and cats to use toilets connected to the giagantic regional sewer farm as yet to be built. There should even be a doggie toilet requirement at the El Chorro Off Leash Dog Park... Gotta keep them otters from getting any human or human pet diseases...

...and as Ann so commented, we do have to worry as the serious business as population grows and concentrates and overwhelms our resources... I'm sure glad to see that nasty old sewer business out of town which would have restricted population growth...

...but now there will be such a nice big sewer treatment facility that will allow all of Los Osos and surrounds to develop... and if you think the "Ag Land" will remain sacred, then you don't understand property taxation and that thousands of more homes between SLO and LO will return much, much more revenue than the meager crops currently produce...

Yup, we've "saved" LO for the short term, but have lost all control of growth in and around Los Osos in the future...

Alon Perlman said...

Oh Mike, Don’t be so glum.
Sea water rise will wash all those troubles away.
Aquaculture will be the mainstay of the economy as “Dry farming” will give way to Salmon herds along the Los Osos Valley Canal.
Speaking of dogs, rent “WaterWorld” to understand the new monitory system that will be in affect.
Sewertoons. I can find out, but it was ridiculously high (Elfin forest, pounds of dog poo). Of course Osso and Cayotel Scat were not removed in the centuries before the boardwalk.
The Volunteers do most of the restoration work away from the boardwalk, Invasive species removal. Stabilizing creeks, surface erosion control. Some of the same volunteers also help with sweet springs restoration. There, in the new unopened area right near the fence and walkway we found a large STASH of dog poo in little transparent conventional clear baggies. (People; Notice the Trash Containers in the ENTERANCE To these, our only “parks”, Those trash containers will indiscriminately accept your parcels of dogpoo, no questions asked)

There is more than just Irony in dog poo there is also Nickel and Antimony
(noxious ingredients in pet food from China?) I’ve always wondered about that Bag issue too, Ann.
The bay low tide walkways, the riparian corridors and empty lot green belt connectors (slash) dog parks are even more likely for direct contribution. In testimony before the water board I admitted that I once tossed cat poo into a septic tank in Scotts Valley.
Though it is within their jurisdiction, E.D. Roger Briggs declined to prosecute.
Part of the other arguments that day were: does cat poo get into the MB Cayucos sewer system.
One of the outcomes was the semi cessation of the secondary treatment waiver.

Mike said...

Hi Alon... I had indeed forgot the Gobal Warming and resultant rising sea level... Now we should also wonder when the tectonic plates will shift far enough for Los Osos to become it's own island...??? ...or undersea attraction...

Perhaps we should enlist Al Gore in determining which will happen first and should a sewer even be contemplated for Los Osos... Surely we can delay any sewer forever...just ask Al Barrow... It would indeed be a tragity if the sea otters and salmon frolicing on the Dan Deval Beach after the sea level rises were exposed to some submurged sewer we hastily put in now... Let's wait a few more decades and see which way this old world will be turning then...

Churadogs said...

Alon, re cat poo and water treatment: Some people were dumping their cat's poo into the toilet (remove from litter box, flush) which meant it was going through the Morro Bay secondary treatment unscathed and out to sea. Then the newspapers did a story; put litter and cat poo into garbage so it can be entombed in landfills and kept out of the water courses. Cats who poop outdoors, however, that poo gets washed out to sea filled with the oocysts of bad things which then help kill otters & etc.

Speaking of Morro Bay, why don't they create a toilet to tap system to recharge their nitrate-laden wells, the ones Mssr. Briggs has ignored for years while prosecuting The Los Osos 45?

Alon Perlman said...

Well I didn’t just Mea Culpa- for no reason
The waterboard was specifically discussing the Issue of Cat wastes within the secondary treated OCEAN OUTFALL

Google; Perlman otters morro epa

You will get Minutes of a CDO hearing
don’t get distracted now, I think you are in it.

and this;
THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2006

Here is a snippet
Page 227 starts...
"Yet, with this presentation we are
seeing data adopted to look good that says, for
example, that the salinity is dispersed very
quickly as it leaves the pipe.
Well, you are putting somewhat saline
discharges into a ocean. Yes, the salinity is
going to dissipate very quickly.
CHAIRPERSON YOUNG: Did you mean fresh
water discharges?
MR. PERLMAN: Excuse me?"

NOT followed up by-“Excuse me, Are you suggesting Mr. Chair, that the un-Isolated H2O component of a secondarily treated human waste stream (Banging around with potential cat dung together in a big pipe) should be referred to as a FRESH WATER Discharge? I would rather refer to it as the hypotonic moiety. I guess it depends on which side of the glass you are sipping from.”

Ah summer ’06, back when to be an environmentalist you actually had to DO something good for the environment; like STOP a WAIVER.

Look at who else testified AND WHO didn't

Dont even get me started on Morro bay city council-
Google -(Perlman Morro city Nitrates-will get you close on the MB Nitrate Issues , But the men’s Colony is the likeliest culprit)

I predicted to the waterboard that If tested Morro Bay wells would have nitrates
6 mo to a year later they did and did and had to shut down the wells.
So I went to Morro bay council and predicted that November scheduled maintenance next year would not be the only time they would need supplemental well water. I also said Welcome to the five year California drought
6 months to over a year later The Shad population crashed. The state pipeline was shut.

What I tell you three times is true (spell casting 101)

Churadogs said...

And the RWQCB was asleep at the switch, wasting God knows how much money on the ridiculous Mad Hatter Tea Party Trial of the Los Osos 45. Ah, don't get me started.