Friday, December 04, 2009

Marley's Tree

Calhoun's Can(n)ons for December 4, 2009

The huge tree was dead. Dead as a doornail. Let there be no doubt whatsoever about that. Pine pitch chancre had carried off its piney soul well over a year ago and the bugs and woodpeckers, acting as undertakers and chief mourners, had moved in for a daily feast, while the crows and an occasional hawk and a gaggle of little birds would roost in its bare branches. Yes, the tree was as dead as a doornail.

And therein lay the problem, for you see the tree was on no-man’s land between my neighbor’s house and mine. But it wasn’t my tree or my neighbor’s tree. And Lord knows how it came to be there. Soaring fifty feet out of no-man’s land these last 25 years, it towered over the roadside, its denuded branches hovering over our respective electrical drop lines.

In common parlance, it was a street tree, on county right-of-way, the county’s tree. And since it was a street tree and now a dead street tree that would, sooner or later, topple over in the winter winds to fall on a passing car or block the road or tip onto the high power lines that run across the street, I did what any citizen would do. I called the County.

Not our problem, the County said. You’re responsible for anything from your property line to the middle of the street. Really? Then I’m going to close off that section and plant rutabagas and petunias, I said. Nope. Can’t do that. That’s County property. Really? Then a dangerous dead tree is on YOUR property. You need to come out and cut this thing down before it falls on somebody. Nope. Can’t do that. That’s your problem.

A call to Pacific Gas & Electricity resulted in their contracted tree-trimmers showing up to simply lop off a tiny section of the top the huge tree that they guessed might hit the top of the high-power transmission lines across the street should the tree topple over. No more. No less. What about the drop lines? I asked. If the tree goes down, you’ll have hot wires in the street, maybe even burn a house down. Not our problem, they replied.

So my neighbor called a tree trimmer who showed up with cherry-picker and crew and he was to simply trim the branches so the tree could still stand as a bird cafeteria and a perch. When the guy in charge yelled up to the kid in the bucket, Hey, you don’t start trimming at the top. Do that and the limbs will crash down breaking other limbs. You start at the bottom and work up, I thought, Uh-oh, a newbie’s in the bucket in the branches over the hot-drop lines. Not good. And no sooner was that thought out of my brain when a small limb flew down, hit the line, BOING-GONNGGG, whipping the power pole across the street back and forth. More not good.

Hey, hollered the man in charge to the newbie in the bucket, Hey, you’ll have to cut and drop the limbs in sections. But it was too late. There, in the middle of the drop line, yards away from where the branch hit, was a bit of wire sticking straight up that hadn’t been there before. I went into the dark, now-powerless house to call PG&E.

Like magic two trucks appeared. And when the trimmers finished in the early dark of the now cold evening, the PG&E guys fired up their fierce work lights. Moving with the studied calm of people who regularly work with lethal wires under often adverse conditions, they removed and then replaced the broken drop line.

In the morning light, it was clear to me that to the crows, who are totally new-phobic, that stumpy-branched thing standing there was NOT a tree and they would have nothing to do with it until they had a chance to study it all for a while. And within a day, one brave outlier was perched on top. Soon the other crows will re-discover that the branch stubs are a nice place to rest and keep an eye on the neighborhood. The bugs will return for lunch and with them the woodpeckers. Then all the other little birds.

And if, after seven or eight years, after all the bugs and birds are fed and this sentinel falls down and blocks a good portion of the county dirt road that runs in front of my house, I’ll just plant rutabagas and petunias in the lee of its huge trunk. And if the County calls to complain about this giant log in the middle of their road, I’ll simply say: Not my problem.


Alon Perlman said...

The magic no-mans land.
At least it is no longer as significant as a fire hazard.
Hope Newbie learned his lesson one way or another.

On 4th street Baywood flatland section I saw a street-crossing wire tangled in a healthy tree limb. Power or Cable. Plenty of similar situations in Osos town. And when eventually a big project comes to town will the equipment pass safely? Funded by what? Currently 250,000 allocated for road improvement (potentially) in Los Osos are diverted to the project.
And where else could it come from?

As I noted in LOCAC, "Currently, it's the Garbage trucks that are doing the tree trimming in-town"
So except for the cut power, and neighbor expense. Is it a win-win?

Churadogs said...

The neighbor and I split the cost, so far as I know PG&E replaced the drop line and I haven't gotten a bill for that . . . yet. And I got a big pile of nice pine mulch to mulch front and back gardens up the wazoo. Plus I think my neighbor put up a birdhouse, and a crow has returned, plus some other little birds, so win-win? Yep.

but you're right about the rest of Los Osos. When I walk the dogs around, I see dead pines all over the place, limbs and tangled lines, it's a mess and will simply get worse. As to where's the money going to come from to fix the mess? NOT MY PROBLEM is the likely answer from everybody.

Alon Perlman said...

Actually I just noticed I left out something, Ann, you were there at the BOS meeting too. so you already know this.
The "250,000 allocated for road improvement (potentially) in Los Osos are diverted to the project." Are diverted to current primarily administrative actions (which I am not saying are NOT legitimate activites). Meandering path Santa Isabel, LO Community Advisory Council Fred Delegata Myself Others, with Keith Weimer primary Active community member involved, and long time originator of the Original Project (and in a much more functional version then what was executed). (The Island planting and maintenance work is Via Mimi Kelland). Also on the chopping block LOVR Coridor business section Center Island With "celebrate Los Osos" and some coordination with Fred throu Traffic and Circulation?
And Don't even let me get going on the Emergency Services (CSD) (Chief Veneris )Requests for "During and After projects construction access for emergency vehicles" Initiated to CSD by Mr. Margotson. With LOCAC involvement by Fred and your's truly.
Any way it's an ugly little Stub.
Hope to see a picture of the birdhouse when they get accostomed to it.

Churadogs said...

Alon sez:"Actually I just noticed I left out something, Ann, you were there at the BOS meeting too. so you already know this.
The "250,000 allocated for road improvement (potentially) in Los Osos are diverted to the project."

So will that just be added to the various change orders you know ill be coming down the pike so the ultimate price tag simply goes up . . . and up and . . . up? And up . . . and . . .

M said...

Has the Pine pitch chancre gone away? Or did it just decimate so many of the pine trees that it isn't as noticeable?
Ann, I know this is off topic and I apologize, but do you have any plans for an article about the Los Osos Sentinel and the planned R.I.C.O. action? I have read everything in it and there is some powerfull stuff. Other than Alon making a small blurb about it, I have read nothing else. Oh yeah, Mike said something but....
Sincerely, M

Donna said...

i have a feeling marley's tree is going to be turned into a very fine piece of art by ann... possibly something either macabre or really, really funny.
or a poem, maybe?

Churadogs said...

M sez:"Has the Pine pitch chancre gone away? Or did it just decimate so many of the pine trees that it isn't as noticeable"

so far as I know the pine pitch chancre & the beetles eating the trees aren't going anywhere. Indeed, they're in the Sierras, which is really, really alarming.

and asks:"Ann, I know this is off topic and I apologize, but do you have any plans for an article about the Los Osos Sentinel and the planned R.I.C.O. action?"

No. It's "anonymous" and so has no credibility, being "anonymous" and it's irresponsible and raving. As for RICO. Good luck with that.

donna sez:"i have a feeling marley's tree is going to be turned into a very fine piece of art by ann... "

I'm hoping some wood carver with a cherry picker and a chain saw will come along and say, WOW, giant piece of wood! And create something wonderful, perhaps with a huge carved crow on top.

Alon Perlman said...

I was thinking Totem pole, CSD director likeneses. But, in what Order?
Incidentally, Gail talked the RICO talk in '05, '06.

Sewertoons said...

Thank you Ann for recognizing the Sentinel for what it is, "irresponsible and raving." I hope no one who agrees with those politics is gullible enough to send $6,000 to a head shop in Vegas, (as one blogger put it). That would add more sadness to an already sad situation.

Alon, sounds like Gail abandoned the R.I.C.O. talk - and apparently that reasoning didn't reach the authors of the Sentinel. Ot maybe this is just a money scam and the authors would be aware that most didn't know about Gail having investigated this.

M said...

Sincerely, M

Alon Perlman said...

Oh toons I think it was a piddling
600. And though wrongheaded, If it is who I think it is, not a SCAM per sae, just naive. The real Scam artists are slicker. Perhaps a collaboration beween the content originator and a real scam artist.

I remember Gail saying it several times but do not know if it went deeper but of course no stone unturned.

On a more pleasnt note
Errata;correct spelling- Fred Dellagatta

Aaron said...

I've spent a good deal of time reading The Sentinel -- and to me, it was like, "Where did all of this come from?" There is a lot of information that is objective, but I can see a lot of people have ruffled feathers over the mention of a vaccine-resistant, deadly pathogen producing factory -- and then people think that bold commentary is a perfect excuse to reject all of the content.

Again, we come across yet another double-standard. I've seen a lot of people from Pandora Nash-Karner's line of thinking who will start educating people -- and sometimes that information uncovers a few gems -- but then they will follow up with some half-hearted assessment of the opposition. "Those anti-sewer obstructionists!" It goes downhill from there. We all know what happens from there.

I have a very simple philosophy: read everything as if you're reading it for the first time. I'd love to see someone do a fact-check before casting labels. If people will start engaging in that task, then I will do the same.

Sewertoons said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sewertoons said...

Thanks M for the correction (and you too Alon). $600 x 4700 PZ households equals $2,820,000. Almost enough!

Aaron, how can you state that whatever science that was on that site is not tainted by the "vaccine-resistant, deadly pathogen producing factory" mindset that put it there? If that wasn't enough, asking you to mail a large chunk of money to some strange place in Las Vegas would cinch the deal.

Hey! Maybe the pro-gravity people put up this site to send people flocking to the pro-gravity side!

Do the people who wrote those papers know their stuff is being bandied about in such a weird fashion?

Alon, there are some pretty un-slick scams out there! Don't you get those letters from someone in Africa needing a short term loan which will reap the donor millions down the road?

Alon Perlman said...

Toons It does not have to be slick in order to work. Cost of spamming 100,000 email addresses ; pennies
Getting one sucker ; 2,000 $ on average.
There are also tailored internet scams
After a series of such scam attempts. I played along, with one.
Format-“Hi loved the picture, I’m a nurse in the Philippines and got a job offer in ****, I’m sending a deposit of 4,000 $.” Including the Anguished “my sister was in an automobile accident in Germany and the doctors need 2360$. Gave the envelope and letter to the postal inspector in SLO. Enforcement? They were not interested in the voice recording which would had been the only prosecutable evidence. At least it cost the crook some time and the cost of a stamp (not from the Philippines)
Word verification; vails
Second W.V. blesuckw

I attended Dr. R.’s Funeral. I only got two chances to talk to him and had intended to ask many more questions. It was an uplifting experience. The truths of his life’s celebration were genuine. Very real positive people grateful for an experience from a mentor who made them better people. I experienced it second hand but it was powerful. Al was there also. After the reception learned about Broderson leech field regeneration from one of his associates.

Aaron said...

What's with this and donating money to the site? It's not like you have to pay $600 to read the information on there. It's like getting riled up over The Tribune for making their archives pay-only.

Sewertoons said...

Nobody's getting riled over the information, just wondering how a (hopefully once) rational mind comes to write "vaccine-resistant, deadly pathogen producing factory" and then NOT put their name on it while asking for money, (although we know who wrote it).

I'm riled because it would be tragic if one person in Los Osos bought into this absurd scheme. They will still have to pay their share on the sewer.

Churadogs said...

Toonces sez:"(although we know who wrote it)."

O.K Who wrote it? The reason why I didn't post and link it in my main blog is because it's "anonymous" and therefore the reader can't possible know how reliable the info is. As for RICO, my experience with RICO is this: RICO is used by the government when THEY want to go after some person or organization. It's a law on the books that is entirely discretionary and the government has to WANT to use it. A citizen can come in the door with mountains of evidence that fulfills all the RICO perameters and the Federal DAs will ignore it all unless they personally want to invoke it, mostly as a tool to shake down the people they're after or as a tool to flip witnesses & etc. If the Gov wants something buried or covered up, or not touched because the people in question are politically hooked up or powerful, or maybe the miscreants are government agencies who screwed up and don't want that known, then no matter how "rico-ish" it actually is, you'll never get them to invoke RICO. In short, it's one of those laws that's used for political purposes not structly legal ones.

Aaron sez:"I've spent a good deal of time reading The Sentinel -- and to me, it was like, "Where did all of this come from?" There is a lot of information that is objective, but I can see a lot of people have ruffled feathers over the mention of a vaccine-resistant, deadly pathogen producing factory -- and then people think that bold commentary is a perfect excuse to reject all of the content."

Too true. It keeps shooting itself in its own feet. BUT the saddest thing is, even if much of what is written is true, nothing will be done about it. Laws broken? So What? That's the tragedy of Los Osos. No real accountability, uncorrected bungling, bad science, political expediency, no real wish for doing things right or even setting things right. It's all, Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown. Followed by a shrug.

Mike said...

...doesn't the TaxPayers Watch suit press for accountability of the CSD5...??? ....and haven't the CSD5 and their insurance attornies stalled for some 3 years in their effort to remain unaccountable...??? Oh well, when the latest feeble attempt to stall the current settlement "agreement", the CSD5 will finally have a chance to tell their tales of mismangement in a court...

I would have chatted about the PZLDF lawsuit, but that suit was so screwed up, that no one knew who was being held accountable... It certainly wasn't the CSD5 and their giveaway funds for a crusade against the State.... or was it the Feds... or just who were they sueing....???? ????????? just for M...!!!!

Mike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sewertoons said...

Ann, when the site originally went up at the beginning of November, the only thing posted on it was a PDF called "Reign-of-Terror." (I don't know if it is still contained in that website.)

Here is a quote,
"In 2002, I lead a movement known as The Total Recall against all five LOCSD Directors at that
time ( Rose Bowker, Sylvia Smith, Stan
Gustafson, Gordon Hensley and
Frank Frelier"

Then go to:

Quote from Tom Salmon:
"In the last six months, I spearheaded the TOTAL RECALL movement, to bring back to Los Osos residents…"

Now why this person does not now want to claim to be part of (all of?) this website, I don't know, but being held accountable for possible fraud in asking for contributions comes to mind…

Aaron said...

For the sake of argument, if some of us are going to sit down and figure out who is the anonymous that's behind The Sentinel, I would like to remind everyone here that there have been some "anonymous" who posted some rather crude material and language -- but sympathizers of the anonymous never address that either because they know who the anonymous is and they want to protect them or they'll let the anonymous propagate defamatory remarks and support them with tacit approval.

Because Tri-W advocates have remained silent on this issue, I will bring up the names of those who got a free pass: Wonky1 (LOKahuna, SadToSay), MrsWonky, zorro69, Together (Shirley Devine), Mike (ReApprazor), alabamasue, Sandpuppy, Solomon, Realistic1, Crapkiller (Joyce Albright), 4CrapKiller (Jon Arcuni), InsideCSD (Gadfly, Thinker, Richard LeGros), Judith (Judith Reilly), MrDooley, Not2010Yet, Shark Inlet (Steve Rein), Clairevoy, LOTaxpayer, and that's a partial list.

If you want transparency, start unraveling the identities of these fine people who slandered countless citizens of Los Osos.

Mike said...

Sorry Aaron, if YOU are really the Aaron, but it seems only YOU want to out the anonymous... just another symptom of your Napoleon complex... oh well, just a q&f response to your latest mental wanderings........

Aaron said...

... right.

Mike, you once wrote that you're the kind of guy that waves and says, "Hi!" to everyone in the market, but like you and many others, you put on that anonymous mask, say a bunch of things that instill fear, paranoia and anger. There are people like you who do just that.

I'm not on a personal mission to "out" the anonymous. If you read what I wrote carefully, I said: if you're going to ask about the source behind The Sentinel, then in the same fashion, you might as well disclose all the identities of those who have posted anonymously in that tone.

Oh, and it wouldn't be the wisest idea to threaten me or anyone else with the Q&F stuff. The Los Osos cops are aware of your posts and they happen to agree with my assessment of the "Q&F" rhetoric. Please don't go there.

Sewertoons said...

Gee Aaron, I guess you tacitly approved of the foulmouthed Howie, as I don't recall that you had any criticism for that potty mouthed person. There were other dirt-talkers too, whose names I have mercifully forgotten, but if they were on the side of No-Sewer, or We-Shouldn't-Have-To-Pay, YOU gave them a pass.

What you don't seem to get - or WANT to get -- is the difference between some blog postings -- and an entire website aimed at asking for MONEY to be sent to supposedly defend some mythical case by some unknown attorney. THAT is far more dangerous, than some potty language posted here.

M said...

Ann, once again I apologize for going off topic with my previous post. I wanted to get some feedback about the subject and I wasn't sure of another way to do it. I got just about what I expected. Mike as usual reverts everything back to the CSD5 and the PZDLF. Sewertoons goes to the scam and fraud card as usual. The Barbara Wolcott book is a coffee table piece and possible gift to friends, but the Sentinel story is a fraud and a scam. Alon, i'm never quite sure what he is saying.
After visiting the Sewerwatch blog I googled the Los Osos sewer and went quite deep into it. It is amazing how many different versions there are of our saga. One common thread throughout has been "suspected leaking septic tanks". Never "leaking tanks identified as source of nitrates". Never "over saturation of septic tanks". Other than sewertoons saying that, but I don't consider sewertoons an expert.
So I guess we just let the vermin get away with it huh?
Sincerely, M

Aaron said...

Excuse me Lynette,

I believe I spoke to you at a Board of Supervisors meeting about a year ago about how I thought "Sewertoons is Looney Tunes" was totally inappropriate and out of line when they went after you. I also told you about Howie and OsosChange. Yes, I remember those people well. I've never once condoned their actions.

True, I didn't go after them publicly, but I said repeatedly to you, to Calhoun, to her blog and on mine that I don't tolerate animosity, especially the anonymous-fueled kind. What's more saddening is that you've "mercifully forgotten" that I've made my positions clear.

I've decided that it's a waste of my time to spell out my positions for you because you end up deliberately ignoring everything I said; you repeat the same rhetoric over and over again. I'm through with that. I'm through with you -- and I'm fairly certain that Los Osos is too.

I had no idea excessive lying was a side effect of shingles.

Sewertoons said...

Aaron, when you make statements that admonish those who don't speak up to condemn harsh words on the blogs because they are supposed buddies, why does that same dictum not apply to you?

How can you tell others to do what you weasel out of doing yourself? It doesn't matter what was said at the BOS, what is relevant are the words said here.

Aaron says, "I've never once condoned their actions." Now how would the bloggers you list above KNOW THAT, if you yourself admit, "True, I didn't go after them publicly…" Saying you "don't tolerate animosity" in a blanket statement is NOT the same. Actually, not calling it out when it happens IS the very same tacit approval you accuse us of giving.

Aaron said...

REPOST (2:57 PM)

I've decided that it's a waste of my time to spell out my positions for you because you end up deliberately ignoring everything I said; you repeat the same rhetoric over and over again. I'm through with that. I'm through with you -- and I'm fairly certain that Los Osos is too.

In Spanish:

He decidido que es un desperdicio de mi tiempo a exponer mis posiciones para usted porque usted termina ignorando deliberadamente todo lo que dije, se repite el mismo discurso que una y otra vez. He terminado con eso. He terminado con usted - y estoy bastante seguro de que Los Osos tambiƩn lo es.

In "Mike"-nese

Sorry Lynette, you're a stupid little, no-good lying [bleep]!!!!!!!!! It seems that only YOU don't GET it... when will you ever learn????????? EVIL CSD5, PZLDF PEOPLE LIES!!!!!!!!!!! I will repeat myself over and over again until my grandson pulls the plug from my life support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I make myself clear?

This will be my final post to you (I promise) so listen up and listen good.

Lynette, I'm talking about you now, not me.

If you are going on a mission to uncover someone, you might as well take that momentum -- in pursuit of the same kind of transparency you're asking for -- and disclose everyone who has made comments that are as intense in tone as The Sentinel.

Relevance is interpreted by others, not fact unless relevance is based on an algorithm (i.e. Google page ranking system). What matters is that I spoke to you specifically on this matter and yet you tell people the polar opposite of where I stand. This is not an issue of relevance. It's an issue of personal integrity.

It makes me sad to see you put words in my mouth -- and while it's not defamation, it's definitely a false portrayal of what I believe... and my beliefs are readily available for everyone to see. Your depiction of me, what I stand for and what I personally believe is patently untrue. You continue to appease those who have spread as much bile as you have by labeling and defaming people. It's offensive.

As time passes, I have a harder time responding to you because I get into this philosophical quagmire. Should I continue to respond and educate someone who has repeatedly defamed me and my family? Should I defend myself even you can't defend yourself? Now I know the answer to those questions. The answer? No.

I wish you luck, Lynette. You're never going to win a CSD seat, but best of luck to you in anything else you do.

Mike said...

hahahaha... Aaron still speaks as if he had some computer cop control of this blog... What a joke he is.... If he would spend half the time he does running around sewer blogging and trying to control those he doesn't happen to agree with, then he would be on his way to a college degree and possibly a job.... although it appears he would rather miss read and then make up his own version of what was said... He doesn't seem to understand the meaning of Q&F... somehow he morphed that to mean a death threat... Now that's offensive... he must have learned reading comphrehension from Joey...

There has never been a threat.... except in the over active imagination of a youngster who has neither education or experience to understand the grownup world he hides from... I guess he doesn't read very well...

Yes, the wantabe computer cop, what a joke... I sure wouldn't want him to burst a blood vessel in his quest to control all Los Osos blogging.... but if he does, and all over his personal opinions concerning sewer technology, law and siteing... then I would wish him a speedy Q&F recovery... (that was Quick and Full) but he'll probably just glance at my words and make up yet another version to justify his need to control....

Sorry chum... you really should go to college and go get some real work experience... you're just a joke these days.... Q&F... Quietly and Friendly.... :-)

Sewertoons said...

Aaron, I'll repeat this. I checked out this site up to see who might be trying to bilk Los Osos citizens out of money and spending the time to put up an entire website that is trying to incite people against the County and private citizens. Apparently this does not concern you. But some snarky lines on a blog bend you out of shape.

I was similarly engaged with investigating the veracity of the wrecklamator. I am NOT concerned about intensity of anti-sewer-ness, as that is a not issue - we ARE getting a sewer. I AM concerned that some less wary citizens will be fleeced.

You appear to be condoning the nastiness against named citizens in the rant. You appear to condone the word "terrorist" when you slammed me for using that very word. Lines like, "This is a very evil man, a coward and a true terrorist" - and "The terrorists’ calculated Reign of Terror" -- yet not a peep from you about an entire website larded with this word!

If those anonymous bloggers with unkind words get such a reaction from you, why nothing at all about an entire "anonymous" website full of them? Afraid if you spoke out those people would attack you next?

Please explain how I have defamed your family? I like your mom and dad and have had very pleasant conversations with them both.

PS -- If I were you, I'd not verbalize those wishes for luck. Your prior attacks on me make you out to be quite insincere.

alabamasue said...

'Toons, Mike and Alon-
There is no point in trying to have an intelligent conversation with Aaron. He doesn't even speak the same language. The only language he knows is paranoia. As in " I worked at Hollywood Video until I noticed customers looking at me with contempt" Words to that effect. Aaron's embrace of The Sentinel is really funny. He claims to know who it is, but won't tell us. However- please send a check to some mail-drop in Vegas. You can even send it anonymously. Does that mean you send a check with all your vital info redacted ? No name, no bank routing number, no account no.

Sewertoons said...

Hi alabamasue!

Hilarious observation! This "Sentinel" person hasn't actually done this before I'd say! Doubt we'll get a press release as to amount of donations!

Another wacky day in Los Osos!

Alon Perlman said...

“M” Thanks for the honorable mention. You say you goggled Los Osos sewer in general recently, and later in your post that (M)” i'm never quite sure what he (Alon) is saying.
I vaguely recollect you in the past agreeing with what I say.
I am quite busy right now on personal items and on items that are in my mind (and some that can’t be argued by others either) to be good for Los Osos. So I can’t spend time confirming this, and reviewing your past posts.
I appreciate honest feedback, and in your past posts I have mostly found you to be honest, though very partisan and critical of others but not to the extent of being overly rude, considering you are anonymous. And in any case not less disrespectful than an average of all posters who have taken one side or another.

So I don’t understand what you are saying. Is it the language I use, or are you concerned with my affiliations.
I’ve said many things in many venues. The blogs are not where I go to make a difference. In my Public addresses; Some was addressed to experts who had no problem understanding. Yet, left members of public puzzled.
I rarely work from a script. Occasionally I am unclear, detractors can cherry-pick. Look at the total volume and you will find plenty of Laser beam clarity, plainly stated, to get my measure. I frequently use metaphors (Around the time the TAC was forming I told the CSD “The CCC is the only animal with longer teeth than the water board”. I probably should have also told the County, they would had got it, easily, they are now dealing with that animal.
I suggest you google TAC LOWWP Perlman (and Pearlman)
Or “California Coastal Commission” Perlman, SWQCB, Rwqcb3, Parks etc.

Pick some one you whose “clarity” you like, see how they show up. (Not)
I’m frequently original and there are several instances within that I was followed by others restating my words in their scripts. As I stated previously “maybe you’ll like my words when they come out of other people’s mouths”. Of course some times, several of the originators show up, and without conferring, say the exact same things. It’s a beautiful thing. (happened when Asalio, Duggan and myself showed up to the RWQCB and stated Salt water worse than nitrates. (January? Or last year?) This was also done by a bunch of Los Ososians on a subsequent meeting).
I know, I’ve formally washed my hands of that “time-banditry”.
Nabobs of negativisem?
Whackey as it is, I do detect a pesonal integrity in the sentinal's belief system (not an endorsement) Any project this expensive, leading to unbearable financial strains is going to cause these reactions in honest people, and financial leaches or simpleton knowitalls, or ego parasites will quickly converge on the innocent.
And so the world (word verification;) cherns

Mike said...

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, and Aaron....

Over the course of the past 4 or 5 years this opinion blog has bounced along and has never made any difference in any decision made by the BOS, the Coastal Commission, Fish and Wildlife, and most notably, the California Water Board...

So I wonder did all the uproar over the community's elected CSD Directors decision to build a waste water treatment facility on the Tri-W site ever accomplish anything...??? Afterall, if there never was, or will be, a "perfect" sewer, then will all the tremendous additional cost to build another less than "perfect" sewer really have accomplished anything...??? There are those who have argued that the wwtf was too small, blocked some view of the ugly trailer park, or they just don't want a sewer in "downtown"....but they never produced any "Plan", only words and lawsuits... They never produced that "perfect" sewer....!!! Couldn't even get agreement amoung themselves as to what the "perfect" sewer for Los Osos might have been... and of course there are still those who believe in the magic sands and don't think the Water Board could make the decision against our septic systems...they really don't like any governement that would make them part of a society of laws...

There are also those who believe that the past Directors did produce a very legal and fully permitted "Plan"... At least they had a "Plan" and yes, it could be argued that it wasn't "perfect' either....

So, what is the real reason for all these words that mean absolutely nothing...???? If the Tri-W project had gone forward, we would have a working sewer by now and by all accounts, costing much less than the mega-sewer being planned for somewhere outside of Los Osos...

Is there any reason that the WWTF couldn't be located in Los Osos...??? Why are we spending so many meaningless words in a war over a sewer for this community...???

Will any sewer be "perfect' enough for the Los Osos generated crap...??? And ultimately, will we ever do anything less than "perfect" to begin to clean up our own fouled drinking water... Guess we'll still be blogging when or if there really is global warming with the Pacific covering Los Osos and sea lions haul out in Cabrillo Heights (or Beach)...

Aaron said...

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
-- Albert Einstein

There are quite a few people who repeat the same rhetoric over and over again without documentation, without verifiable information or a clear purpose. Instead, they berate.

Alabamasue (or Mimi Kalland, who I've never met or talked to... so what's with the beef?), misinterpreted my sentiments about my former workplace. Well, for those who want to read about my take on the subject, click here ("Aftermath", October 4, 2008). For those who don't want to read it, I'll break it down with one sentence. It wasn't paranoia.

I'm going to provide an anecdote that hasn't been discussed before. This will give some perspective.

In April 2007, before I opened the store, I checked voicemails from the corporate offices. One voicemail was from one of the higher-ups who mentioned me by name, saying that I've received "plenty" of complaints. Reason? "Local political affiliation."

The next day, my supervisor spoke to me about "reports" that I promoted The ROCK at the workplace, which I didn't. These reports and complaints were made by the anonymous with the intent to deceive and slander -- and that's when I said nothing. That's when I had my hands up and said, "I don't want any trouble," but some of you persisted and here I am. Now you have a problem on your hands -- and the best way to deal with it is to speak and post truthfully. It's that simple.

Mike said...

...when one uses grownup statements such as "with the intent to deceive and slander", they should realize how childish they sound when not backed up with any recognized credential, education or legal experience...not to mention supportive facts...

...just another form of an individual trying to sound authoritative and threatening...

y'all need to do a lot better than that Aaron... maybe try a basic general ed course of study at Cuesta as it's doubtful you could even get into Cal Poly...

Aaron said...

No. It's "anonymous" and so has no credibility, being "anonymous" and it's irresponsible and raving.
- Ann Calhoun

M said...

Alon, I hope you didn't take offense to my comment, because certainly none was intended. I suppose I should have said "half the time" I not sure what he is saying. Don't worry, I had the same problem when I took Psychology at Cuesta oh so long ago. I would read from one of the text and realize I had no idea what they were saying. Probably too intellectual for me.
Sincerely, M

Alon Perlman said...

M, I suspected you were a secret gentleman, (I'm sorry if I'm assuming something regarding your gender here, Like I said, I’ve got enough to do, even though I’m a compulsive blogger, I can't justify checking your previous posts till after the 21st "The official date for the CCC") –Darnit, I’m dooin it agayn – no, you are learned and intelligent and gave good feedback, thank you.
Los Osos isn't hard to figure out, but, You HAVE to start with PSYCHOLOGY (Life experience just as good as book lernin')
I did respond in part AGAIN on
Sorry, hadn’t read your post above then.
This is an partial of THAT post

Sorry Ann, this'n needs shouting from the rooftops.
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