Wednesday, January 06, 2010

George Orwell Would Have Loved It

Ah, Orwell would have loved it. Over at, Ron's at it again, proving Orwell's 1984-ish point that he who controls the present controls the past: simply rewrite history and, poof! it becomes "real." Or, in this case, simply IGNORE history, remain silent and you can avoid all accountability. Which also means that non-accountable past actions can continue to treat citizens like road-kill in the present, again with no accountability. No 'splaining for Lucy. Bury the evidence. Move along, nothing to see here.

Except all the documented "dots" that stand out as tracking beacons in the story of this small town's perfect storm.


Ron said...

Thanks for the link, Ann, and that little post you did there, is beautifully written.

But, I've actually already posted something (hilarious) on top of that piece.

Here's the direct link to the "Orwell" story:

By the way, just listened to the Gov's State of the State speech, and I don't remember hearing him address the issue of how it's in the State's best interest to maintain the guilt of 45 completely innocent families/property owners in Los Osos... using the State's water boards and attorneys.

(I just threw-up in my mouth a little.)

"Except all the documented "dots" that stand out as tracking beacons in the story of this small town's perfect storm."

Except for that.

Ron said...

... and, of course, by:

"the guilt of 45 completely innocent families/property owners in Los Osos"

what I meant was:

the "guilt" of 45 completely innocent families/property owners in Los Osos

Aaron said...

Fun fact: Contrary to what has been posted by the anonymous, Barbara Wolcott's "Small Town Perfect Storm" is NOT one of the 2009 nominees for the Pulitzer Prize. The Pulitzer Prize nominee database does not have her listed for any of her books.


Sewertoons said...

She was a Pulitzer Prize nominee prior to 2003 when her book "David, Goliath and the Beach Cleaning Machine" was published, so you will have to look back further.

Alon Perlman said...

I nominate Aaron Oches for his fictional account of his family's impact on the Los Osos Saga.
"Sour Grapes of mild inconvenience"

Aaron said...

I prepared remarks for Alon Perlman in the event that he personally attacked me again. Ann, I apologize in advance.

Since 2005, Alon, you've been personally attacking my character as well as my family's character relentlessly so allow me some time to, at least, question your character.

For someone who has come out of UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Microbiology and Immunology (1982) and San Jose State University with a B.S. in Molecular Biology (1990), you don't have much to show for it. A reasonable, objective person would look at your comments -- online and offline -- and determine that the level of civility and class you provide does not reflect that of an academic scholar. Your comments do not reflect that of a microbiologist. Rather, you have more badly-written, proper English-deficient insults than substance. There has been no active correlation between your rhetoric and viable solutions. Your "contributions," if you will, include standing at the podium, speaking like your speech was written using Mad Libs, declaring you're a member of LOCAC ad nauseum and performing community service for, as you once told me, "the ego." If anyone dared to challenge your positions -- like I'm doing right now -- you relentlessly defame them to the point where many start questioning your mental state.

You make Homer Simpson look like a Rhodes scholar. You're like Larry, Curly & Moe all rolled into one pseudo-intellectual mess. I mean, look at you. Was anyone else hurt in that car accident?

Here's something I don't understand. Why do you throw all of your credentials away for the sake of launching a seemingly endless flurry of character attacks and long-winded diatribes on a daily basis? What do you get out of it? Your admiration for sadism overwhelms any expertise you may have. Here's some advice. If you're going to spend great chunks of time criticizing others -- including people's families -- you should spend just as much time assessing your own flaws. As a piece of swiss cheese, you should start asking yourself why you have so many holes.

What kind of "self-appointed government watchdog" defames people all the time? What kind of "centrist" are you when you mock people with middle and fixed incomes for supporting alternative wastewater options that you used to support? What kind of environmentalist decries gravity collection for being prone to leaks and additional pollution and then a few years later support the County plan?

Alon Perlman said...

My Bad.
"The Sour Grapes of Minor Inconvenience" A revisionist history of Los Osos.

Aaron said...

Your bad. Now get lost.

Sewertoons said...

Aaron, for someone who claims that he wants to mend fences and be objective - well, let's just say you might try examining your own Swiss cheese.

Thanks a lot for publishing my home phone on Twitter. Nice touch.

Alon does not deserve your character assassination - and especially not here on Ann's blog. Why are you over here doing this anyway? You have your own blog. And I'll bet you made up those so-called "quotes," as they all sound like they were written by the same person.

Mike said...

Lot's of angry verbage from Aaron...which only further the picture of an immature, uneducated wantabe schoolyard bully...

Isn't it interesting that Aaron is trying so hard to "knock" people off the fence...but only those on some mistical fence he doesn't agree with... Aaron has never offerred any solution, only angry words meant to misdirect and delay... Like the CSD5, he knows nothing of compromise and certainly nothing of community...

I wonder about the mental condition of Aaron, is he on some drug to be so unstable at such a young age...???

Spectator said...

Mike, I feel you are spot on.

Ann: Lets see some analysis of global warming now that it is colder than a brass monkey's balls outside in most of the northern hemisphere. (Beautiful in Panama). Do you think that Al Gore has made a gross amount of money on a fraud?

I also would like to see you make some sense of the health care bill.

Do you think Chris Dodd used special interest rates to stop a through investigation of the finances of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac?

Alon Perlman said...

Darnit Spectator is asking good questions. Sorry Ann, had to get into it.
Ok The only good thing the Bush administration did for global warming is to correctly Identify it’s manifestation as “Global weather change”. When you break the thermostat for the planet, by altering Albido and changing heat capacities and by stopping the Atlantic salt density conveyor you will see wild weather shifts, including freezing records broken and in new locations. As long as here is a net reduction of Ice on the planet, and a continued increase in ocean net temperature,. Global warming is real and present.
Model? How about the US economy?
Gore? Donno, Haven’t watched his movie. About two years ago I predicted that 2 to 5 inches is the most we will see in the next decade. So far I don’t see otherwise. 5 ft sea rise? That’s in a hundred years. Once you go over 2 foot sea rise the world will be forced into changes that will make all further predictions moot. Receding glaciers don’t lie

Alon Perlman said...

And back to the topic of "he said she said"
So the real question is; How do people in Los Osos get their information?
First hand?
By direct observation?
Second hand?
Channel 20
Channel 21
Above Channels but only if subjects pertaining to Los Osos sewer are up
Above channels but only when notified to look by word of mouth or email.
Web archives of meetings (or live webcast)
Local newspapers
Local Blogs
County Web and printed matters
Other governmental, institutional
Email networks
Word of mouth
From Authorities
From Friends?
From individuals deemed to be knowing and trustworthy
From individuals who say the MAGIC KEY words
From Local Experts.
From PhD’s and above
From people who claim to have received wisdom from the experts
By collection of all relevant original resources, Data, Expert Analysis, vetting of experts and data and applying multiple tests with a target of optimization of partnered implementability
Lessons of the past
Perceived lessons of the past
Media put out by organizations
Media put out by organizations not thought to be political
Media put out by individuals
Media put out by individuals who proclaim to be organizations
Media put out by organizations who proclaim to be speaking as individuals
Individuals who proclaim to serve the needs of others

Everybody knows that________.
I’m a______________ and _____ is saying what I'm thinking.
I want to help people
I want people to know that I want to help people.
This is all to complex for me, but that one looks honest.
I don’t listen to anything the negative people are saying.
MAGIC KEY words.
The man comes on to tell me how white my shirts must be. But he can’t be a man, cause he doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me.
This campaign has the same consumer triggers that I responded to when I bought my car, so I should respond to this too.
This person is saying repeatedly that they care about x, so they must really care about x.
I just want to be loved, is that so wrong?
[remove this edit note before posting-O.K How related is this to Ann’s Post? Ok we got “lessons of the past” in twice. Need a few more connections]
How many dots do you need, to be comfortably in “TRVTH”.
Even (some of) the waterboard staff were horrified by what was done to 45.
Are you cherry picking the dots? (oops just “Phrase plagiarized” myself from a couple months ago.)
You can lead the animals to the animal farm but you will not convince some of them that some animals are not more equal then others.

Aaron said...

From what I've gathered, a lot of people get information from The Tribune and County documents, but the problem lies within the fact that people often misinterpret the language that is presented in that information or they will run the other direction and say, "Gee, this is concrete proof that the 'obstructionists' are dead wrong!" without seeking a second opinion.

Sadly, quite a lot of information is misinformation that is presented by people who don't have much luck garnering the support for leadership in a fragmented community. People, this isn't revisionist history. This is reality. This is what's happening around us. It's not rocket science.

If you don't want to face reality, that's your problem.

If you can't accept the fact that you don't have the capacity to be a leader, that's your problem.

That's Alon's problem.

Princeton WordNet Search defines a leader as "a person who rules or guides or inspires others." Just because you're an appointed member of an advisory committee does not make you leader. Just because you attended more meetings than someone else doesn't make you a leader. Just because you mentioned the words "I contributed..." 45-50 times in a drunken stupor doesn't make you a leader. Calling yourself a "leader" does not make you a leader. Leaders don't babble. They lead.

Also, few things.

I noticed you've had a lot of choice words about Gail McPherson lately as if you can't stand her. How come she's listed as a friend on your Facebook? Trying to score brownie points for Taxpayers Watch?

Another funny note: You wrote on here, "[McPherson] was flaunting money throwing it into the ’08 CSD Elections." You would know. You repeatedly asked McPherson for financial support, saying that you were the "ideal running mate" with Karen Vendetti? You've been riding the McPherson gravy train for quite some time -- and when Karen gave the word that you were unfit for the ticket, Gail shut you down. As a result, you went nuts and you started telling me at SBCC in December '08 that you were "betrayed" by a [insult derogatory term to describe irritable women here] -- and people in the back of the room heard you.

Some leader, right? Works well with others, right? That's hilarious.

Sewertoons said...

Aaron says, "I'll say a few kind words."

Here are his "kind" words from the same post about my husband and those of the Moslem faith:

"(he can) convert to Islam." "What a perfect outlet to exercise his violent rage."

Aaron says, "Who are we to elevate ourselves to the position of judge, jury and executioner?"

Can you say schizophrenic?

Mike said...

Does Al share his meds with Aaron...???

Churadogs said...

Look at all the rope you folks are hanging yourself with. And so interesting: Ron's very, very interesting email asking a very, very simple question [Where ARE the supporting documents to the strongly held community value of having a park nex to an intown sewer plant? Where are they? Where's Waldo?) goes unaddressed so you can go chew on each other's ankles. Why not try to answer the question: Where ARE those supporting documents?

Next question, why IS Aaron over here attacking people he doesn't like? Why doesn't he attack people on his own blog site? And how can Aaron post here about how he's mature, and going to rise above personal attacks and suggest posters stick to ideas and issues, then starts chewing on another poster's ankle? A request: If you want to chew on somebody's ankle, please do it on your own nickly, i.e. on your own blog, and try to stick to issues here. Ditto for all of you. And why have you forgotten the golden rule of using "anonymous" comments: zero credibility. Plus it makes you look weak and mean and small.

As for global warming being some kind of scam: Why is the military and various security depts now getting involved with the military having turned in a "white paper" on the "security" issues that will arrive along with "weather change." American "security" that is and will be at risk with "global weather change" is a HUGE issue. Look around you, Spectator, and imagine a shift in the westerlies that reduce the rainfall in Panama to 1/2 or less than it is now, then imagine what that would do to the people all around you. Real enough for you now?

Aaron said...

If someone attacks me here, Ann, I'll address the issues here. You let the attacks unfold here.

Sewertoons said...

Aaron, let's get real here. Alon's statement was not much of an attack. You could have written a piece about it over on your blog and taken the discussion there. No, the REAL reason you are over here writing is because no one writes on your blog anymore - I know I don't because you kicked me off - that is probably true for others as well. Ann is right, stop making excuses and grow up.

Aaron said...

Just wanted to clear the air here. I spoke to Lynette on the phone and we established a mutual truce. Things have gone a bit too far here... It's 2010, the beginning of a decade, and we really need to get over the hostility.

Sewertoons said...

We had a very constructive and civil conversation and we have declared a truce.

Hope you all out there will call us on our diversions if we veer from our agreement to embrace civility in 2010.

Thank you Ann for your generous hosting of our off-topic conversations.

Churadogs said...

O.K., here's what I don't get. Alon makes a jokey reference to Aaron, playing on "Grapes of Wrath," and Aaron goes all postal, posting (unsourced and unsupported) nasty remarks supposedly made by various people about Alon. Then makes nasty remarks about Lynette's husband, then Mike chimes in to chew on Aarons leg (as usual) and so forth. Same old crap, acting like a bunch of two year-olds.

But here's where it gets funny. I get an email from Aaron on Friday, 1/8/10, saying, "I would like you to remove any comments Alon Perlman, Lynette Tornastzky and "Mike" makes about me and my family. The Blogger legal team is watching now."

To which I replied: Are you threatening me?

Is this a Case of Pots and Kettles here, folks?

Here's my sugggestion: Since you started this latest dog fight, why don't we have a new rule: You stick pins in people on your own blog. When you're on MY blog, you will stick to ideas, not to personal unsourced, anonymous attacks. If your tender sensibilities (which are totally defined by you and known to nobody but yourself) are riled by anything anybody says that you choose to take offense at, no matter how obscure or silly or overblown, you can go back to your own blog and stick pins. You're certainly free to post a link here telling your latest victim that you've a few opinions posted about him/her on your blog.

For the rest of you, remember: Anonymous posters have no credibility, unsourced statements have no credibility. And even known posters can lose their credibility really fast, which is why I make sure everyone has the rope needed to hang themselves. I will tolerate a certain amount of rough and tumble personal opinion snarking, but when you all starting getting really stupid, I'll start dumping you.

And please try to remember, you're not two year olds. Grow up.

How does that sound?

Alon Perlman said...

Sorry Ann, but with this additional display of an irrational Pathology, I do get the last word, as it were. First amendment rights indeed.
That, having been accused of being "drunk in public" over fifty times, by someone who has not been to more then 10 public meetings and two Farmers market encounters.
There is a real neuronal disconnect somewhere.
Over on Aaron's Blog, His public family attacks me. Over here, his family falls under some kind of protective boundary, as if they, like other uninvolved families, are "out of the fray" (This is the same boundary, one that all posters, even the anonymounastiest, usually abide by).
I refuse to see myself as a victim. Twitter away, twittering fool.
My point in an earlier post is that Los Ossans who don’t watch every meeting, who get second hand information, have no way of knowing truth from lies.
Lynette- You can’t change the DNA of an obligate intestinal parasite.
I’m off to pull weeds in Sweet Springs, after that I’ll be working on a coastal appeal.
Time Banditry
If I succumb to more than a couple of postings, prior to Jan 14, please delete me.

Aaron said...

I struck an agreement with Lynette yesterday afternoon and I want to keep that in effect. The agreement came after I sent the e-mail to Ann. Since Ann can't manage her blog, I've personally contacted people to establish a truce.

I'm going to respect it.

Mike said...

My God, what a lot of brass...
"Since Ann can't manage her blog, I've personally contacted people to establish a truce."

It sure sounds like Aaron really is the "Blog Cop" and can impose his will any way he wishes... Sorry Ann, apparently you lost...!!!

Churadogs said...

What Aaron does with people personally is Aaron's business. The problem here is that Aaron believes he can define words any way he wishes and proceed accordingly, thus Alon's vague parody on Grapes of Wrath (I think) became an ATTACK!!!!!! and so he posted scurrilous anonymous gossip in return, then whined to me about being "attacked." Now he claims I "can't manage my blog."
Oh, Pluueeze.

Here's what I've emailed Aaron: I'm going to remove Aaron's scurrilous gossip posting, (above) then I'm herein officially requesting that Aaron NOT log on to this comment site and NOT comment here in any way, shape or form. If he does so, despite my request, I would ask each of you NOT to reply to anything he posts, simply ignore him utterly, and when I check in to read the comments, if he's violated my request, I'll dump his comments. And if you've commented on anything Aaronish, I'll dump your comments. This site will soon become an Aaron free zone.

There, "attacks" over with.

Aaron said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike said...

hahahahaha.... that didn't last long... chuckle chuckle... Respect...???

Mike said...

Isn't it heart-warming to realize that the dissention shown on this blog is totally representative of the manner in which the recall folks stole the CSD and condemed Los Osos to years of meaningless bickering... all in the name of "move the sewer"... yup, the few lied, badgered, threatened and intimidated and stole the sewer... there never was an attempt to actually design or even select a technology... even the Och's attempt to allow the Wrecklamator a foothold was all just a farce to delay and obstruct a legal sewer in Los Osos... Apparently they are still fighting for their way, or no way.... No compromise...!!!

What did julie say? There would be a sewer over her dead body? How about Al? He said he could tie up any sewer forever?

Even Ron continues to make up "facts" to prove the Tri-W was the wrong sewer for our community. or is he still stuck on bait and switchy? He's still wrong and will never understand the dynamics or he would have been all over the CSD within the first 6 months of their rush to financial disaster...

Let's hope the Coastal Commission has seen through all the smoke and delaying tactics... If the sewer plant isn't acceptable "out of town", then let's get the thing finished "in town"...!!!!

M said...

Mike, you and others continually re-visit Tri-W as though that is an option. It has already been shown as a non cost effective site because of its location. You say that Tri-W would have prevented build out. You claim now with the proposed location we are doomed to massive build out. If we build at Tri-W, what would stop developers from building a sewer at what is now the proposed site? Now we're stuck with a way overpriced sewer that if there are any benefits to be reaped from it, we will be looong gone. There is however a very real possibility that there will be many problems at that site. The sewer the developers choose to build however will be a much more economical venture with many more homeowners bearing the cost than what we will be left with at Tri-W.
Sincerely, M

Mike said...

M... can you point to any other project that has already purchased the land...??? don't you think that will be a factor in the site selection...??? what if Giamozzi doesn't like the County's offer...??? or Tonini...??? got some other options...???

...and just how many connected homes will be required to bring the overall cost down to Tri-W...??? Are you in favor of massive suburban sprawl across the LOV to support such a huge sewer farm....???? Be careful what you wish for as you blindly follow the "move the sewer"... As this economy recovers in 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, do you think that the ag land will be held sacred when weighted against property tax dollars for homes instead of a few cows and crops...???? With a huge sewer farm will come huge development... SLO needs the tax dollars...

M said...

Mike, you didn't read what I posted. I asked, what is to stop developers from building another sewer plant at one of those sites? Unless they suspicously become declared greenbelts ala the Pismo St. site.

Mike said...

The real question is why any developer would spend the millions to construct a smaller sewer just for their own subdivision... I doubt Jeff Edwards would build small sewers just for his developments...

Let's say some company like Del Webb/Pulte/Centex would want to add the sewer cost to the homes... (ala mello roos...???), they would still have to obtain CC and County Permits... and then they would get to have the liability of operating and maintaining the plant with licensed operators... I really doubt any HOA would want the liability... I just don't see any developer wanting to get into the Public Works world... It's not a bad thing to have thousands of new homes in LOV... The taxes might even get us paved streets...

You know M... you're going to love seeing LOV developed like Orange County... maybe you can get some of those developers to layout a sewer collection system and design a treatment center... I wonder how many houses can be built between Foothills Blvd and Los Osos...??? Your guess M...???

TCG said...

FYI, I stopped posting a while back because I tired of the nasty tone in Arron's responses to my imput. Discussion and opposing viewpoints are good, but personal attacks aren't what I was looking for. Interesting to see what's going down here.

alabamasue said...

TCG, you speak for many of us. Thank you.

Sewertoons said...

I think Mike is on to something. Developers surely can't afford a WWTF for a little subdivision in the valley and they aren't very likely to do it for a big one either - but the nice e-x-p-a-n-d-a-b-l-e plant that we are going to get would be very helpful to them. All that is needed is a different set of Coastal Commissioners and Supes. The cost of desal goes down daily and they haven't sold all that Naci water yet either, so the water "problem" can be accommodated for a price. Won't happen for a while, but it is coming someday. This is one reason I supported Tri-W. That plus no lien on the house etc., etc.. Tri-W just afforded us a much better shot at keeping the town small and the farmland around us as farmland. Oh well, no point in whining. Too late now.

Sewertoons said...

I think we should all give Ann a Thank-You for taking control. She has an amazing amount of tolerance for all the nonsense that goes on in here, but even she has her limits. Thanks Ann!

Churadogs said...

Let me repeat again. This is an Aaron Ochs-free zone. He has already violated my request that he please go away. So, let me repeat. I will delet all his comments and request you ignore any postings he sneaks in until I can get around to dumping them. And that you do not mention his name. If you do, I'll start dumping your postings that use those two words. This is now an A. O.- free zone. Thank you.

Ron said...


Maybe we can now get back to my original, excellent point: How the CDOers are completely innocent, because County officials got lazy in 2003, and didn't bother to verify, using "substantial evidence in the record," the Los Osos CSD's fake Statement of Overriding Considerations, and, therefore, according to CEQA law, approved an illegal Tri-W "project"/embarrassment, which means the delays have absolutely NOTHING to do with the CDO recipients, and EVERYTHING to do with lazy government agencies... that failed to do their job?

And how State and County officials, NOW, aren't going to admit to that, because, if they do, it'll show that they f-d up in 2003-4, and didn't do their job, so, instead they're just going to keep the CDOers hanging out to dry today?

Can we get back to that tiny, little, itsy-bitsy point now?

It seems kinda important in 2010, doncha think?... the fact that a State agency brought hard-core enforcement actions against 45 completely innocent households, and the sole reason for those enforcement actions -- the delay associated with building a sewer system in Los Osos -- is that State's agency's own f-ing fault, simply because they got lazy in 2003, and failed to do their job... and, now, they're not going to admit it, and, instead, shift that blame onto innocent people.

Like I posted on my blog:

I call it "the government version of a child covering his eyes with his hands, and thinking that no one can see him."

Uh, guys? SewerWatch sees you. You're right there... right behind that baseless, illegal Statement of Overriding Considerations... that y'all never bothered to substantiate.

And, next time, do your friggin' job... for a change.

- - -

[kinda sucks that it took this long, and waaaaay down here in the comments section, to get back to that amazing point. Hopefully someone's still reading.]

Mike said...

For someone who doesn't live in Los Osos trying to make some weird point that the septic systems under Los Osos aren't leeching into our ground water is somewhat obsurd....!!!!

Our aquifiers are being contaminated... and the mass point of the contaiminates is the very large number and concentration of septic leechfields of Los Osos...!!!

Why is a hack from Santa Margarita trying to tilt windmills over here...???

Go read the laws Ron... RWQCB is an "ENFORCEMENT" Agency... They don't need to test under every property or septic tank...!!! They made the determination that Los Osos was not in compliance with Clean Water Standards and have to ENFORCE those laws...!!!

So far the RWQCB has backed way off and has not put anyone on trial... As long as positive effort is being performed by the County, then no action by the RWQCB is forthcoming... unless Ron has received some CDO or order to cease discharging into the Los Osos aquifiers...???? If not, then Ron is simply an outside agitator... Is Ron trying to piss off the RWQCB and bring some legal action down on Los Osos....??? So Ron, do you own property in Los Osos...??? (the answer is No...)

Lastly Ron, are you headed to the CCC meeting in Huntington Beach this week...???

Sewertoons said...

ron, I'm sorry that no one posts on your blog anymore, so you come over here to try to drum up interest --but you might TRY to figure out why that is. Read Mike's comment above, get a clue.

CDO's only came about when it was clear that there was NO PROJECT going to happen in Los Osos with the CSD. You can trump up all the reasons for unfairness that you like, but it really doesn't mean squat as we ARE polluting.

Not all CDO recipients fell for Gail's so-called "solution" either, prompted by her own personal agenda, to work themselves up into a apoplectic lather over this. Why don't you interview some that didn't get caught up in Gail's drama and see what their take is on this?

Hey, you could even write about the CURRENT project or the Coastal Commission hearing on Thursday. Might get some readership there.

M said...

Mike previously on this blog stated 250,000 houses up and down Los Osos valley would be built by the sewer plant being placed out of town. That doesn't sound like a small subdivision to me. A sewer system to accomodate that even though there is not one already there would be no problem. They would simply build one. I hope the proposed sewer plant for us is not expandable to 255,000.
Wasn't Tri-W expandable?
Isn't Monarch Grove a small subdivision? If i'm not mistaken, didn't they also build a sewer plant for it.
Ron, i've always paid attention to what you write and the facts you present and I gain knowledge from that. I don't however need to be scolded for getting off topic.
Sincerely, M

Mike said...

Hi M... Who is "they"...???

as in "A sewer system to accomodate that even though there is not one already there would be no problem. They would simply build one."

You have been following this saga... do you really think it's that "easy" to simply build one...??? If it were, don't you think the Tri-W one would already have been operating by now...???

Monarch Grove is a tiny plant and I believe the homeowners want to get away from their O&M cost and their liablity...they were talking about tying into Tri-W...

It really is unfortunate that humans create such toxic bodily waste... and a collection system with treatment for re-use is needed when so many folks are living so close together... Therein lies the war of technology (or the head in the sand approach) we have witnessed these past 30 years...

To be economical, the collection/treatment system needs to be large, unless one believes in the magic sand filter theory...

I still think that in time, we'll see upwards of 200,000 homes built between SLO and LO... probably won't be in my life time, but then SLO is hurting for housing... It's going to take a planned infrastructure to support all that...

Ron said...

'toons wrote:

"ron, I'm sorry that no one posts on your blog anymore"

You say that like it's a bad thing.

M wrote:

"I don't however need to be scolded for getting off topic."

No scolding intended... at least not to you ; - )