Sunday, April 25, 2010

Your Sunday Reading

Spent a few days in Fresno visting my sister, with plans to visit Yosemite, which didn't happen on account of rain, rain, rain, rain, and all the dogs had to hang around in her laundry room grumbling and staring out at the wet yard, "It's wet, it's wet, I'm bored, can we go home now?"  So, o.k, I'm now home, the dogs can run around in the back yard until Tuesday when it's supposed to rain some more, and I'm trying to play catch up. 

In the meantime, over at the Four Story site's doing a whole section on Cuba.  Very interesting.  The site has a gaggle of really great writers, (who are actually paid for their work -- unhead of on the Web), including my friend from Jr. High, Donna Schoenkopf and her daughter, Rebecca, who is a seriously funny writer (the "Commie Girl" column for the OC (Orange County) Weekly and LA Citybeat, whose work has been gathered into a seriously funny  book, "Commie Girl in the OC.")  So, check it out.  You can sign up at the site ( for updates as they're posted, which is very helpful since you'll then get an email saying there's a new piece posted and can toodle over to the site to read it.  Lots of great writers, lots of good reading.  I've also linked the site if you'll check my links in the sidebar to the right.

And starting at 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. if you're mooning around with nothing on the schedule, come down to Santa Rosa Park (on Santa Rosa Ave - Hwy 1 near Sierra Vista Hopsital) in SLOTown for SLO Dog's annual "Dog Days in the Park," featuring all kinds of events like flyball, GCG, Junior Handling exhibitons, booths and etc.  The Mighty Finn McCool and another greyhound will be at the GAC (Greyhound Adoption Center) booth as the "poster children" of the racing set.  Finn loves these gigs.  He's convinced that everyone in the park came out just to see him.  As well they should.  After all, he's The Mighty Finn McCool!  What's not to love?


Anne R. Allen said...

Your friend Donna sure can write. What a powerful piece!

Churadogs said...

Re Donna (link on right sidebar, fourstory,) Now hafta wonder what or who she's got in mind. Truth is, our lives are ALWAYS wickedly, gleefully, looneytoon out of our control -- tightrope walking while chewing gum and watching as a band of monkeys hop up and down on the other end of the rope. Yiieeeeee!

Donna said...

well, dang. aren't YOU the nicest friend in the whole wide world.

your junior high chum,