Thursday, February 10, 2011

Archibald McDog, Happy at Last

Finally, The Arch finally got the bandage off his foot. True to form, even that was done the hard way. His foot was infected and puffy so it took a few days of amoxicillin after the bandage was off for that to return to normal. But, the gaping wound in the back of his thigh was sealed and dry enough that I could get him out of his hideous prtective cover-ups. 

Which made him very happy. I mean, take a look. Would you want to be wandering around wearing this? Right. 

Fashion faux paw
The Muslims are Coming!

Tonight at 5:15, and continuing for the next 5 weeks, at the SLO downtown library public meeting room, a series of lectures on Islam will be given (free) to the public.  Local imams, Cal Poly religion experts, etc. will be enlightening any members of the public who show up.  And given the recent hysteria and silliness concerning "Muslims" that's insanely awash in Right Wing Country, I hope people who should attend will do so.  Might learn something.

But, I know that they won't.  Don't think the lady who recently wrote an outraged letter to the editor will be there.  She was furious that a tax-payer supported space (library meeting room, available for all kinds of non-profit, educational purposes) would be used to teach religion, and wondered if Catholics or Mormons would show up next to "teach" people "religion" on public property. 

Reading her letter I had three thoughts:  1) What a great idea.  As a nation that prides itself (on paper at least) on our "freedom of religion," we're woefully ignorant about our neighbor's beliefs and religious histories. (Aw, heck, we're woefully ignorant (and deliberately misinformed) about a whole lot of things.) And 2), the letter-writer has confused teaching about a particular religion with actually teaching religion with an eye towards conversion or indoctrination. And 3), because this woman clearly didn't know the difference, she really, really should show up.

But I know she won't.


Paddle Them Boats
It's the second Saturday of the month so Matt Hudgens of Central Coast Standup Paddling ( (395-0410) will be down at Coleman Beach in Morro Bay (under the triple power plant towers) from 9-noon and if I understand rightly, there'll be a paddle board manufacturer/rep there as well, with all different kinds of board for people to try.  So, if you've always wanted to go fall off a paddle board, now's the time.  It's free and Matt's a great instructor. And the weather promises to be summer-warm. 


Bev. De Witt-Moylan said...

The boards will actually be available for free tryouts till 2PM, so there's lots of time to sleep in, have a late breakfast, and STILL get on a board, though conditions tend to be better earlier.

According to CCSUP's Facebook page 50 people showed up last month.

Churadogs said...

Thanks for the 2 PM info. Fifty people? Wow. That's great!

Churadogs said...

By the way, the lecture at the SLO Library was vastly mobbed. They were expecting 50 people and likely 150 appeared. They're looking in to holding next Thursday's meeting at the Veterans Hall on Grand Ave, if they can get it. They told the audience to watch the Tribune Tuesday morning. apparently they've got a notice/ad planned and will announce the change of venue then.

The accompanying book that's recommended reading (not required but useful) is No God but God by Reza Aslan, which gives an overview of Islam.

The speakers are both lively, funny, informed and informative, full of surprising facts (at least 3 or 4 Muslim countries have had women presidents or vice presidents; America has had none. More women graduate from college in "the islamic republic" of Iran than do in the U.S.& etc. So much for "Islam" being anti-woman) so it looks to be a great series.

But, sadly, the people who really need to go . . . won't. Happily, the people who are attending will have a great time.

Bev. De Witt-Moylan said...

Bravo to the teachers! It was an excellent introduction to the direction the class will be going in the next few weeks. Though the unexpected numbers made it necessary for me and lots of others to stand outside, the speakers kindly accommodated the crowd by raising their voices. We were lucky that the mild weather made it possible to stand for an hour and a quarter outside getting occasional peeks at the presenters through those standing shoulder to shoulder at the back of the room. The class was definitely worth the small inconvenience, but I'm glad they plan on getting a hall where everyone can sit down inside for the next class...especially since word-of-mouth will likely guarantee them an even larger crowd this Thursday. Obviously people are hungry for this. Speaking of which, they even planned to serve food afterward. I did not stay for that, so I don't know how it turned out.