Friday, February 25, 2011

What's A Guy Gotta Do Around Here To Get Arrested, Anyway?

Colin Rigley has a funny story and photo in the News Brief section of this week's New Times ( ) showing Dan DeVaul standing at the reception windows at the County Jail, hoping to get arrested and so go serve his 88 day jail sentence (which was levied when he was found "guilty" of code violations for housing homeless people in sub-standard, overcrowded, illegal, dangerous, code-violating conditions at Sunny Acres, a clean and sober recovery program on his ranch in SLO.)

Sheriff said, No Deal.  He'd have to wait until a court order was issued to arrest him and haul him off to the pokey.

The funny part?  If you read Ron Crawford's email (posted below on Feb 22) the Sheriff's jail facility is NOW overcrowded and so may well be in violation of County code.  Which is why the BOS voted to spend $10 million to build a jail facility to relieve all that likely illegal overcrowding.

But there's Dan, guilty of code violations trying to get into a jail that's . . . .  guilty of code violations?

So, who should issue a code violation citation to the Sheriff?  Dan?


Spectator said...

Ha, Ha, Ha! Still funny! And you would trust your health care to the government?

Churadogs said...

Hey, John. Have you solved the puzzle of where Mr. & Mrs. Obama entered the country with little Barak? The desert outside Nogales? Maybe it was the empty spot north of Detroit, they paddled across the river and entered from Canada?

Spectator said...

Apparently 50% or better feel he came in on an airplane 4 days after he was born in Kenya. Because of the mother's late stage of pregnancy she was not allowed to fly when there was a possibility of giving birth on the airplane. She probably entered in New York and continued to Hawaii to put the birth notice in the Hawaiian paper. Shortly after arriving in Honolulu a certificate of live birth was acquired. Obama did not have to sneek in, his mother was a US citizen and his father had a visa.

Where is the Hawaiian birth certificate signed by a doctor, with a foot print, place of birth, exact time, etc. Other Hawaiians have such. Apparently there is no such long form birth certificate normally issued at birth from Hawaii. There is one from Kenya, at that time a British Protectorate.

Obama has spent more than 2 mil of taxpayers money defending his citizenship, why has he simply not made the long form birth certificate available?

In any case, he will be out of office as a one term president before everything comes to light one way or the other.