Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ian Parkinson? Meet Warren Jensen. Warren Jensen, Meet Kamala Harris . . .

The Los Osos World Class Sewer Circle Jerk is now complete and all documented by Ron Crawford at  One of the most extraordinary features of the public abuse and public fleecing and failures and singularly fascinating screw-ups and humongeous waste known as the Los Osos Sewer Project, is the absolute refusal by those in oversight positions to do their jobs -- not even to try to explain documented problems -- like how DID money for tot lots and ampitheatres get into that original SRF loan anyway?   Instead of accountability or answers, everyone -- everyone -- turns away.  Not our responsibility.  Talk to the hand. 

This conspiracy of silence about the repeated systemic failures of every agency involved in this project, from the CSD to the Water Boards, to the Coastal Commission to the asleep-at-the-switch "watchdog" media, is one of the most extraordinary aspects of this 30-year saga.  The result is that Los Osos was raped and the rapists walked away with a promotion and a raise.

Which is what happens in . . . Chinatown.      

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