Friday, January 27, 2012

Calling Dr. Borenstein . . .

Doctor B?  Please go to   Wait, where'd she go?  Oh, gosh, there she is, hiding under her desk with Supervisors Patterson and Gibson.  Woa, getting crowded under there. Shhh, if you make a sound, they'll simply disappear.  But if we wait very quietly, maybe they'll come out and answer Ron's simple -- very simple -- question.


Alon Perlman said...

Bad bloglink alert To apparate to Ron's House, click here

Churadogs said...

Dang. I re-tested that link three times and it worked in the blog and on "preview" & etc. Then refuses to link here.

Alon Perlman said...

Luddite or Yevusite when it comes to the HTML languages?
I'm an Israelite who can pronounce "shibboleth" more than three ways from Shabbat but the language of the internet is relatively new. I wager you have a spare " at the end, or some other dangler. Those virtual guards at the decision gates of the Jordan pipeline, are merciless. One day soon computers will be programmed to accept typos, and a few days after that, in consequence, they will achieve self awareness, and send robots into the far past, which is our recent past. But, enough about the former Governor of CA.
This is how I typed the link to, Ron except that I have to substitute } for > and { for < or the example below doesn’t work (it turns short and blue)
{a href="" rel="nofollow"}To apparate to Ron’s House, click here{/a}

You can cut and paste it to word and include the carrots >,< , however if you do you may need to retype “ after you paste the construction. HTTP does not view right parenthesis and left parenthesis, it likes the unisex parentheses". Highly discriminatory, these computeraters. Apostrophe is converted to & #39; and parentheses are coded as percent 20 (I think) which is why I think your posting fails (it appears on the address line of the browser as- , delete the %20 and you get to Ron’s.
Simplest is posting the web address
So… you can post links in comments using code. Thought some readers would like to know.

Mike Green said...

What I want to know is when you forget to dial 1 for a phone number and the recording says you need to dial one in order to make the call... Why can't it just automatically do that?????? < end rant >
The funny thing about Ron's stuff is the belief that the RWQCB actually follows it's own rules.

Churadogs said...

Alon: Weird thing is while I was working within the blogger and tested the link it tested just fine, time and again, then without changing anything I posted it and it refused to work. Feh.

Mike: Re the RWQCB, I posted my conclusions about those boyos over on Ron's blog. Here's another tooooo perfect quote by Simon Leys I found, apropos the topic: "The main concern and industry of bureaucrats is not to rectify their mistakes, but to conceal them."

And, yeah, part of their lack of rule-following is that for the most part they're just making a lot of this stuff up as they go along, which is why the right hand doesn't know why the left hand is doing.