Sunday, January 15, 2012

Your Sunday Poem

This by Ruth Stone from "What Love Comes To, New and Selected Poems."

The Dog

The dog is God.
It knows it is God.
It is God living with God.
Even in the rain,
the esters, the pheromones,
calligraphy of the sacred,the great head points into the wind,
the blood thrashes in the thick veins.
The language of the feces, urine,
species, rut, offal, decay --
nothing is hidden from the dog,
who keeps its own cousel,
leading you by the leash. 


Sewertoons said...

Hilarious and beautiful! Someone ought to do a dog poem anthology some time with poems of this quality! Thanks for finding this one.

Churadogs said...

They have: "Unleashed," Ed. Amy Hempel & Jim Shepard, and "Dog Music," Ed. Joseph Duemer & Jim Simmerman, and "Doggerel" Everyman's Library Pocket Poets series.

In "Unleashed," check out Rick Bass's long poem, "The Odyssey," and its last page . . .. . .

Mike Taylor said...

Gotta love the dog, of course as dyslexic as I am I wanted to know what breed was GOD.

Sewertoons said...

Hey, thanks for the list Ann! I have a book on order at Volumes of Pleasure, so I will take this list with me when that one comes in. First choice then will be "Unleashed" so I can find 'The Odyssey.'

I am so bummed to have missed Chinese New Year at Volumes - it was so much fun the last time I went a couple of (a few?) years ago. Was too busy to get out, company coming.

SLOTowner said...

Ann, there's an article on razor that mentions you and "the group." It's too much!

Sandra Gore said...

cool photo!

Churadogs said...

SLOTowner: You know what's so weird about the sewer "history" and on-line "sewer wars" at the link you posted? NO MENTION of Ron Crawford and "Sewerwatch." How is that possible?

Sandra: Yeah, took it one early morning walking the dogs. Being TallDogs, they make great shadows. And at Costco photo, you can make great postcards from your photos (Christmas cards, too) and with postage as high as it is, I had a bunch of foto post cards made up when I have to send a quick note.Very handy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks SLOT. Good story. I just can't figure why these people think fouling their nest in a tiny town makes sense. Does it open the doors of SLO "high society" to them? Swingin' dinner parties with Gibson, Paavo and Maria?? Is that something worth bushwhacking neighbors for??? I saw links to Ron in it. NO MENTION? Impossible? Really? Duh. Burp. Jealous? Gas?

Churadogs said...

Anon: I re-reviewed the story and though there's plenty of bolded names, i sure couldn't find any mention of Ron, let a lone a link to his blog. Where did you see it? i.e. about how many paragraphs down?

Anonymous said...

ok. this pops up. under subsection "the accountant" graf starting "Nearly 10 later," where it says $40,247.50, it links to sewerwatch's blog on TW. Then in same graf "stipulated entry judgment" it links to document on sewerwatch. piece is about Tribune message board, not sewer (ron). duh.

Churadogs said...

Anon. Thanks. That's what I mean. Why not bold "Ron Crawford," then post the link to his site. I mean, if you're discussing the sewer blog-wars, ya gotta mention Ron.

Well, one thing the piece does make clear is how INSANE a whole lot of people were/are, skulking around, posting anonymously to hide their real names, unwilling to stand by their statements, making crap up, trashing anyone who strayed from the Official Tri-W Mantras & etc, the OBSESSION, people making multiple postings like rats hitting the button to get their cocaine fix. Nuts! Absolutely nuts. Anyone reading that would think that a small number of sewer obsessives simply went off their rockers and the result was Ugly On A Stick behavior. Amazing.

Alon Perlman said...

“The language of the feces, urine,
species, rut, offal, decay –“
. What a multi-dimensional poem.
It should not take a Dog, a poet, a microbiologist or a God; to understand that without decay, life would not be possible.

Cheers to those who stay real, while sending and receiving along the leash umbilical.

Churadogs said...

. . . the leash umbilical. . .
great image.

Anonymous said...

"like rats hitting the button to get their cocaine fix."

You don't know how right you are. Take out the "like."

"small number of sewer obsessives simply went off their rockers"

And it's still going on today, same hateful people. Pray for change in the new year.

SLOTowner said...

I'm glad to not deal with THOSE people in my community.

FOGSWAMP said...

A great "musical" is in order at our town hall right now, to lighten some town-folk up a bit. Perhaps "Urinetown" (the musical) would fit.

The song "It's A Privilege To Pee" comes to mind;

Penny sez "Get your head out of the clouds, Bobby Strong. No one gets in for free ..........I'm here to tell ya ya is gonna pay!

Old Man Strong sez "In the name of God, what difference could it make?".

Penny sez " Times are hard", "Our cash is tight", "You got no right", "I've heard it all before", Just this once is once too much, cause once they've onced, they'll want to once once more".

"I run the only toilet in this part of town, you see. So, if you got to go, You've got to go through me"

"It's a privilege to pee, Waters worth its weight in gold these days, you come here and pay a fee for the privilege to pee".

Forgive me for the off-subject post, just couldn't resist the temptation.

Sewertoons said...

A nice change of pace, thank you FOGSWAMP!

SLOTowner said...

Oh my. It's The ENFORCER! LOL!

Sewertoons said...

Amusing information from Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings weekly trivia challenge:

A new study in Nature Geoscience magazine blames toxic algae in Monterey Bay for the real-life event that inspired what classic 1963 thriller?

The seabird attacks that inspired Hitchcock's The Birds are now believed to have been caused by leaky septic tanks. Not so scary, then. OR IS IT?!?

Please forgive the segue Ann!

Anonymous said...

Go away Lynette.

Anonymous said...

There are no leaky septic tanks in LO, only a handful of toxic residents who wish their neighbors death. Do you know them, Lynette????

Alon Perlman said...

Hey fogswamp!
Its been done-contaminated water- angry town meetings and all-
This clip (unfortunately edited -poster left out the part where the poor people get to charge the people who live in the hights to use the only remaining toilet in town, it would had taken place at about 5:30 minutes in)

The Oblongs
"Flush Sweet Helga"

and amazingly the word verification is "grate", which features at the very end of the episode

Anonymous said...

i wish that someday los osos will be at peace. i can't stand those "anonymous" guys.

Anonymous said...

Los Osos will be at peace the day the Tornatsky's pull out of town. Good riddance to bad rubbish from the rancid canals of Venice!!!!

Anonymous said...

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