Monday, April 09, 2012

Koch Brothers Exposed

       If you ever wondered just who and how your government is being sold out to (besides the highest bidder) go to for a gander at ALEC, the American legislative Exchange Council.  That's the organization that brings your average corporate lobbyist together with his employee (legislative aides) so they can write the laws that will ensure special favor to your average corporate lobbyist's boss, Corporate America.  (Average, run-of-the-mill citizens need not apply.)
     Then plant to attend the screening of "Koch Brothers Exposed," Saturday, April 14th, 7 pm at the Information Press Office, 3435 Sacramento Dr. Suite A in San Luis Obispo.  (RSVP 545-7916
      The documentary film is by director Robert Greenwald ("Wall-Mart; The High Cost of Low Price," "Outfoxed," and "Afghanistan.") and examines the "billionaire brothers and the vast network of organizations that undermine the interests of the 99%. . ." 
     If you haven't heard of the Koch Brothers, or ALEC, it's time you learned.

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