Sunday, April 15, 2012

Your Sunday Poem

This by Ruth Stone from her book, "What Love Comes To; New & Selected Poems"

From Where We Are 

Embedded in the navel
of the belly of our goddess,
we are deeper in
and closer to her viscera.
That is why,
in the gurgles of her vast digestion,
we are shaken with thought waves
in her fiery pores, in the gluons
that flicker
in her infinite intestines,
pouring out of her
the eternal roar.
Our galaxies blink in the
skin of her navel
as we perceive her ecstatic curvature.


Alon Perlman said...

Rumblings in the belly of the godess, me likey.
I’m getting a flavor that I got from Rob Brezsny.
But that may be because he invested five years and tried to transform himself into a feminist
And there is of the awareness of the larger, all encompassing connection, that was in last week’s poem (no... last week's poem was a picture that had an awareness of the larger connection embedded in it, the written poem a week before that).
But gluons flicker? Not in any of the universes and hidden dimensions that matter that I’ve visited. It’s just not how they wobble.

Picture of the goddess’sBelly button here.

The nonsense word pair verification is "tsting webscri" I'm starting to think these robots will acheive self awareness before we do.

Alon Perlman said...

Anne R., Lani, Here