Tuesday, January 22, 2013

God Bless The Child . . .

Good old SLO County.  There is always something splendidly delicious in watching the way they can weasel themselves into spectacularly compromising twists  in order to accommodate people in power.

Case in point:  Supervisor Bruce Gibson’s girlfriend is now back in her old $89,000 a year job as Gibson’s legislative aide. 

If you recall, when the affair was made public, Bruce and the country frantically hustled her out into some other department where she continued to get paid out of the Supervisor’s budget while pretending to be doing some other job, while her original job was supposedly done by Bruce or wasn’t done at all. 

And Bruce was all apologetic, hand-wringy in public but ,according to County Counsel, behind the scenes he was pushing since Dec 17th to get her back at her old job, please, please.  But the County balked on account of being afraid of getting their asses sued since Bruce was sleeping with his employee, which is supposed to be a big, stupid no-no.

Oh what to do, what to do? 

Well, never fear.  While turning a blind eye to the ethical ramifications of such an arrangement, the County was ever ready to serve the Supervisor.  So County Counsel cooked up a legal agreement for the couple to sign that included a release that would absolve the County for any al all liability claims, past and future, that might arise from this little “affair of the heart.”  The document does include pledges that keep Gibson from “making decisions regarding the pay of legislative assistants, and gives the County unannounced access to the duo’s phones and computers.” Oh, and they also signed pledges not to go all kissey-face at the workplace or engage in long, loving looks across a crowded room at work-related functions.

So, problem solved! Once again, the County has done it’s Uriah Heepish best to make sure those in positions of power will be accommodated. 

True, had the couple in question been some lower level duo, it’s likely that one or the other would have been demoted or fired, or certainly actually transferred , not just “pretend transferred.”  But that’s why God blessse the child that has his own. . .

And true, this agreement doesn’t prevent a lawsuit from some other employee (you know, the “little people”) from suing the county for accommodating or creating a discriminatory or hostile workplace, as in, “Hey, why can’t I sleep with my employees, too, just like Bruce?”

But, not to worry.  The county is only interested in creating legal protections for itself and carving out legal loopholes for the powerful .  All other can just eat it. 

As for the “ethical” problems with all this.  Well, “community activist,” (and long time commentor on this blog) Lynette Tornatzky was quoted in the Tribune story saying, “Great! Let’s get her (Aspuro) back in there as soon as possible,” and called Aispuro “incredibly professional.”  While Marshall Ochlyski of Los Osos said the issue was “whether Gibson can restore trust among the residents of the 2nd District.” And the Tribune reported that Gibson, “Asked whether he intends to run for a third term next year [said] it is too early to make that decision.”

“Incredibly professional?  No.  Incredible professionals aren’t stupid enough to sleep with their bosses.  “Trust?” Anyone who’s watched Gibson from day one knows the answer to that question. “A third term” for Gibson?  Well, near as I can see, Gibson’s answer to “the public” in this affair has been, “Go to hell. This is none of your business.” So, if the public is smart, their response will be, “Ditto back atcha, Bruce.”

As for the County, well, they can always be depended on to respond to power with a great big, “YESSIR! Anything you ask, SIR!” 

Which is why watching SLO County in full weasel mode is so deliciously entertaining.


Alon Perlman said...

The whole thing was pretty silly, in the "moved to County Clerk's office" resolution, so as reverse corkscrewy that this counter resolution is, it is a whole lot more rational than the status quo. Given a fair amount of time to observe Sherry at the County official and semi official processes, She seemed to be hard working and dedicatedly so, including planting the LOVR median.

While the Uriah Heap reference is a great one for describing weasely behavior, it bears with it an ill will to the one who is the recipient of the sycophantic actions. Perhaps an outcome of ultimate betrayal will be the final manifestation as in the measure of the Golem. The resident Troll- Now there's a Uriah Heap in full bloom.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares Alon.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

As I have commented everywhere, if you don't like him, don't vote for him if he runs again. Just can the trash talk.

What spurred me on to comment first were the vile comments against Cheri. Sorry, I AM at the meetings, I SEE them working together and it is JUST work - nothing else. Not my business what is done elsewhere. She is a great person and is liked by even the anti-sewer people because she is unfailingly polite to EVERYONE, even those who trash Bruce. Most of the CCN and Trib trash talkers have never met either one of them and many don't even live in District 2, but just like to go on a religious morality rant.

I know a lot the anti-sewer people hate him, and I believe that is where the bulk of the District 2 comments are coming from. But those of us who want a sewer have a LOT of things to thank Bruce for. Has he done everything the way I would want it? Heck no, look at his stance on the Taxpayers' Watch situation! But hey, we are getting a sewer and he surely did help with that at the RQWCB, State Water Board, CCC meetings and in Washington.

All the gossipy blather is just so stupid. How many people fall in and out of love - like everybody? And I will wearily repeat it all here. He made a mistake. He admits it. It doesn't reflect in his job. There were no rules broken and the County has written a contract that they signed relieving the County of future lawsuits. This is hardly likely to set a precedent as how many times does this sort of thing happen? Bombard County Counsel and the BOS with letters if you want different rules! I think anyone would have a hard time with the hostile workplace angle from "little people" as she just works for Bruce. Yeah, I can just see Mecham or one of the other Supes saying, “Hey, why can’t I sleep with my employees, too, just like Bruce?” Straw argument.

Did I hear similar squawks against local government when the Lisa board broke rule after rule to favor the anti-sewer crowd - hmmmmm, NO, I DIDN'T. Did I hear Julie's supporters revile her when she dumped her family for Edwards, NO I DIDN'T (although those against her sewer politics did).

Cynthia said...

Is Lynette_Tornatzky still defending Gibson? I have to wonder if she works for him. Maybe she has some knee pads... ?

Anonymous said...

Lynette works for Gibson the same way Maria worked with Paavo, and it wouldn't surprise anyone in LO if it was in exactly the same way.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Oh, the monikered and anonymous blathers have reappeared over here. Big surprise.

Sorry, I only try to point out fairness as a lofty ideal that we should strive for, that speculative gossiping is trash; things you apparently wouldn't understand Cynthia and Anon 7:21. Don't trouble your vacant heads though, it wasn't meant for you.

No, I don't work for Gibson.

Anonymous said...

No, you just have a blog dedicated to his good deeds and threaten everyone you don't like. No biggie!

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

I have a sewer blog if that is what you mean, but that only came about by the people of Los Osos being willing to support a 218 to pay for the sewer.

I'm sorry that mental illness dictates that you read my blog information - mostly BOS agenda items, water board meeting items and street closures as threats.

Please, get some help.

Churadogs said...

Toonces asks How many of these types of things happen? Well, if memory serves, there's been, um, 4-5 BIG public headline-making county messes in about 10 years (that's one every other year?) involving canoodling and other stupidities, Civil Service hearings, BOS hearings, headlines, county weaseling, wasted county time, etc. So, not so uncommon.

Which goes to the point of my sticking pins in Bruce AND the county. No rules were broken, you say. Well, maybe the county needs some rules. Very clear rules that apply to everyone that will spell out exactly what will happen if you do X, Y, Z. So far, it seems like the county has been doing (or not doing) all this on the fly, though lord knows they have had enough examples and time to figure something out. And when you see instances of Supervisors being treated differently than "the little" people (how many similar cases have occurred out of the public eye at county but ended in far different results, i.e. firing, immediate demotion, immediate transfers, no "right of return," etc.) that just reinforces public distrust and cynicism towards county government which thereby tarnishes all the great employees who work therein and do play by the rules.

As for the Tribune or CCN blog commentors,they're all anonymous, they all make stuff up, they have NO credibility. Zero. Except that whatever they do say always reflects directly back on them and their often looney mindset.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous has zero credibility, so why has Lynette been writing to them at all? Mental illness.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Here's why I write. Not everyone feels anonymous commenters have no credibility. If you run into one who echos your viewpoint, you believe them - remember the hundreds of monikered sewer commenters here not so long ago? Words on the internet may outlast our physical bodies. If something needs correcting, refuting, explaining, that viewpoint should be out there too.

Anonymous said...

That's true, but that hasn't worked out in your favor. Your future in Los Osos is finally coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

The Tribune published an editorial about Gibson today:

Lynette, a lot of people have been saying what The Tribune is saying. A lot of anonymous commenters on CCN and whatnot project the moral argument, but Gibson's actions transcended the moral issue. It's a practical issue now, and what he's done is clearly not practical.

You can defend Gibson all you want, but when you go after people in Los Osos and others who "don't live" in his district, you're reducing your political capital to zero and turning yourself into public enemy number one. That does nothing to help Gibson and it does nothing to improve your standing in your community. So yes, your future in Los Osos is now on the line. Consider moving to a place where people won't hound you with burning torches and pitchforks.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

My future in Los Osos? What? I live here, that is my future. Are you threatening me Anon 10:42 AM?

Anon 1:06 PM, although you may also be Anon 10:13 AM, so what if a lot of people have been saying what the Trib is saying? It is kind of hilarious that when the Trib says what you support you are all for them and when they don't, they are the worst rag masquerading as a newspaper on earth!

How is asking if someone lives in his district, "going after" them? It seems that those who live in Gibson's district should have the most to say about this.

Public enemy #1? Wow! That's higher up the hate chain than where Gibson is!

Political capital? I am a commenter on comment sections - so what? Standing in the community? I stand on what I say. People can like me or not. However, my friends are many and they seem to like what I say. I'm not worried about the sewer opponent contingent. They will never like me, no matter what I say about Gibson.

Burning torches and pitchforks? Haven't seen any so far. But come on by and bring some marshmallows, it would be amusing to meet you, we can sit around the fire pit.

I'll let Gibson be the judge of whether or not I help, not you an anon commenter. I doubt he reads this stuff however.

Anonymous said...

Threat? It's a promise. You are a threat to yourself. No one has to do a thing to you. Your comments will be your downfall.

Pack your bags or Los Osos will take out the trash and send you packing.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! You have no idea apparently about how silly you look!

Anonymous said...

It will be very interesting to see if Bruce runs again. He is so arrogant he will probably try, which is a shame for the people of the 2nd district who deserve better than a blatant hypocrite.

Unfortunately, there are few who will pay the high price to run against him. Like Patterson he could fall to a right wing candidate, but keeping that from happening is still no reason to re-elect Gibson. That leaves us with Marshall Ochylski, who is nothing more than Gibson's caddy and can't compete, and perhaps one of two other Los Osos candidates to run against him, but no one with a district wide name to match Gibson's.

Gibson is no longer a shoe-in in Osos or Morro Bay or even Cayucos, if only someone decent and normal would step forward and seize the day and rescue us from this treadmill of corruption!!!!

Anonymous said...

God I love the insanity of the whole sewer saga. But finally and inspite of all the opposition, the pipes are going in the ground. Maybe the insanity will clear once clean water flushes the fecal matter from the remaining few vocal minds. God Bless Bruce Gibson!

Churadogs said...

The Tribune editorial made me laugh out loud. The headline notes that "Gibson displays a lack of sense." Gee, ya think? And, they add, that he "is engaging in blatantly unprofessional conduct," his decision [to get Ms. Aispuro back in her job working directly under him] is "in-your-face," that he is "exploiting loopholes to justify conduct that wouldn't fly with other management-level employees," and is "essentially claiming that a special set of circumstances allows him to reinstate Aispuro and continue to supervisor her" and so forth.

Then they announce that all this is "a huge disappointment" to them.

A huge disappointment? The fact that they expected anything different is proof positive that the Tribune, our newspaper of record, HASN'T BEEN PAYING ATTENTION TO THEIR BOY, LO! THESE MANY YEARS.

When it comes to "character," absolutely nothing in Gibson has changed from day one. And the Tribune didn't notice. That's funny.

As Robert Caro said, "Power doesn't always corrupt. Power can cleanse. What I believe is always true about power is that power always reveals."

FOGSWAMP said...

Sorta reminds me of a Tribune article dated April17,2010, headed "Gibson is a strong leader the county needs to keep."

"And certainly, there was no shortage of furor over scandals that led to the downfalls of David Edge and Gail Wilcox, and allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct."

"While the Board of Supervisors can't be held accountable for the behavior of every employee, to his credit, Gibson doesn't shirk all responsibility for the workplace climate that allowed this to occur. "

Ya gotta love the following sentences;

"In retrospect, he questions whether the board tolerated patterns of behavior that it should not have allowed."

Then Cuddy (or whomever) follows up & rants on;

" That's a valuable lesson to learn."

Wasn't Gibson already engaged in shirking all responsibility for the workplace climate at the time of this article. In retrospect, he had first-hand knowledge of what "the board" was tolerating at the time, and even more-so today with his fine example for employees to follow with impunity.

"We strongly urge District 2 voters to re-elect Supervisor Bruce Gibson."

Anonymous said...

That is the first thing on which I can recall ever agreeing with the Fogswamp!

Maybe LO is beginning to heal.

FOGSWAMP said...

Yup, he is obviously one extremely disingenuous individual.

He should write a book entitled 'How to finance your mistress during a divorce'.

Anonymous said...


Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Does Gibson have the same rules to follow as did Edge/Wilcox.


Anonymous said...

Julie Tacker?

Anonymous said...

Get over Julie, weirdos.

Churadogs said...

Fogswamp sez: Wasn't Gibson already engaged in shirking all responsibility for the workplace climate at the time of this article. In retrospect, he had first-hand knowledge of what "the board" was tolerating at the time, and even more-so today with his fine example f"

Uh, if memory serves, didn't supervisor Gibson sit in judgement of Edge and vote to FIRE Wilcox and Edge? And Edge didn't sleep with any employees or anybody. I also recall at the time statements made by Edge that implied that a whole lot more was going on by, Uh, "certain people" who were sitting in judgement of him & etc. Well, now it's becoming clear. However, equally clean that that the shoe's on another foo, well, that's another matter altogether. . . ?

Anonymous said...

So how can you let Tacker get away with the shack up she has done and NOTHING from Ann Calhoun?

FOGSWAMP said...

On November 23, 2010, Gibson and the other four Supervisors voted to adopt a "Statement of Organization Values" to replace another 'statement' that said virtually nothing of value.

Organizational Values ....... "The employees and elected officials of SLO are guided by the following values. Our decisions and actions demonstrate these values. Putting our lives into practice creates long-term benefits for stakeholders, customers, employees, communities and the public we serve."

Under the heading "Integrity" - "We are dedicated to high ethical and moral standards and uncompromising honesty with the public and each other."

"We behave in a consistent manner with open, truthful communication, respecting commitments and being true to our word."

Under the heading "Accountability" - "We assume personal responsibility for our conduct and actions and follow through on our commitments."

Wasn't Gibson also hooked-up with his County employed mistress when he voted to adopt these values?

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't the Tacker affair(s) given as much negative investigation as this column gives to Gibson? Ann Calhoun has never said one thing about Julie's affairs, yet she is up on her soap box condeming Bruce.

FOGSWAMP said...

Perhaps because 'Tacker' had nothing to do with the entire district & had nothing to do with County employees & their perspective of how they should behave to avoid costly litigation or sexual harassment settlements, in or out of court.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why Julie keeps being mentioned. Sounds like the anonymous are busy chewing.

Churadogs said...

Anonymous sez:"Ann Calhoun has never said one thing about Julie's affairs,"

You're incorrect. I smacked Julie in a Bay News Canon back when her canoodling started.

Fogswamp sez:"Perhaps because 'Tacker' had nothing to do with the entire district & had nothing to do with County employees & their perspective of how they should behave to avoid costly litigation or sexual harassment settlements, in or out of court.

Yes, there is that -- a matter of size and influence and larger potential harm. Also one of proportion. Anonymouse has likely confused elephants with cats.

Anonymous said...


Such a descriptive word, perhaps that makes it an innocent fun game? Perhaps even a positive game every woman and man should partake. Much more proper than suggesting adultery, that very old fashioned idea.

So if it's ok for the, then married with family, Julie to canoodle with Jeffie, then perhaps it's equally ok for Bruce to canoodle?

As far as the notion that either has influence over wider portions of the County, one should look at where sweet, innocent, Julie has spread her weight around. Someone mention the elephant in the room?

But thank God, that the sweet Julie, who only canoodled (more than one and more than once) for the good of Los Osos.

Anonymous said...

Bruce has sat in judgement of several people if they voted or worked against him. He never made the effort to squelch any lies only fan the flames on unfounded investigations that were costly, in many ways. Sorry Bruce but you had your chance to do right and now you are so very, very wrong. Karma is a b*it&h.
You don't respect other people's privacy so now yours has been blasted open. Only sorry for Grace really.

Billy Dunne said...

I read with amusement all the sanctimony dripping off the comments here and at Cal Coast News. I can't help but remember how much these same people hated Shirley Bianchi as well. Perhaps they'll all be better served by Debbie Arnold and the tea partying tornado about to blow into the county. Or perhaps not. I think in general complaining to these people is the same as oxygen is to the rest of us. They just can't live without it.

I should note too, I couldn't care less about Julie Tacker's private life either. That is, of course, until she, of all people, decided to become the moral police for others. I just despise hypocrites.

Churadogs said...

Anonymous sez:" . . then perhaps it's equally ok for Bruce to canoodle? "

Anonymous, leaving aside your weird obsession with all things Julie and what she is or isn't doing, the issue really isn't canoodling. It's canoodling WITH YOUR DIRECT (county) EMPLOYEE and thereby not only setting a bad example, but potentially putting the county (i.e. taxpayers) at financial risk. (Do we really need another costly "investigation," and time-wasting closed door hearings and "faux public "trials"?) Toss in all the other stuff if you wish (hypocricy, bad examples, ethical lapses, leadership failure, The Stupids," etc.)but the key problem has to do with county policy (or lack of same) and county liabilities and the county's willingness to weasel-twist to accommodate the powerful which really ends up harming the body politic in the long run.

Bill sez:"I think in general complaining to these people is the same as oxygen is to the rest of us. They just can't live without it."

Some of the crazier sewer crazies who anonymously post here are certainly hooked on the mindless, often childish whine 'n snarl, but much of the bitterness and anger displayed here might well be dissipated if only we'd had an honest Truth & Reconciliation hearing/account. As Ron Crawford has carefully documented, and most of us witnessed, there were key points in this project where certain things were done, let's say, certain decisions made that many felt were underhanded or just plain wrong, or even violated (or nudged or bent or ignored) the rules/statutes/laws, etc. Until people finally fess up and/or clearly outline and acknowledge that, yeah, "certain things" WERE hinkey, and yes they were fudged,(or overlooked or screwed up and never fixed, etc.) then maybe a whole lot of folks could let train wreck go. We live in the real world and in the real world of these types of massive public works projects, especially ones that are politicized and manipulated "It's Chinatown" is the operative rule, not the exception.

As for anonymous with his 24/7 All Julie All The Time addiction, well, I have no answer for that kind of weirdness, except maybe for a 24/7 cold shower, which won't work too well in Los Osos since we're already in water overdraft and can't afford to waste more of the stuff.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

I should note too, I couldn't care less about Julie Tacker's private life either. That is, of course, until she, of all people, decided to become the moral police for others. I just despise hypocrites.

Well said Billy Dunne.

Look at the January 8 BOS meeting if you want to see pot attack kettle. Brush off your despise feelings, take a look at Tuesday's BOS meeting and let's see how THAT goes. For a fairly clever person, Ms. Tacker seems to have a VERY short memory, or she thinks that we do.

Ann, no one in the Move-The-Sewer crowd would believe a Truth & Reconciliation hearing unless Lisa, Chuck and Julie were the judges.

Churadogs said...

Toonces: Actually, a great many would providing there was also actual evidence at the T&R hearings. If you take a look at the chain of events Ron has already documented, there's some missing pieces (mostly "bridge" information that may have to come from the players (and remember, sometimes silence can offer strong evidence itself), but you have a coherent narrative with clearly defined key points wherein things took wrong turns that led to more wrong turs, and the question has always been, who, how and why was that (those) turn (s)made. To date, there has been little honest 'splaining about the why's or why not's.

Anonymous said...

Lynette's hysteria over Julie is so boring. Haven't you been laughed off the internet yet?

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Some of Ron's "information" has been mis-information, but I know once minds are made up to believe stuff, it takes a lot to change them, if indeed they can be changed at all.

The one bottom line fact that no one can argue on is that the County is at fault for allowing so much growth with no infrastructure. That is where the problem began and had the community supported and pushed for a sewer then, maybe the mess surrounding what happened next would be moot. But I am told there was a strong push back then to NOT have a sewer. I didn't live here then, can you enlighten readers if you did?

FOGSWAMP said...

Tunes .... You'r right on when you wrote "Just don't vote for him, should he run."

Many would agree with you at this point in time.

Anonymous said...

Let's vote Gibson out. Taxpayers can't afford an $86,000 prostitute.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Anon 8:41 PM, your vile words are disgusting. I see why you hide behind anonymous.

Churadogs said...

Toonces sez:"The one bottom line fact that no one can argue on is that the County is at fault for allowing so much growth with no infrastructure. That is where the problem began and had the community supported and pushed for a sewer then, maybe the mess surrounding what happened next would be moot. But I am told there was a strong push back then to NOT have a sewer. I didn't live here then, can you enlighten readers if you did?"

Couple of points: Yes, county was seriously at fault for issuing septic permits when they knew they had passed critical overload. Pushback came because residents were afraid of unlimited growth once the sewer was in, which would have speeded the overdraft (and need for imported water)which nobody wanted. Another mistake, when County sewer (located at Pismo) was proposed, the price given was,uh, let's say, kinda dressed up to look good, thereby opening a door to opposition groups who did the math and could show it was going to end up being more $$. Add in, shaky evidence and "assumptions/assertions" from the RWQCB that could be challenged, and you now had the Perfect Storm for genuine opposition/paranoia/doubt, which was never resolved, except by the CSD election/ Better/ Faster/Cheaper (and false) project, which began the Slo-Mo because that false project was likewise never resolved. Hence, train wreck. So, nearly from day one, the train track was off track and corrective steps weren't taken.

Anon 8:41. Oh, pluuueeze. Prostitute? Really? Unless you start a recall, there's no way to "vote Gibson out of office." A fact he's well aware of, you can be sure.