Thursday, February 14, 2013

State of the Disunion

It was really sweet; President Obama earnestly running through his Wish List – preschool classes for every child, investments  in R&D, bridges repaired, people put back to work, a budget balanced on both smart cuts and smart taxes – while behind him Boehner sat stone-faced, thinking to himself, “When pigs fly.”

So, the country will get the sequester it doesn’t want or need, draconian and pointless cuts that will harm both the economy and real people, because the most important thing to Republicans is that Obama fail.  The country’s welfare no long matters to The Grand Old Party, because it has turned into the New Confederacy and is in full Gotterdammerung mode – By God, If we have to burn the whole damned country down to get rid of all those liberals and negroes and women and Mexicans, then strike the match! 

Which likely explains why some right wing doofus Congressman invited White Trash Rocker, Ted Nugent, the guy who said the president should suck on his gun, to be his guest and sit in the balcony looking like a sulking sophomore. All that was missing was Ted wearing a white hood, waving a Confederate flag and swilling a jug of ‘shine. Talk about “messaging.”

Speaking of which, viewers could watch the repeated  spectacle of half of the chamber (Democrats) standing up to applaud  calls for things involving equality, fairness, justice while  half the chamber (Republicans) all sat stone-faced and cross armed, thereby sending out the visual message that they think all the nation’s kids should just go die, women should continue to be battered, gays must remain second-class citizens and the victims of gun violence can all just go to hell.

No wonder Republican strategists keep wringing their hands and worrying that maybe the Party just needs to tweak its message?  Uh, don’t think that’d do it. The last election proved that Americans got their message and said, No thanks.  So, tweaking won’t do it.  What the  GOP needs is a new message instead of repeating the same old one.

Which Republican spokesman, Marco Rubio, the GOP’s Great Brown Hope, attempted to do in his official reply to Obama’s State of the Nation speech, a follow-up event that usually turns out to be The Place Where Young Pols Go To Die On Camera. 

And poor Rubio was no exception.  He’s a bright young thing, but even he ended up parroting the same old radical Republican crap,  contradicting himself into thematic incoherence, sweating like he was cutting cane under a hot Cuban sun, and awkwardly reaching off camera for a water bottle.  In short, he pulled a Bobby Jindal.

But, he’ll recover.  He’s got the backing of the old guard GOP, will have plenty of money to run for whatever he wants to run for. 

And so the nation lurches along for two more years of poisonous politics, after which, Americans will have another chance to take a look at their elected representatives and decide if they’re sick of these Party of NO jerks or want to double-down on more gridlock and political extremists and so get themselves and the nation even more dysfunction. 

In short, business as usual.



TCG said...

The sequester is bad, but it is the type of deal we get when the two political sides are so dug in with their agendas that they can't/won't discuss options and come up with compromises.

The House long ago sent alternative budget bills to the14rmtelem Senate for consideration. Under Harry Reid's leadership, those bills have not even been discussed--let alone voted on.

TCG said...

P.S. Have no idea what 14rmtelem is. Sorry about that.

Churadogs said...

Hmmmm 14rmtelem, eh? That's a good description of congress, one great big f---ed up 14RMTELEM!

M said...

So Ann, us conservatives and the 49 percent that didn't vote for this most corrupt, America hating administration ever, don't get a say? You are fine with our national debt going to 20 trillion plus soon is alright? You're fine with spending our grand children's and those yet to born money with them never having a say in how it is spent? What happened to all the roads and bridges that were supposed to be built with the stimulus package? What exactly does Harry Reid do as Senate majority leader? He has not allowed a budget to be passed in almost four years. The White House is supposed to file a quarterly report of the accounting of the stimulus package. It has now been about a year and a half since the last one. This administration just seems to pick which laws they want to follow, and completely disregard the others. How come when the President or anybody else for that matter who wants to drastically reduce our gun rights always bring up Sandy Hook, Aurora, Gabby Gifford, but never any mention of the Fort Hood shooting. Why is it after three years or so, the shooter has still not gone to trial? Are you fine with our Commander in Chief doing nothing while the attack in Benghazi was taking place and four brave Americans were murdered? Are you fine with zero communication with the Secretary of State during the attack? Are you okay with the President flying to Las Vegas the next morning for a fund raiser probably costing us a million dollars or more? Are you fine with the muslim brotherhood infiltrating our government through appointments by this administration? Are you fine with giving amnesty to illegals while others have followed the proper path to citizenship? Are you fine with the President expressing regret at Whitney Houston's death (did he also order flags at half staff) but not a word about the American hero Chris Kyle. How about Chris Rock saying that the President and First Lady are like our mom and daddy and we should do like they say? I wonder if he felt the same way about GW, or GHW, or Ronald Reagan?
If all of this is what we have become, then it is certainly an America that I could no longer be proud of. In reality I believe there are many more citizens out there that believe as I do, but their message is ignored by the main stream media and blasted constantly like you are doing right here.
Have a nice day!
Sincerely, M

Billy Dunne said...

M is the voice of the new, improved Republican party. Sounds a lot like the old, irrelevant, beaten into submissive "reflection" Republican party.

Did he really say "muslim brotherhood infiltrating our government through appointments...?" I think he did.

We love you M! It's people like you and your tin hat cronies who all but guarantee the Repugs will remain irrelevant for cycles to come.

Oh man did your rant bring tears of laughter to my eyes. Thanks my yankee doodle dandy friend. God bless ya.

PS: Nice touch, once again, blaming the "mainstream media" for just reporting all the batshit crazy things you America-hating whiners and sore-losers come up with. And stop with the "I love America" bullshit. You love America only when your guy wins. If he doesn't, you set out to torch her and bring her to her knees until you can scratch your way back to power. Then you love her again. Stop confusing love with power you whiner.

M said...

Well Billy, you can bury your head in the sand about the Muslim brotherhood, but it is occurring.
The main stream media reporting someone giving a speech and grabbing a drink of water as something batshit crazy? A member of the main stream media saying the Hurricane Sandy storm was heaven sent is not batshit crazy? Another one claiming he was " so happy" the storm hit because of the boost it gave Obama in the election. That's who you want to get your news from?
As far as your remark about my love for America, you can just bite me.
Sincerely, M

Billy Dunne said...

You don't seriously want to get into a cherry-picking fight over stupid things the mainstream media has said vs. the dangerous, bigoted, subversive, treasonous things Fox News, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Palin and the rest of your clan has said, do you M?

Really. Your boy Bobby Jindal said it best M. You've got to stop being the stupid party. Truth.

M said...

Well, you've got your thoughts, and I've got mine. Though mine are right and yours are wrong , so to argue is futile.
Sincerely, M

Churadogs said...

Bill Maher really has it right: There're fact-based people then there're people in the bubble. Facts have absolutely NO meaning for them. And Jon Stewart also had it right: He noted that Marco Rubio was still stuck in the Bubble, ranting on about the made-up Obama of Republican fantasy, versus the real Obama. And Bobby Jindal also had it right; the Republicans do need to stop being the party of stupid. One way to start is to turn off Fox Noise and Rush Limbaugh and others. Fox Noise is not a "news" station, it's part and parcel of the Republican Party, run by Roger Ailes to benefit the Republican Party. Everything they do is slanted to help that party so everything they say is suspect. Everything.

There actually are plenty of fact-based news resources. The London Economist does some great in-depth stories, ditto the Atlantic. The Christian Science Monitor has a long reputation of being both factual and evenhanded.

Or, as an experiment, M, have you tried watching Rachel Maddow when she goes on one of her endless "Let Me Explain/Show You a Topic or Current Event IN MASSIVE, EXHAUSTIVE, FACTUALLY DETAILED" mode? She'll line all her ducks up in a row so you can clearly see the linkages, then she lines them up again and points to them in close up so you can really, really cross-check to see what she's showing you until your head explodes with her infamous Let me Show That To You One More Time! It's totally 180 from the Fox Noise made up stuff based on absolutely no facts. It's always interesting, if you can get past her ramped up voice-rise that too often heads for fingernails-on-the-blackboard range.

Or, try go to Randi Rhode's (sp?) website. She posts ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS there so you can read them for yourself.
I guarantee you, M, those two ladies will give you more facts in an hour than you'll get from a century of Fox Noise. Give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Fox Noise is not a "news" station, it's part and parcel of the Republican Party, run by Roger Ailes to benefit the Republican Party. Everything they do is slanted to help that party so everything they say is suspect. Everything.
And MSNBC is not an arm of the Democrat party? Rachel Maddow? Really? Chris Matthews? Really?
Sincerely, M
Now I'm done with this

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

M, do you read the Economist, The Atlantic or The Christian Science Monitor? Or have you ever and quit because of ------?

Churadogs said...

Anon. MSNBC doesn't have the semi-official close ties that Ailes does. But, MSNBC, to my knowledge, does not claim to be a "news" station.(On weekends they do 24/7 prison shows or some such weirdness) They are a channel devoted to politics and their entire line up are shows about politics hosed by opinionators, i.e. Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews, etc. with guests who discuss politics. Imagine if Fox News, changed its name to "Fox Politics," or some such, and had various conservatives with their own shows discussing whatever they wanted to discuss, without the fake (and in Fox's case, false, "NEWS" attached to it. I have never heard MSNBC referred to as a "news" show. Fox, on the other hand, uses that word and thereby cons the uninformed; add in "we report, you decide," and they gain even more gullible who are uninformed and MISinformed.

And if you want to know what's REALLY going on, watch the Daily show and the Colbert show. Those boys have it all deconstructed for you!

Oh, and if you really want a great show, get up early and watch "UP" with Chris Hayes on MSNBC Sat & Sun a.m. Well-informed people of all stripes sitting around earnestly but politely and intelligently discussing issues.(Enthusiasm and disagreements and fact-supported arguments, but No shouting) You will learn a lot on those issues from all sides of the spectrum. He has new (informed) voices, rather than the usual old gasbags.