Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Waits

Pathetic.  That’s what it is, pathetic.  I mean, look:

Garden trimmed back, ugly 002

Hours of pruning, whacking, trimming and there it is.  Ugly on a stick.  Look again:

Garden trimmed back, ugly 003

Rhubarb’s asleep, tomatoes gone, the scraggy, leafless bush-type thingee against the fence is soon to get a severe haircut, making the place even more bare.  All of it made worse since this is the picture in my head.  There it was, just a few short months ago in all its glory:

Garden, yellow chair, Zuri, Archie, flowers, May 2010 003 

Including the resurrected mallow plant.

Molly sleeping 1 001

But now all is drear, depressing, messy, asleep, clipped, trimmed and waiting.  The sand is damp from the recent rain and full of long useless holes dug by the greyhounds who are reincarnated coal miners, always burrowing in search of a cool place to park their butts or a nice narrow, smelly hole to stick their snooters in for a sniff.  Don’t ask, I have no clue what they’re thinking.

But despite weather that’s lurching hot then cold, spring is on the way, the vernal equinox just around the corner.  In the front yard, in a large pot, the new baby Rogers Red grapevine has gotten the word, sending out its soft fuzzy leaves, searching for the sun.  It’s a small handful of hope, heading for the sky. The rest of the garden will follow.

Thank goodness. grapevine in pot 003


Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Yikes. It looks pretty bad right now, but knowing what you have shown us in the past, all will be well this summer.

Ditto for my yard with the thrice-eater by oak moth caterpillar oak tree. I hope. The first time it grew back magnificently. Then we were gone for the next two insect eating-festivals..... hope the birds got a caterpillar gorging out of it anyway.

Anne R. Allen said...

I've been busy making my yard pathetic too. Cutting back the mallows, pulling the green weeds so the plants I actually planted can come back. Early spring isn't the prettiest time for my garden either.

Churadogs said...

Yeah, sure looks pretty awful for a while. But then .. . Ta-DA! But, you must admit, it's like emptying the ocean with a teaspoon. Endless.