Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Saturday Field Trip On a Sunday

Coffee roasting, open house, Aug 002

Los Osos very own SloRoasted Coffee Company had another open house yesterday.  Guests were invited to the warehouse on Los Olivos St. to  sample three types of coffee which been paired with six different desserts made by Apple Farm.  That was followed by a coffee roasting demonstration.
The warehouse is open M-F and you’re invited to stop by any time.  They have a small showroom inside the front door and have for sale all of the huge variety of coffees they sell.   So if you can’t find your favorite blend at the store, you can always stop by at the warehouse.  They can also be contacted at their website at or call 528-7317

They’ll be holding another open house in the early part of December, so if you missed this one there’ll be another in time for Christmas shopping. So if you have out of state or out of country people on your Christmas list and want to send them a little taste of the central coast, SloRoasted is a good place to start for products made here.

Coffee roasting, open house, Aug 004

The staff greets visitors

Coffee roasting, open house, Aug 007

Coffee, coffee everywhere . . .

Coffee roasting, open house, Aug 006
 just waiting to go into the huge Probat roaster

Coffee roasting, open house, Aug 010

and from thence into the Rube Goldberg-looking bagger.

Coffee roasting, open house, Aug 015

Master SloRoaster, Adam, ready to cook.

Coffee roasting, open house, Aug 018

Master SloRoaster, Nate, ready to spill the beans into the cooling tray.  Since the beans continue to cook even after they’ve been spilled, a master roaster’s deep knowledge of exactly how the beans are transforming second by second is vital.  That and split second timing is the critical  difference between  a bin of great coffee beans and a very expensive load for the compost bin.

Coffee roasting, open house, Aug 003
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe waiting to be sampled

Coffee roasting, open house, Aug 012

Coffee and treats are up.  Bon appetite.

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Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Thanks for the tour! I was so bummed to miss this! Good news that there is a December event!