Saturday, July 05, 2014

Gun Nut Nation

America's willingness to be cowed by gun-toting men with small penises never ceases to amaze. This time it's Target.  As the L.A. Times reports, "Sidestepping calls for a ban on carrying firearms in its stores, Target Corp is asking shoppers to leave guns at home."

Now, of all the stores in the world, you'd think a store called Target would the the one place where guns would be welcomed.  But, no. Seems a lot of Target shoppers -- Moms with kids, little old ladies in tennis shoes -- find the sight of some A-hole with a small penis carrying a ginormous rifle slung over his shoulder while walking down the home decor aisle highly disturbing. And the group, "Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America," have been pressuring Target (and other retail establishments) to ban open-carry, even in states where "open carry" is perfectly legal." 

Target has refused to ban guns in its store.  Instead, it's "asking."  And said on its blog that "it would follow local laws allowing unconcealed firearms in stores, but 'starting today we will also respectfully request that guests not bring firearms to Target -- even in communities where it is permitted by law.'"

Respectively request?  Ask?  Really? Pretty please? That's odd. Target is a privately owned company, its stores are on private property. Have corporations now suddenly lost all rights over their own property?  Like stores can no longer post a sign saying," No shirt, no shoes, carrying a gun -- No service?"

Well, I say, post the damned sign. Then have armed security confront the open-carry idiot and hope a gun-battle ensues, complete with huge, screaming headlines: Bullseye! Massive Shootout at Target!  Followed by a hell of a lawsuit pitting gun rights against private property rights.   A lawyer's dream.

See how crazy this country's gotten?  A-holes and "respectfully requesting" cowardly weasels running the joint.  And not a shred of sense anywhere. 


Odysseus M Tanner said...

How unfrequented.

Roger V. Tranfaglia said...

Hey Calhoun!!!...
What the heck are you talking about?????????

Anonymous said...

Every notice that gun control advocates are obsessed with gun-owners penises ? I'm sure Freud would find out why. It is all penises or just gun-owners ?

This obsession with penis guilt must be why gun control zealots are so frustrated. They have anger issues bordering on violence. It is not way to live.

Anonymous said...

The writer should try decaf.

Anonymous said...

I loved your comments! Maybe if a few shoppers chanted
"small p" as the gun guys passed
them....and then laughed (or got shot)
the guns would be banned.

Anonymous said...

I haven't see or even heard of, a gun permit actually stop a gun killing...have you???

Killings by lots of means are going on all over this world. Do you think England doesn't have killings? Sweden? Some idiot has even figured out how to bake an infant in a car. He didn't even need a gun.

No, political "gun control" isn't going to be the answer. We all know the answer, it's in the lack of morals and respect taught by parents. At least that is the way it should work in this culture. Today we live in a fragmented culture with broken marriages as the norm, a severely divided government, a very dysfunctional world of everyone for their self! Not sure how the Islamic could change their culture of not trusting anyone and killing taught at very young ages.

Has this country grown into that mentality of not trusting, not respecting and killing all who we perceive as not believing our way??? Look at little LO and see how destructive and divisive the sewer became. Is this the way we want to live in the USA?

Churadogs said...

Anon 5:20. It will interesting to see, over time, if new "intervention" laws allowing intervention (and gun removal or blocked sales, etc.) with mentally ill people prevents some deaths.

We've always been a violent nation, but we have now created an incredibly dangerous "gun culture," our fetishization of the Gun is pathologic, and now that twisted relationship is being manipulated and exploited for political and (never forget) commercial/financial reasons. (The NRA is not about the 2nd amendment; it's all about mo' money.)

The result is we're acting out our crazy with The Gun as the key symbol for a whole lot of what's really eating us. Think Obama is a secret Muslim? Get a gun. Hate Gays? Get a gun. Afraid of all those black/brown people? Get a gun. Fear Republicans? Get a gun. Despise Democrats? Get a gun. Afraid recent trade policies are going to cost you your job? Get a gun. Scared because you've just joined the "Loser Class," (no education, no job, no future?) Get a gun. Afraid our society is falling apart? Get a gun.

Instead of dealing with (and fixing) what's really hollowing out this country, we trot along after the NRA and the politicians' lead like little lemmings, and Get A Gun.

And make loser gun-toting doofuses strutting around a Target store our new Patrick Henry.

That's not how adults behave. That's not how a mature nation behaves. That's all immature,crazy, teenage bully-boy behavior. Only in this culture, the adults have abdicated and left the building and this bully-boy -- frightened and angry and crazy --is armed to the teeth and is now in charge.

It's a recipe for continued killing because we have, as a country, capitulated to our worst aspects. That has become the new norm.

When I was a kid, an idiot carrying a weapon into a department store would have been unceremoniously evicted and/or arrested. The newspaper story that followed would be filled with quotes from outraged citizens, followed by a thundering editorial about allowing "uncivilized" thugs and idiots to threaten peaceful communities, and so forth.

Now? The Target incident went viral and was met with tacit approval and/or silence. The owner of Target wheedled and whined even though the idiots in question were on PRIVATE PROPERTY and should have been unceremoniously tossed out on their asses. Instead, we had cowering silence.

Which is why I call this country Battered Wife Nation. We we have done this to ourselves and we have the power to undo it. That we have refused just indicates how sick we have become.

Ron said...

Want to bag the "4 quails" required for that delicious-sounding "Braised Quail/Chanterelle" recipe that a commenter posted last week? Well, good luck getting them with your bare hands.

By the way, I'm a non-gun-carrier... just wanted to point that out.

Churadogs said...

Ron: 1) taking a gun into the field to hunt quail. 2)Taking a gun into a Target store to hunt pillow cases.

Hmmm, let's see now, I wonder what the difference is. Hmmmm, let me think . . . .

Ron said...


Just sayin' that there are some very good reasons for gun ownership that have nothing to do with "crazy," like living deep in the country with lots of critters lurking around at night, none of which, I will add, I've popped... yet.

(I'm afraid to kill wildlife, because it would violate what I call my "Karma Contract With Nature," which goes like this:

"I won't f--k with you (nature), and YOU (nature) don't f--k with me."

... and, so far, that contract has held up, beautifully.

The rattling, coiled-up rattlesnakes don't bite me. The big, wild cats [like mountain lions], that I've come eye-to-eye with, don't attack me. Oh, just on and on.

And that's exactly why I don't kill nature, not even gophers (I leave that to my bad-ass cat). I'm too worried about violating my Karma Contract With Nature.

The deer that eat my garden? I just try to make the fencing better.

The ground squirrel that sprints towards my front tire? I gently swerve to avoid it.

The f-ing skunk that sprayed my dog last night? Hey, Jake needs to figure out that when those cute, little black-and-white #@%&*-ing things turn around and point their tails to the sky, run away! [PLEASE, Jake, run away. Please.]

But, I'm not gonna hunt the skunk down, despite the fact that Jake's now going to stink for the next week. It's not the skunk's fault that my dumb dog can't figure out (after about the 5th friggin' time) what those things do.

So, in conclusion (I guess?): Braised quail and chanterelles -- good. Toting a firearm around a supermarket -- not so much.

Anonymous said...

Ron's drunk again(still)!

Churadogs said...

Ron, Yup. Context and common sense and a sense of the appropriate; things that adults learn that children haven't mastered yet.

But, regarding Kritter karma: Won't the quail with mushrooms come hunt you down if you soot them and plate them?

Ron said...

Ann asks:

"... regarding Kritter karma: Won't the quail with mushrooms come hunt you down if you soot them and plate them?""

Excellent question.

That's why I let my hunting neighbors do the dirty work.

Me? I'm not going to shoot the deer (you know, because I'm afraid to, because of that whole "Karma Contract" thing [I swear, the moment I shoot the deer, THAT's when the rattlesnakes start biting, instead of just rattling]), but a neighbor that DID pop the deer, and is now offering me some tasty venison? Well, I've read the fine print of the Karma Contract, and that's not a violation, so I'm good to go with some delicious venison stew.

What I'm thinking of doing with the quail/chanterelle recipe, is, IF it ever rains again, I'll collect the 'trells (I know a spot on the side of the road where they grow [YUM!]), and then I'll strike up a deal with one of my hunting friends, where, if they supply the quail, I'll supply the chanterelles.

Bang! I'm munchin' down some excellent "farm"-to-table cuisine, and my contract with nature remains unbroken.

Come on rain!

Anonymous said...

What about the vegetables' karma?

Don't they deserve to live their lives and produce healthy new life's with help sustain the insects, quail and deer? Just because they don't have a loud boisterous voice, doesn't mean they don't have feelings. How would you feel if someone whacked your fruit off and mashed it into boiling hot liquid? Nature will eventually get you and pull you deep under ground where roots and insects will bore through you eyes and ears!

Churadogs said...

Anon: Ah, yes, revenge of the Veggies. Actually, we are ALL one huge lunch. Macrophages gobbling up viruses and bacteria, bacteria just waiting to return the favor. The earth is one huge living buffet, each feasting on each in their turn and so we are all complicit in the feast. Bon Appetite!

Anonymous said...

So it's just natural to go hunt and eat cute little quail and Bambi. Do we have to use rocks or are guns ok?

Could also just go to the grocery store and pick a frozen package of quail.

Churadogs said...

Frozen quail. yes, benefits of civilization. Let someone else do the killing, then roast, sauce and enjoy.