Thursday, September 25, 2014

Get a Room

This odd Arroyo Grande controversy involing City Manager Steve Adams and Community Development Director Teresa McClish continues to show up on the front page.  The initial story appeared to involve some sort of July 3rd late night canoodling uncovered by A.G. Police when Ms. McClish's husband became concerned about her whereabouts.  The cops showed up at City Hall, saw her car there, entered the darkened premise to look around, thinking maybe she might be ill or in trouble, and found Adams and McClish om Adams' office. apparently in some sort of state of dishabile. 

The two of them claimed they were just sobering up so they were "safe to drive home," and scurried out the door.  The Police wrote up a report.  And then the you know what hit the headlines and hit the fan.  The AG city council said, "Nevermind," which ticked off the Police who thought they were being dissed and wrongly painted as a bunch of unreliable Nosey Parkers, and everyone started demanding an "investigation," which promptly went off the rails because of the old Fox and Henhouse problem and the Police Officers Association and their supporters showed up at a recent meeting to demand that this "investigation" be "completely public so that everyone can determine for themselves what the truth is."

Well, o.k.  We're four-square in favor of "truth," but here's my question so far on all this:  The Tribune reports that Adams and McClish "had a few drinks at two restaurants in the Village that night and were talking in Adam's office to ensure they were safe to drive home."

If these two didn't feel safe to drive home, how did they get from restaurant A to restaurant B to City Hall?



Churadogs said...

Update: Got an email from Stephanie at the Trib in answer to my question: The restaurants the two visited were within walking distance of each other and city hall, so, yup. They walked, which is good since I suspect they already have enough grief on their plates at this point without complicating matters.

Anonymous said...

Who cares. Get a life and maybe a man in your own. Edwards is probably available.