Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Souffle Redux

The old order passeth.  In this case, my 1975 stove (a built-in which came with the house, said stove which they don't make any more, at least not the same size) finally bit the dust.  The oven solenoid thingee was kaput and it was now illegal to import the part into California without breaking the law and/or engaging in some nefarious work-arounds. And, yes, I seriously considered doing just that after pricing new stoves, especially "drop-in, shove--in types" which, for some reason, are more expensive than regular old stand alone ones. 

But then I looked at the rusted-through holes in the enameled metal top of my 39 year-old Harvest Gold stovetop, and listened to the hideous squeak of the oven door that no amount of WD-40 could fix, and then drove down the street to talk to the nice folks at  Central Coast appliance. 

I'll be eating beans and franks for a year to pay for this puppy, but at least I can bake a cake.  Or endless loaves of zucchini bread from the unstopable damned Zombie Zucchini plant out in the garden that's still churning out its bounty even though Halloween is just around the corner. 

 Or, better yet, dig out my old souffle dish and go for broke! 

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