Sunday, August 14, 2005

Bleep You AND The Horse You Rode In On

IF the trees fall before the recall . . .

...then it will be clearer than ever that the comment above is a pretty fair description of what the Los Osos CSD Board majority thinks of the citizens of this fair burg. According to a recent email from Linde Owen, the CSD plans to start cutting down the 80 TriW site Eucalyptus trees in a week or so.

The cutting is supposedly scheduled to take place BEFORE the Recall and Sewer Initiative vote can take place on Sept. 27th.
[Update: According to the CSD's Information Officer, the clearing/cutting permits have not been received yet, with no fair guestimate as to when they'll come in. According to Ms. Owen, that is why she is staging a protest now, since there may be no time between getting the permits in hand and beginning work. ]
That the 75 year-0ld giants on the Tri-W site must fall NOW, HURRY, HURRY, is part of the obliviousness of the Board majority and/or a sign of the utter contempt the Board majority holds for the citizens of Los Osos. The community's voice and vote means nothing. This Hideous Los Osos Sewer will go ahead no matter what the people want. Bleep them AND the horse they rode in on.

Clearly, the CSD appears to be hell-bent on a deliberate process of pounding as much State Loan Money into the ground as humanly possible, thereby indebting the community as much as possible.

Then the "No Recall - Save The Dreamers" can blandly urge a No vote on the recall because, "Well, the money's already been spent. Wouldn't it be a darned shame to 'waste' it all?" And now let's hurry to make irreversible changes, such as cutting down giant trees, so the No Recall campaign literature can again blandly urge a No vote on the recall because, "Oh, Well, there's no need to vote for anything now since a No vote won't bring the trees back to life, now will it?"

So, would a decision to possibly cut the trees down before the election be a good public policy decision? Smart politics? Sound engineering? Or is this a hissy-fit of pique by three directors enraged that enough members of the community disagreed with their decisions to actually get their recall on the ballot?

Whatever else it is, if it's allowed to occur, it would also be breathaking in it's Tin Ear approach and in its deliberate cruelty and bull-headed blindness. I mean, there are plenty of other projects the contractor can begin and work on until the election--projects that will be needed no matter what the election outcome.

If the CSD Board Majority gave a foodle about "The People" of their community, that's what they would be doing. But they don't. Instead, we're getting a scorched-earth policy of slash & burn, take no prisoners, and so we'll inflict as much lasting physical and financial damage on the community as possible. That'll show 'em!

If the tree cutting does occur, then no matter what the election outcome, it will be a Pyrrhic victory, evil and bitter and long lasting. And entirely unnecessary. That is the tragedy of what this Board majority is doing.

Meantime, there are going to be two protest events upcoming:
Event #1.
Tuesday, Aug. 16 - August 19, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Linde Owen will be sitting in silent protest at the Tri W Site on Los Osos Valley Road.

Event #2.
Thursday, August 18, 7:30/8 pm to 9 pm.
Candlelight vigil along the frontage of Los Osos Valley Rd. at the Tri W site. Bring safe candles/flashlights, dress warmly, come early and park safely.
By their actions, the CSD Board majority have made their feelings towards this community crystal clear: Bleep you. If the permits come in before the election, the trees will be cut down. You will get this sewer plant in the middle of your town whether you want it or not. And then you'll get the bills. So, SHUT UP!

Let's see if the Community can also make their feelings towards the CSD Board majority crystal clear as well by lighting as many quiet candles as possible in hopes that everyone will have a few second thoughts and stay the chainsaws until the September 27th ballots are cast.

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