Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Nuh-huh, not me, I’m not in charge, no way, go ask that Other Guy. Woah! not me, you gotta call that guy over there. He’s been told not to talk to you but to call some guy named Mike? Well, don’t look at me, that’s not my problem. It’s none of my beeswax, now go away.

Alice in Wonderland has landed out here in Los Osos, and just in time for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Seems CSD Director Tacker went through channels to request an emergency CSD meeting to take public input on whether they wanted the giant eucalyptus trees at the Tri-W site cut down before the recall election. Or whether, tree cutting being irrevocable, the CSD would tell the contractors to wait until after the election to proceed.

CSD President Stan Gustafson said, Nuh-huh, He wasn’t gonna call a special meeting, nosir. No way would the CSD take responsibility for anything having to do with cutting down those trees, nosir, nosir. Not when he can wash his hands of it all, thereby gifting the CSD board majority, which is facing a recall election, with the valuable ability to blandly deny any and all responsibility--not MY doing, not MY responsibility, none of MY business, not MY job, oh, well.

So then a member of the community was told by someone in the LOCSD office that since the cutting of the trees is no longer the responsibility of the CSD, it’s the responsibility of the contractors, citizens should contact the contractors. (Please recall that one Los Osos citizen was recently hauled into court by the CSD in order to get a restraining order slapped on the guy to get him to stop contacting the contractors. Suddenly, citizens are now told to do exactly that?)

Oh, dear, More Tea! More Tea! Move down! Move down!

So then a citizen calls a contractor and is told that they were instructed not to talk to any residents but to direct all questions back to the CSD and the new Information Officer, Mike Drake.

Yep, Flak Catching 101 out here in Sewerville has commenced. So, drink your tea, then shut up and go away. Thank you.


Spectator said...

Smart guy that Gustafson! Why get involved with fools? Look at the fools that obstruct the meetings! Roberts rules of order, no way. No respect for other's opinions. No class what-so-ever! Insulting anyone who does not agree with them. Rude people.

The guy that was hauled into court interfeared with price negotiations with contractors by faxing them and threatoned possible suits and obstruction. No wonder the bids were much higher than anticipated!

Would you believe that we have two members of the board of directors who only represnt those opposed to the wastewater project and do not represent the best interests of the entire community? And no less have stated that publicly?

And how about that Al Barrow, who has stated that he is proud that he has cost the LOCSD ( taxpayers ) 2 million during the past few years?

And how much money did that obstructionist fool who faxed the contractors cost the taxpayers?

No sweat off their back!

Yup, More tea, more tea, and have a piece of mushroom.

Churadogs said...

Regarding the SLAPP suit and the restraining order. Please. That was political theatre, nothing more. Blaming high bid prices on a letter some guy from Los Osos sent to contractors is laughable.