Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Great Eucalypts Are Gone

Anybody in Los Osos who was wondering what the three CSD Directors felt about the possible wishes of this community, wishes that will be known in about 19 working days from now in the Sept. 27th recall election and sewer initiative vote, need only drive by the Tri W site on Los Osos Valley Road to get an answer.

The great trees are down, their massive roots drying in the sun, the message in their killing unmistakable: BLEEP YOU LOS OSOS AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON.

CSD Director Julie Tacker emailed CSD President Gustafson and asked for an emergency public meeting to get public input. NO! All kinds of community members called and marched and held vigils, hoping to get the three CSD Directors to listen. NO! To postpone doing anything irrevocable until the 27th. NO! No, nope, nuh-huh, not interested, talk to the hand, not listening, don't care, go away, shut up.

As an example of petty spite, a phony macho pissing contest, it was laughable. Of course, the trees and the birds they sheltered, and the beauty they brought to the community were the ultimate victims. But then they were of no more importance to the three CSD Directors than a rabbit under the wheels of an out of control, rage-fueled SVU driver. BLEEP YOU! AND BLEEP YOUR BLEEPING HORSE!

Now, it remains to be see if the people of Los Osos are listening, and understand the message. And whether they care enough to reply on Sept 27th. And what that reply will be.


Mike green said...

Bleep it, we have had nothing but horrible leadership to date, why should we expect better now? Disgusted in Los Osos

Churadogs said...

True. Sadly, I suspect that The System creates all these problems since it's geared to go only one way -- no backtracking, no second thoughts, no chance for review or reacting to new data. Nope. It's Keep Marching Or We'll Shoot Your Dog and so long as the paperwork is done properly, it doesn't matter where the destination ends up. Train heading right for a cliff? Not a problem. The railroad ties and nails are up to code, the plans have all the "t's" crossed the the "i's" dotted so everything's fine.

Then, after the horrendous crash, everyone stands around and says, Gosh, I wonder how that happened.

Spectator said...

Well, Los Osos is MANDATED to put in a wastewater system, and it has to go somewhere. At least these trees will be replaced by native species.

In the meantime the LOCSD has done everything in public, and it is recorded in public record. Those that oppose have never come up with a reasonable alternative as to site or plans for that site.

The "Mover the Sewer Group" is just an excuse for no sewer. The sewer is MANDATED, the LOCSD plan has passed full regulatory review, and 20 million dollars of taxpayer money has already been spent for this project. Where were you while this was going on?

Much has been said about the "Andre" property as an alternative. This was closely regarded by the LOCSD. Have you ever seen the deed given to Peter Andre by Pacific Gas and Electric in 1973? They sold the property to him, with strong restrictions protecting their EXISTING and FUTURE facilities ( power towers and lines ). The LOCSD asked PG&E if they would reduce their restrictions so a plant could be built there. The answer was that it was not feasable for them to move their facilities. They sent a letter to the LOCSD in 2004 confirming what they had said verbally previously. This is all part of the public record.

If the recall is successful, expect the county to take over the project and not waste the 20 million already spent. It will go where the eucalyptus trees went down.

It would be nice if the democrats in our California Legislature would have backed down on this mandate way back when, and grandfathered in our existing septic systems. Do you think the environmental advocacy groups would have allowed them? Mike Green is correct on this issue!

Churadogs is also correct. I feel that the only thing we have to fear is ignorant legislators who pass laws without forseeing their consequences.

The planned site will be absolutely beautiful when completed, and the trees planted will be more suitable habitat than these large, water sucking, paint removing, stinky, dirty gum trees. And even more, it will be good for people and thir pets. People will enjoy hugging the new trees.

Keep them cannons coming, it would be nice if you mixed them with some Gregorian Chant!

Churadogs said...

Dear Spectator,
If the community votes to support the recall and the new CSD votes to move the sewer somewhere else (like out to where the county originally wanted to put the sewer treatment plant in the first place, pre CSD) by what legal mechanism could the county usurp a duly elected governing board?

As for the RWQCB's fines. Is it time to go into court and countersue with the right to subpoena ALL the RWQCB's records on this matter, starting back from day one? Wouldn't you LOVE to get a gander at some of those records? I would.