Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mommy, just who was that masked man who came to town to meet for a week with a negotiating team from the CSD and Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee? Apparently, he was supposed to be some guy who SAID he was from the Staff of the State Water Resources Control Board, but couldn't possibly be because after hammering out a "deal," which the CSD then voted to approve, the "Staff" of the State Water Resources Control Board just posted their Item 8 Staff Recommendation for the full Board's hearing on November 16th, and there's not one single word in it about the merits -- pro or con -- on this "Deal" -- just a recommendation to "disagree" with the [unspecified] deal and continue to deny any further SRF funds. So, who the hell came to SLOTown, under whose authority was he acting, what was he doing here for a week, and why no discussion/analysis of this in this staff report? And should we hold our breaths that Wednesday morning, even a single State Water Resources Control Board member will read this staff report and say, "Uh, What "proposed compromise" are you talking about here? Shouldn't we have an analysis of it in this staff report before we vote?"

The Staff report is at

Well, this is cool. Ghost negotiations. Seeing people who aren't there. Deals done before the negotiating room door is opened. Fait accompli. Disappearing information. Ah, it's all a mystery, my child! Best call my lawyer.


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