Friday, November 11, 2005

Uh, how DO you spell P*R*U*D*E*N*C*E, Mummy?

As expected, Ron Crawford over at has posted a few observations on State Water Board Spokesman William Rukeyser's comments on same in the recent Tribune story.

His notation about the millions in "amenities" granted to Los Osos while other communities go begging for the same millions to build, not a wave wall or an ampitheatre or a Tot Lot, but an actual sewer treatment plant, do, indeed make one head for the dictionary to start looking up the words beginning with, "p" and "r" and "u" and etc.

And scratching a head wondering if the State WATER Board should be renamed the Sate RECREATIONAL AMENITIES Board instead.

Meantime, I can only thank my ears and whiskers that it's a holiday (state offices closed?) so maybe we'll have a few days of quiet. It's getting so I absolutely hate to peer out my front door into the early morning gloom and -- uh-oh -- see the Tribune sitting there in the middle of the driveway. The creepy Dooo-dee-dooo-dooo, dooo-dee-dooo-doo theme runs through my head as I cautiously scuttle out in my bathrobe, snatch up the paper and peer at the headlines. Will it be another shocker? Done Deal! Undone Deal! Money! No Money! On Again, Off Again, Did So, Did Not, Oh No You D'd-uh-nt! Neener-neener, Yeah? Well, So's Yer Mamma!

Makes the heart thump and the mind race and the adreneline rush one awake even before the sun's up. Of course, a cup of coffee can do the same with much more pleasant effects.

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