Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Here’s the candidate statement for Rob Shipe, who’s running for the LOCSD. As noted in my previous blog entry, for those wishing to send them in, I’ll be posting candidate statements for those running for the Los Osos CSD Board in November. The postings are for information purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement of any kind.

My wife and I moved to Los Osos in 1993 to start our family. Our family enjoys youth track & field, boogie boarding and Raider Football. If elected I will use my family values to serve Los Osos.

Our janitorial company is one of the 10 largest in SLO County. We are invited members of the Better Business Bureau. We established our company on principals of Honesty, Quality and Accountability. If elected I will use these principals to guide my actions.

I have a good working relationship with the Regional Water Quality Control Board and other government agencies. As one of the 45 CDO Defendants, I understand when to negotiate and when to fight. If elected, I will use these relationships to help protect Los Osos.

I am not on any “side". I believe the best solutions come by bringing all parties together, to find answers the vast majority will support.

Elect Rob Shipe for LOCSD Director and I will use my life, business and government experience to bring solid leadership to the LOCSD, improved relations with the other government agencies, and a better future to Los Osos.
I ask for your vote on November 7th.
Thank you,
Rob Shipe


Shark Inlet said...


Presumably you have an opinion on the job that Chuck and Steve have been doing as boardmembers. Let us know whether you think they've made wise choices or not.

Are you running "with" them or "against" them.

Clearly the other candidates tend to have some key issues where they could be differentiated from Chuck and Steve. What issues differentiate you from Joe and Jeff and Al and the rest.

Anonymous said...

Good point, sharky. What will be needed on the board will be people who can address the past fiscal policies of the current board, and not give these discraceful actions lip service. This takes intelligence and a knowledge of the law. Does Shipe have it?

Missing in his statement are educational qualifications. Does he hire undocumented workers?

Shark Inlet said...

I actually don't care too much about which side Rob was on during "the Great Sewer War of 2004-6" but I do ask where he thinks that Chuck and Steve have been good or bad for a reason.

Even people who largely agree with the "move the sewer" position can point out where they disagree with the way things were handled ... um ... unless they agree with the way things were done.

Again, I want to see whether Rob would be as worth voting for as Joe Sparks. If he can explain why he's the best choice for the job (or at least why he's better than Jeff or Chuck or Al) it would be good.

Churadogs said...

So, will you folks adding comments here actually come to a candidates forums and coffees and whatever they're offering and actually ask your questions to their face and then wait to get an answer?

As for the question about Shipe hiring ndocumented workers? Is this poster STILL beating his wife and molesting his children and embezzling money from work?

Anonymous said...

The poster is only getting kickbacks from undocumented workers and cheating on tax returns.

Shark Inlet said...

I would come to a forum that would allow me to learn what Shipe, Kelly and Edwards would have to say. I would stay away from any candidate forum that would allow Al to bellow on and on in a way which would prevent me from learning what the others think. Why waste my time?

The key point in my original posting on Rob's statement is that he needs to be clear about where he stands on a few things. What does he stand for besides apple pie?

Churadogs said...

Inlet Sez:"I would come to a forum that would allow me to learn what Shipe, Kelly and Edwards would have to say. I would stay away from any candidate forum that would allow Al to bellow on and on in a way which would prevent me from learning what the others think. Why waste my time?"

sorry, that's the interesting thing about our messy democratic system: Folks running for office are allowed to be part of candidate forums and they can bellow on as much as they like during their alotted time. If you find that a waste of time, that's fine. But a lot of folks can learn a lot with face to face discussions, forums, debates, chances to ask questions directly, versus some pre-packaged, pre-printed campaign literature. That choice is yours. I just hope most people will actually show up to see who they want to represent them.

Shark Inlet said...

Nothing to be sorry about at all, Ann. Candidate forums are great for learning what candidates will say and do.

However, in this case I pretty much know what two of the candidates are like because based on their actions on the board and an additional three of the candidates are like based on what they say and do during CSD meetings. Edwards, Shipe, Kelly and Tornatzky aren't as much known quantities, but by reading their literature we can have a good idea of what they're like and what they would be likely to do. I don't see a candidates forum as the most efficient way of spending my time in this case.

Churadogs said...

Inlet sez:"Candidate forums are great for learning what candidates will say and do."

They're also a chance to watch body language. Which often is more telling than what candidates say.

That's also one of the more interesting differences between watching meetings on TV and actually being there. On TV you have to watch what the camerman chooses to give you. In person, you can watch what you want -- no "filter" there. It's often surprising how much you can learn watching a room, so to speak.

Shark Inlet said...

Body language.

Good point, Ann.

I would like to suggest, however, that some of the brightest politicians who would have been best for our country as President (for example) may have had body language or mannerisms which caused them to lose the election (big sigh).

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shipe - Thank you for all of your hard work. I will be voting for you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shipe,

I can see that you intend to fight the state and the CDO's. A losing, costly and ineffectual error as the best solution is to bring Los Osos into compliance with the law. perior.

Sorry, you do not have my vote.