Monday, February 05, 2007


Yooo Hooo, Los Osos. Hellooooooo? HELLOOOO!

The County has a site you can sign up to receive email updates of the Hideous Los Osos Sewer Project and/or receive regular reports via US mail. I would urge all of you in the community to sign up now. Chooo! Choooo! Toot! Toot! This Sewer Train is fixin’ to leave the station and if this community wants to avoid another train wreck at the end of the line, this community better make sure the train’s heading in the direction they want it to be heading. So, sign up now.

County Los Osos Waste Water Planning Mailing List:Starting in February, 2007, the County Public Works Department intends to send regular Project updates by U.S. Mail to all property owners and residents in the Prohibition Zone. If you have not received the Project updates, or live outside the Prohibition Zone, you can join our mailing list


Mike Green said...

Thanks, Ann! I'm signed up!
I wonder how long it's going to take some bitter Anon Dreamer to excoriate you for supporting the CSD board which caused the need for the mailing list in the first place....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann. It's so nice to have someone in the community who cares, informs, and helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann. I appreciate your timely and important information.

Pandora Crawford Monowitz-Edwards said...


I wonder how long it's going to take for some bitter "move the sewer" hack to use the phrase "pound money into the ground" as justification for the choices of the CSD board which caused the need for the mailing list in the first place...

Anonymous said...

I wonder when the residents of Los Osos will grow up?

Churadogs said...

anonymous sez:"I wonder when the residents of Los Osos will grow up?

5:52 AM, February 06, 2007 "

actually, there are a lot of grown ups here in Los Osos. Think maybe the problem may be a lack of grown ups who spend time posting childish comments on this blog site?

Anonymous said...

With the County Wastewater web site you can also 'look up'all documents. You can also 'see' the Board of Sups meetings re Los Osos. Los Osos is now a standing agenda item for 2pm each Sups meeting.
Mike W

Anonymous said...

"Hideous Los Osos Sewer Project"

That was a really adult comment?

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you who should grow up--the idiots at last Thursday's CSD Board meeting who treated the guest speaker from the County roudly, and not only treated the CSD Board President roudly, but also in a clear threatening manner.

Will this ever end? In my mind, there is NO justification for it.

Anonymous said...

Roudly? Roudly? we ain't got no roudly! We don't need roudly! We don't need no stinkin' ROUDLY!!!! 'specially in a clear threatening manner, yet!

(taken from 7:38 AM 2/60

Ron said...

Pandora Crawford Monowitz-Edwards said:

" Pandora Crawford Monowitz-Edwards"


What? You couldn't mix in "Shields, Marks, Laurent, Coy, Zeolite?"

Ann wrote:

"Think maybe the problem may be a lack of grown ups who spend time posting childish comments on this blog site?"

Maybe it's just me, but it sure seems like those types of comments started showing up in earnest the moment the Shark Inlet budget ran out.

Anonymous said...

I think the person who made that observation had a valid point, the same few who were so rude during that last CSD meeting, are the same ones who have been rude for the last 3 years.

They don't care who they are rude to, they have come to believe their behavior is acceptable and the norm for Los Osos. It's too bad that they only go to the various meetings to stroke their egos, they have nothing new to say, they only want attention like spoiled children.

Anonymous said...

What'a the matter Ron? Maybe Shark Inlet just got tired of the same old product of your composting outhouse that you have some need to continue to spread. It's unfortunate you don't live in Los Osos and have no say in how we vote or the location and type sewer we end up with, it most assuredly won't be a smelly compost toilet.

Anonymous said...

to 7:38AM ON 2/6,

It wasn't rude to question anything about the grants, especially when there's a very slim chance on getting any. The people know this, they've tried before. As Mr. Goldin said, as long as the government is pouring billions into Iraq, they are not giving out grants. Some say they heard Rodger Anderson speak of Urban Renewal grants, but that would lead to eminent domain.

The county's only way to calm people down on the affordability issue is to make them think grants are a strong possibility. It would be nice if that were true, but they're stretching it.

Anonymous said...

It isn't the questions, it's the manner and behavior, but you already know that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:30:
I think the county is very well aware of the behavior of those who attend the CSD meetings. I would suspect that each time someone from the county is asked to appear at a meeting there's a big sigh and probably a lot of ribbing about having to go from others who have had to do it. I make it a habit to stay in touch with them, through their website, just apologizing for the embarrassing behavior and reminding them most in Los Osos are embarrassed of these people as well. Believe me, they have teflon skin when dealing with these jerks. I for one applaude them for even showing up.

Anonymous said...

I for one am glad that President Cessena is calling some of these folks on their behavior. It was not Lisa's style to reprimand people but Chuck does it well. Children need to be treated like children ie. still in the learning phase! Negativity is contagious and there is enough of that in Los Osos without belaboring it at CSD meetings. I usually don't go because there is so much negative energy there.

Anonymous said...

From what I observed last Thursday, the worst behavior was not addressed to the County person, although the tone of comments and questions should have been more civil in some cases, it was the threatening words and body language directed at both Mr. Cessena and Joyce Albright.

This is why there are some 8-10,000 property owners, for over 5,000 parcels, who are very concerned about current CSD issues, yet only 25 or so now show up to the meetings.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 11:29-
Actually, it's down around 15-18 on the average and by 10:00 there are no more than 8. Frequently, by 11:30, there are only 6 of us left. I dress warm and enjoy Lynette's company. It would be nice if more folks could show up but with the history that I have surmised and been told, I'm not suprised some people decided not to come anymore. I brought a friend recently, she said she felt sick to her stomach due to the energy of hostility and she had never been before, it was just the vibe in the air. The only history she had was that someone "keyed" her car over my old campaign bumper sticker she hadn't had a chance to take off yet, that was back in December/January. They'll have to have it painted because it's a lease car that they may turn in. They couldn't afford to buy a new car at the time and they got a good deal on the one they are driving. Her husband works two jobs and one of her children is autistic and they pay a lot for occupational therapy and their expenses are high. I just tell her, we'll just work through it, I'm sorry that it was my sticker and someday it will be a story that gets told again and again. Our families moved here together because we loved the area and we felt that there was a sense of community - it resonates from the past.
A new friend I made said it was easier when "we were just mad at the county..." I'm sure it was-grin!
Keeping good with the neighbors is the best we can do and have hope.

Maria M. Kelly

Anonymous said...

So there is a website. So they plan to send out mailers.

SO WHAT??????

Anonymous said...

9:57 AM:

Somehow, I cannot see Mr. Goldin as being the end-all, be-all of finality, for predictability in government. Mr. Goldin is learned, lawyerly, elderly, but is perhaps, the most cynical, negative and pompous individual I have ever had the displeasure to encounter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria

I'm really sorry that newcomers are given such a hard time.
There are a few hard core activists that give us a bad name but most of us are just people who, regardless of their sewer position, want to live in this beautiful piece of California. I have lived here and owned my property here for 14 years. I've seen this sewer thing go every which way and have been pretty involved at times. I'm pretty much sick of it now but can't help wanting to be involved at least from the sidelines. Some just want the damn thing in, some just don't want any damn thing, but most want a reasonable solution. We know all of the history and perhaps that's why it's so hard to move ahead. Do you know that in all of SLO County Los Osos has the most well-educated population? No kidding! It is so complex and some people just stick to their guns no matter what. It is a quagmire and I do not know what the solution is. But I'm glad you hang in there and speak up. I appreciate it just as I appreciate all the efforts of people who care and then do something about it.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take a genious to know that Mr. Goldin speaks the truth. Take a look around! Freaking people died in Katrina due to lack of attention and funding to our own country!

Anonymous said...

people died in Katrina because a major city was built below sea level in a hurricane zone

The solution is for the County to build a sewer - it's not complex. The county builds the sewer, and then move on with life.

Anonymous said...

If anyone watched the BOS meeting today, you can now see that grants aren't there. They won't and have never been available because of the $6.5 million (first installment of the SRF.)

Mr. Goldin was right and has more insight than some on this blog do.

It was said by Paavo today that there would be NO advisory vote. We'll just get some distorted 218 vote (which IS a blank check.)

So, you people who just want to move on, trust the county, and have the mega sewer, please be reminded that the 218 won't include millions of additional costs and hundreds added to our monthly bill!

Churadogs said...

Anonymous sez:"
"Hideous Los Osos Sewer Project"

That was a really adult comment? "

I started using that term both descriptively (can you think of a better word for this entire strange trip than Hideous?)and satirically (joking on the square.) If anyone can come up with a better, more descriptive word than "hideous" let's hear it. Appalling? Endless? Looney? Terrifying? Ridiculous? Run Amok?

Another Anonymous sez:"It was said by Paavo today that there would be NO advisory vote. We'll just get some distorted 218 vote (which IS a blank check.)"

Did anyone else hear Paavo say that today? Officially? There will be NO advisory vote? Only a 218 assessment vote?

As for grants, highly unlikely. The present budget's planning on cutting back on Medicare, so it's unlikely anyone will spare money for a traditional sewer system for a "Gold Coast" California community. Unless there's grants out there for innovative, new, cutting edge water treatment alternatives?

As for some "annonymous" person keying someone's car. There's some real ugly stuff boiling around in some people's brains. You can see some of it at work in this blog comment section, under the guise of "anonymous." People do and say awful, ugly hidden things when they know they won't be held accountable for it.

Anonymous said...


I watched the Board of Supervisors' meeting yesterday and, of course, Mr. Ogren did not say that there would be no advisory vote. In fact, his talk was about why the Prop 218 vote had to come first in the sequence. He specifically said that the advisory vote would come about six months after a succesful Prop 218 vote, after additional CEQA and financial related work would take place.

I am really tired of people such as Anon 11:12 refusing to lose their prejudiced thoughts and look at today's facts. I was told that the entire process, step by step, for both elections will be sent out in the County's second flyer, due in about 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...


Paavo's comment about no advisory vote was made to someone off camera in the hall after the meeting.

We'll wait to ask Paavo more on this.

*PG-13 said...

What a weird world we live in. Please grant me a moment to yank your chain.

This has been in brewing in the back of my mind and this particular blog seems an appropriate time & place to express it: What exactly are we doing here? And what are we becoming? Ann posts a short simple blog about a new County Los Osos Waste Water Planning Mailing List and how to sign-up for it. As I write this there are now 28 comments posted in response over two days. Of which only three - the first three - relate to the mailing list before the comments careen off into more of the same. Some comments provide new fodder for discussion but many, if not most, have been heard many times before.

That's cool. I guess that's what's blogging is all about. Everybody is entitled to their opinions and they get to express those opinions via comments to the blog. That's what I do. And its what I'm doing right now in fact. Which is why I'm asking myself this question: What am I doing? Why am I doing it? And what am I becoming?

I admit. I check out Ann's blog far more often than I need to. Nothing here is going to grow stale in 12 or 24 or even 48 or more hours. Yet I check it much more often than that. When I am called away from Los Osos to focus on other things - stuff that *is* important and needs my attention - I can easily forget about this blog and I put the sewer out of my mind. Yet as soon as I return; As soon as I have some free time to burn; I pull up this website and jump right back in. Its like a bad habit. Slightly comforting but not particularly healthy. Oh, I can rationalize I get some good info here. As previously noted it is one of only a few - and possibly the best of - sources for information about things sewer. And despite much static there is some fair discourse which adds value to the info. But really, do I need to read it as often as I do? Am I perhaps slightly addicted? I ask these questions of myself but I wonder about some of the rest of you too. I mean, about every fifth comment is a slam on Ann for writing the blog. And about every third comment - often more - is a slam on another commentor for what they wrote. I guess that's what blogging is all about, eh? Which leaves about every first, fourth and sometimes second comment to add a little content to the mix. Gee, put that way it doesn't sound so bad. Three out of five is pretty good in most things and probably far better than average in the blog-o-sphere. Still, why am I compelled to read this blog so much? Why do those that despise it so come back so often if only to complain about it. What is the lure? When I open the browser I feel as if I'm entering a neighborhood pub. I am familiar with a few of the patrons. And the bartender. But most of the people are nameless strangers whom I recognize only by where they sit and how they talk. The conversations are often heated and of course this being a public bar there are also the loud drunks. Is it this familiarity which draws me? How about you? Do you waste good time here too? Why? What is it about this blog in particular that entices me/us to spend inordinate time here? Just curious.

(And yes, I know. This comment is an example of exactly what I am commenting about. Its way off topic (not even close) and it may cause others to respond similarly. Hopefully this is posted toward the end of an otherwise already way off topic thread.)

Anonymous said...

I've asked myself that on more than one occassion PG, and my answer always is, well, I don't kow why I come here. But I know this. I almost always read something that pisses me off. Then I feel the need to respond. And on and on it goes. And who wants to purposely get themselves pissed off? Evidently me, and that's, well, just plain dumb.

I was talking to someone who lives in Los Osos and complained that there's some people in this community who really aggravate me. I told him I blog. I told him I watch the meetings, etc etc. and just get miserable. And he stated the obvious. That was my problem, he said, that I hung around these blogs, and watched the contentious meetintgs. It's almost ALWAYS a negative experience, so why do it?

It's not only a waste of good time. It's a buy-in to negative energy. Thanks for helping me once again realize this fact.

Anonymous said...

"Paavo's comment about no advisory vote was made to someone off camera in the hall after the meeting."

Of course it was.

That way, unless the nameless individual to whom it was spoken comes forward, there is no way for anyone to verify whether it was actually said. As a result, the alleged comment can be repeated over and over as fact, for the sole purpose of fostering distrust of the County.

Well folks, it is comforting to know it's just another lovely day in Los Osos.

Anonymous said...

The sole purpose of this entire blog is to continue fostering distrust of any authority, and not just the Los Osos sewer.

Great work Ann, you can believe your hands are clean, but all you have done is to fan the flames without any understanding of the real issues. Look what a lovely community we now have, and you have been so righteous. Hideous Sewer! Get a life Ann, and all the little trolls who only want to follow the negative direction you have been spewing!

Anonymous said...

I think it is part of human nature to gossip and discuss local happenings. Its gone on forever. Back-fence gossip, telephone party lines, taverns (as you mentioned). Los Osos has to be the most contentious community around. This blog helps everybody let off steam, and the anonymity is good too, since some of the people in Los Osos are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Blogs are the new coconut telegraphs.

Anonymous said...

I'll give you something off target. Why are they doing the roadwork on Santa Ysabell{sic}, when they'll just have to tear it up again in a couple of years?
Sincerely, M

Anonymous said...

Blogs are blogs. Information is there for both sides. If the anon's above don't like what they read on Ann's -- too bad. Why promote the Tri-W over and over again and put down people like Ron and Ann when they just give the straight facts?

They are right in my opinion. The Tribune's blog is the pro Tri-W blog and is terrible with name calling over and over if you don't agree with their idea of what sewer and what location it goes.
I read it sometimes, but don't post, because it's pretty nasty.

If Paavo did say that there would be no advisory vote, then we will find out for certain very soon. At the BOS meeting yesterday when the question was asked: "who votes on the Advisory Vote?" Paavo did not answer that question.

One thing I've noticed is that the supporters of Tri-W don't like the truth coming out in any form and attack the messenger to try to make them stop.

Anonymous said...

"One thing I've noticed is that the supporters of Tri-W don't like the truth coming out in any form and attack the messenger to try to make them stop."

The so-called Tri-W supporters feel exactly the same way about the other side. So who's right?

Anonymous said...

I am a relative newcomer to this blog. I depend it to get a range of information regarding all things sewer. And I certainly get different points of view. Newspapers use to provide this service, but the Trivial is nothing but Tri W propaganda.

Thank you all for making me question all alleged facts. It is interesting that some bloggers regularly encourage readers to research a topic and find the truth. Others try to disuade readers from investigation. It is so obvious that most of the disuaders have something to hide.....And these are usually postings that promote Tri W.

Please continue updates on the county process. I certainly don't want to accept the county's newsletter as truth. It is far too easy to color the facts. We've been down that road before.

Mike Green said...

To: "We've been down that road before"
A hearty wecome to the club!
Aye! pull on the ol eyepatch and peruse the achives me hearty!
Make up yer own mind and tell us what it sez!!!
Is Los Osos a ship adrift, or abandond by it's crew? Is the question ours, or the purvey of Gods we have no control over?
I'm buying shares in the vasaline company.

Mike Green said...

oops Archivesl

Churadogs said...

Anonymice sez:""One thing I've noticed is that the supporters of Tri-W don't like the truth coming out in any form and attack the messenger to try to make them stop."

The so-called Tri-W supporters feel exactly the same way about the other side. So who's right?"

What's needed, as I've said before, is what took place in South Africa: Truth & Reconciliation Hearings. Everybody would have to be given immunity and (heh-heh) "truth serum" and then they could 'splain everything thing they did in the order they did it. Ron Crawford over at his blog has got a pretty good start on the archival material, in chronological order, official documents indicating what was done at the time, so a time line can be constructed. There are now certain "holes" in the story that need filling and until they get filled (and that won't happen without legal immunity granted) this community will be left in the dark as to just who some of the players were and just part of what the real game was. And I'm not talking some grand conspiracy here. I'm talking PROCESS and human nature. This train wreck was created STEP BY STEP. it didn't happen by magic. Certain people made certain decisions based on certain information and resulted in certain other decisions having to be made -- the old Tar Baby Syndrome. Were those decisions based on correct information? Skewed information? Manipulated information? Mistaken information? Were those decisions base on fear (FINES!FINES!FINES!) or "unreasonable TSO" driving bad decisions, or threats to cover up a lack of due dilligence by a state agency administering federal funds? & etc. If so (and the evidence is there that this was indeed so, then this community needs to know, WHY? Mere incompetence? (cf the staff testimony during the ACL & originalo Mad Pumping Scheme CDO hearings, not a lot of technical expertise and due dilligence to be found there.) Laziness? What WAS the driving decision behind "unreasonable" time schedules in the first place & so forth. This train wreck is a human-engineered even, and so understandable but NOT until people start telling the truth without fear or favor (and legal immunity.) Until then, it'll just have to remain . . . Chinatown. And may well be repeated all over again if we're not careful.

Anonymous said...

Immunity? Even for Roger Briggs?

Anonymous said...

No "Immunity" for the largest CROOKS of all, Schicker and Tacker!

They have stolen our homes and I hope they are going to be procecuted to the full extent of the real law, none of the LOCSD want-it-to-be laws!

Anonymous said...

Roger Briggs is the supreeeeeme a-hole. That being said, I got my first brochure from the county today it gave me a sense of relief. I know many people hate Lisa and Julie but look, now we have the project back in the hands of the county where it should be (obviously). I know it may appear to be "slick propanganda" but I like the county brochure much better than the Bear Pride. (Hello? What is this, junior high?) The county isn't perfect but they do better than the LOCSD! And I voted for CSD 1 and CSD 2! I give up, folks. I'm not a wastewater professional and NEITHER ARE YOU.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that we will pay for that propaganda brochure, and for all those that follow. The price to create and mail those brochures will be added to our sewer bill.

I personally always appreciated the CSD for giving us the news with minimal expense.

Anonymous said...

"I personally always appreciated the CSD for giving us the news with minimal expense", and the lawyers were working pro bono, never to bill the CSD. Did I miss something? The CSD spend all the District money could get their hands on until they had to file for bankruptcy. That sure does NOT sound like minimal expense!

And they can still hire another attorney? Too bad they couldn't actually get a sewer designed!

Anonymous said...

[If Paavo did say that there would be no advisory vote, then we will find out for certain very soon. At the BOS meeting yesterday when the question was asked: "who votes on the Advisory Vote?" Paavo did not answer that question.]

The Blakeslee process calls for the "spirit of measure B" and Paavo has said there will be an advisory vote. He also stated at the Town hall meeting it would consist of all registered voters in Los Osos. The County makes the final decision on taking on the project to completion --and which project to build, but based on both the funding 218-by property owners, and the advisory vote.

Getting ALL the alternatives on the table and guarding the process against the RWQCB rigging for their perferred project to pay back the loan is the key to sucess. The sooner this community can come together to protect the 'process' and quit pulling each others hair - the better.

Rose Schicker-Marks said...


The moment you admit that you've turned a blind eye to ... ahem ... issues ... that would have been ... ahem ... uncomfortable to the "move the sewer" group is the moment that I'll believe you actually support a "truth and reconciliation" approach.

Right now it really seems that you're more interested in looking for mistakes by the LOCSD before October 1, 2005 and in looking for someone to blame for the bad things that have happened (CDOs, bankruptcy, etc.) since October 1 than you are interested in spotting a connection between board actions since October 1 and the bad things that have happened.

Maybe you are in favor of the idea because it would allow you to come clean yourself and to avoid taking blame for advocating for actions which at fact value would seem to have screwed our middle-class property owners out of a considerable chunk of change.

Churadogs said...

Rose-Schicker-marks sez:"Right now it really seems that you're more interested in looking for mistakes by the LOCSD before October 1, 2005 and in looking for someone to blame for the bad things that have happened (CDOs, bankruptcy, etc.) since October 1 than you are interested in spotting a connection between board actions since October 1 and the bad things that have happened."

You miss a point I have been making for years: I have used the train analogy because once you lay so much as one length of track, it is nearly impossible to change directions, (the System itself makes change of any kind extremely hard if not impossible) therefore whatever direction the first rail was pointing, THAT's where the train will end up. In this case, it ended up going off a cliff. And several years of columns headed, "Oh, Lucy, Jooo Gotta Lotta 'Spainin' to Doooo" raising questions that needed to be answered before moving ahead, went unanswered and the track kept getting laid, up to and including "pounding gazillions into the ground" weeks before a recall -- an AMAZING Pre Oct 1 decision that had and still is having fall-out.

That is also why, as one previous poster noted, this community now had better safeguard the PROCESS to ensure we end up with the outcome we want i.e. train going in the right direction to begin with.

As for Pre-Oct 1, the decisions made prior to Oct 1 determined the options available after Oct 1. Not to mention that other players made decisions that also limited options -- the process itself is the old hipbone connected to the kneebone. There have always been several scenarios that COULD have played out differently, but because certain decisions were made by certain people at specific times, then the Y Option closed and left only path X.It didn't have to happen that way, there were always other options.(Case in point: Think of the money that could have been saved had the recalled CSD NOT gone to court to block Measure B BEFORE the election. Their filing that case, started a dangerously locked-in expensive rock-fall. Ditto starting work before the recall. That gamble (with homeowners money) cost them the election AND cost the homeowners a ton of money. It was an unecessary decision.

OIr, consider Roger Briggs NOT filing CDOs even before the election was certified and instead moving to turn-key 83-12, the Septic Management District, with the end result that everyone in the PZ would start doing what the wasteful CDO "trials" are attemtpting to accomplish -- pump, inspect, repair -- and accomplish it all at way less expense to everyone, including state taxpayers who are paying for these Mad Hatter CDO trials.

There's a long list of what-ifs, that, had those paths been taken, would/could have resulted in far different outcomes.

Who decided what at what step is critical for understanding what happened here. And for that, we need a Truth & Reconciliation Hearing.

Anonymous said...

The point is Ann that the new board, after careful consideration of all the potential pitfalls, could have decided NOT to stop the project. It doesn't matter if you think they had a mandate to stop the project. They made a decision just as horrendous and just as harmful as the previous board did in starting the project. And there are many, many people who would look upon you with more credibility if you just admitted this. Or admitted any number of things the Lisa/Julie board did was unwise. Because we all know they did many, many unwise, incredibly harmful things. What is it that causes you to completey ignore their missteps? A Truth and Roconciliation Hearing would be absolutely useless to you unless your "truth" was overwhelmingly slanted agasint the old board. If the "truth" also highlighted the utter incompetence of the Lisa/Julie board, you would dismiss the hearing as hogwash, like you do everything that does not conform to your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Right on the Nose!!!!!

Lisa Senet-Briggs said...

Ann ...

The problem here is that the new board never did a cost-benefit analysis of their various options before making a decision.

Even if you disagree with the old board's choices, you've got to admit the new board didn't actually do something sensible ... study the options before making a choice.

We're all paying the price now for their slick "$100/month" and "move the sewer" and "we've got a plan" rhetoric which appears to have been ... um ... either a bald-faced lie or a horribly optimistic wish.

No matter how you slice things, the new board was chock-full-o-nuts who promised to change the process but that promise was rooted in their own naivete. You're now talking about the process and safeguarding our community. Who safeguards us against those (like you, perhaps) who, in their attempt to influence the process, would raise our bills to a horrible level. Where were you, Ann, when the Solutions Group promised us a load of crap that they couldn't deliver? Did you speak out against them then as did Richard LeGros and Don Asquith? If you didn't speak out then, you were the one laying the tracks that you are now complaining about. Where were you, Ann, when CCLO and CASE and the LOTTF started spouting silliness as a solution? Did you speak out against them? If not, you were again laying the tracks that have caused the situation to morph into a nightmare.

When will you, Ann, stand up and admit that you were wrong? When the estimated costs are $300/month? $400/month? How high will your bill have to be before you tell us you were mistaken to oppose a plan that would have run less than $200/month?

Or is it all about the location and you'll be happy to pay $500, $600 or $700/month just to have the plant out of town and just to "win"? Do you even understand there are very real casualties in your war on TriW?

By the way, where is Steve Sawyer these days? Does he still live in town or did he flee town before Stan did?

Churadogs said...

Lisa-senet-briggs, sez:"When the estimated costs are $300/month? $400/month? How high will your bill have to be before you tell us you were mistaken to oppose a plan that would have run less than $200/month?

Or is it all about the location and you'll be happy to pay $500, $600 or $700/month just to have the plant out of town and just to "win"? Do you even understand there are very real casualties in your war on TriW?"

300, 400, 500, 600, 700. Do I hear 1,000? Why not $2,000 $4,000.

Also, here's a question: The three candidates running for the recalled seats ran on a clearly stated platform of moving the sewer. The people who elected them expected them to . . . move the sewer. Now, here you are, claiming that they should have gotten elected on that clearly stated platform, then once they got elected they were supposed to turn around and say, "Heh-heh, fooled you, We've changed our minds and we're going to continue building the sewer at Tri W."

Or, "We know that Measure B is now law and as elected officials were required to follow the law until the law gets changed, but we're going to ignore the law and go ahead and ignore Measure B and continue building Tri-W."

Uh, clearly I'm missing something here.

You are also making a mistake of thinking that what happened here HAD to happen. It didn't. (Please get a copy of The Rock, page 8, second column, bottom of the page to the top of the next colum, regarding the Broderson Site;discharge/recharge issue. Also, see p. 6, third column, top, again the reference to the RWQCB comment "may have erred." Again, Decision A linked to Decision B and if Decision A is an "error," then all that follows will be in error.)

Thus, the previous board had choices, the SWB had clear choices, the RWQCB had a variety of choices, NONE of this train wreck HAD to happen.(Remember the October compromise? Ask yourself what would have happened if the SWB did not put in the "poison pill," would collection pipe already be laid? How far along on an alternative site would we be now? & etc.)

What you're looking at is the case of certain people making some really bad decisions for a variety of reasons, which caused certain other things to happen and so forth. They are all linked, like a pile of pick-up sticks: disturb one you disturb all the others.

You are frightened and angry and you wish to blame someone. What you need to look at is the SYSTEM that was failing you. It's the same system at work now, only everyone, including you, had better be paying attention now or else the same thing will happen.

Lisa Senet-Briggs said...


Your reply is most definitely a non-answer.

Just thought you would want to know that many of us out here see your semi-off topic replies as evading the question.

If you would like to address the question we would be quite happy to ready your comments.

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Ready your comments?