Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pet Food Recall Update

For those of you with pets who are concerned with the recent dog and cat food recall, rat poison is now being blamed for the pet deaths. Suspect is the rodenticide, aminopterin, but it's not known at this point how it got into the food. I'd advise continuing to check the website to see if they've updated their lists of contaminated foods, and keep a sharp eye on Bowser & Fluffy for any sign of kidney failure.

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Anonymous said...

Rat poison in Dog and cat food! This is a serious fault of the current US administration, and we should impeach George Bush for it. It is all his fault. Capitolists deserve to be poisoned, not their fat dogs and cats!

If the US did not have corporations in control and had communes with total government supervision, this would never have happened! Socialism is best!

Of course, we are eating our dogs and cats, free of rat poison. It could never happen here, we can barely afford our own rice to eat; a fat dog or cat is a delicacy for special occasions, and who can afford rat poison?

We do not have enough rats to go around, so why would anyone want to make them inedible?


Vietnam lover of our communistic system. T.H.