Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mommy, Mommy, Why Are Roger & Gordon Hopping Up And Down On The County’s Sewer Scale?

That’s the first question that went through my head after reading today’s Tribune story about the county staff recommending that the Board of Supervisors NOT grant an extension for the Coastal Commission’s Tri-W Project permit while Gordon Hensley, recalled CSD Director and Roger Briggs, CEO of the RWQCB were pushing for that same extension to stay attached to Tri-W.

The next question was equally important: Why are Gordon and Roger deliberately trying to sabotage the County Process, sabotage the TAC and screw up the 218 vote as well? Do they both suffer from tin ears? Or are they pursuing hidden agendas?

That puzzle was followed by this question: Has the Board of Supervisors been keeping up with Ron Crawford’s blogsite, as well as various comments he’s posted here vis a vis various, uh, coastal permit documents he’s shared and discussed with Steve Monowitz, the Head Staff Guy at the Coastal Commission?

And did Steve, in turn, share those same documents with County Staff and the County Engineers working on this project? (The staff report notes that county staff had been communicating “with staff of the Coastal Commission over the past 6-9 months on the status of the existing CDP and issues that might be related to that assignment.”) Did and of those “communications” about those “issues” make it to the TAC for their review? If not, why not?

Did Gordon & Roger contact Steve Monowitz? No? Why not? Before authorizing Briggs’ letter, shouldn’t some Regional Board member have contacted Mr. Monowitz? The Tribune further notes that “ Paavo Ogren, county deputy director of Public works, said he worried about how the state water board – which oversees the regional board – would react.”

I’d worry about that too, but I’d worry that the State Water Board might call Steve Monowitz and end up getting an earful. Especially since the Tri-W project involved state revolving fund monies and “parks,” and all kinds of stuff that Ron keeps babbling on about. Maybe they all need to place a conference call to Ron & Steve and have a nice little chatty-poo to see if somebody can FINALLY straighten out the, uh, issues clouding that permit?

And what’s with the Tribune reporting that Roger’s “terse” letter to the BOS states that not extending that permit “would tack on several more years and extra costs to the sewer project.” If Roger had bothered to read Ron’s blog, he would have been reminded that it was Roger who did absolutely NOTHING for two years while the original CSD futzed around with The Ponds of Avalon even after being told by Roger that those Ponds would never be permitted by him or the board, ever, ever. Now . . . . NOW he’s whining about “several years” delay? Jeeze, Rog, you’re way too little and waaaaaayyyyy too late.

And what’s with Gordon? Most people who get recalled from office have the sense to understand the message: Thank you for your service, you screwed up big time, there’s the door, please go away. But not our Gordy. Like some bad penny, everywhere you turn, there he is. Here’s his quote, “it’s incredibly shortsighted on the part of the county. It demonstrates to the water board a lack of will to move ahead and eliminates the site for what appears to be purely political reasons.”

Uh, Gordon, I suggest you take a peek at Ron’s blog and go click on his links to the documents in question. Political reasons? No, what appears to have been of concern to Monowitz and the CC is the validity of the original permit, a validity or lack of same, that puts a cloud over this Process and could well derail the county’s efforts if it remains attached to Tri-W.

In short, that permit and the circumstances under which it was granted, are a potential poison pill that needs to be removed exactly so the process stops being “political” and returns all the projects being evaluated to a level playing field, to be evaluated without fear and without favor.

Unless, of course, certain people don’t want a level playing field, don’t want a balanced scale with no thumbs on it, in short, don’t want a fair, clean Process?

Is that why Gordon & Roger have taken their thumbs off the scale and instead have climbed on top of it and are now leaping up and down? Boing! Boing! Boing?

If so, I can only hope that the BoS can see through their game and will tell them, Thank You for Sharing, Now Kindly Shut Up & Sit Down. Thank You.

BOS agenda item D1 will start at 2 p.m. in the BOS meeting chambers, Tuesday, August 7th.


Fed Up said...
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Fed Up said...

I've no doubt that Ron & Ann are doing their happy dance this afternoon, and I'm sure Ron thinks the County choosing not to renew the CDP is all due to his "crack" investigative reporting - and nothing else.

I for one don't care anymore. I haven't cared where the stupid sewer goes for years. I, like most property owners, just want it done.

As for whether letting the permit expire will add years to the process - let's face it folks. No matter what happens next, the process is delayed by years.

If the County chooses Tri-W, someone will sue. If they choose an out of town site, someone will sue. So guess what? CDP or no CDP, the process was delayed for years the moment the renter population in Los Osos carried the swing vote in the recall election.

That's it. I'm done commenting here, or anywhere else. This community has been bent over the table once again, and I for one don't care any more. Screwing ourselves, and being screwed, is what we do best. We deserve whatever we get.

Ron, don't flatter yourself. You had nothing to do with the County taking this particular stance, and Ann, you are a muddle-headed old lady who can't see the forest for the trees. Gail McP will be the death of this community, and you're so blind you can't see that she is (and has always been) talking out of both sides of her mouth.

Have fun, y'all. The "no sewer" folks have finally won the war.


Mike said...

Dear Ann, Gordon's comments bother You??? My My, We've had to put up with many more of the Julie Tacker and Gail McPherson inane comments than from Gordon. I suspect Mr.Hensley actually knows what is going on vs. Tacker's ego trips and McPherson's vindictiveness.

Before you pan Mr.Hensley, you might want to ask what is it that he knows about the permit process that you only assume you know.

TCG said...

I agree that there is no way that the County staff's recommendation on this matter had one thing to do with Ron Crawford. They obviously felt that the County needed to be protected from liability, which would come with the Tri-W project permit being extended in the County name.

The AB 2701 deal is no 218 vote, no County liabliity. Further, it looks like they believe that it would be easier to defend legal challanges taking the appraoch that they propose, and would not set back the project timing too much.

I support their decisions, and think that if we let the County people do their job, it will be our best chance of getting this thing done. The RWQCB staff needs to realize that, as well.

Steve said...

Why is anyone listening to Gordon Hensley, and why on earth would the Tribune even care what he has to say...

Gordon clearly does not represent the best interests of Los Osos, and Los Osos does not want him representing them.

Can it be any more clear?

Gordon, sit down and shut up!!

Tribune, County, State... he's not talking for me... stop listening to him!!

Steve said...

The Tribune quoted Briggs's letter... Briggs also asserts that the county’s worry over assuming liabilities for the land is irrelevant because the county would be shielded by Blakeslee’s bill.

“Assembly Bill 2701 was specifically designed to shelter the county from the LOCSD’s liabilities, and we believe this protection may extend to transfer of the Coastal Development,” the letter stated.

Although AB2701 may shield the county from LOCSD liabilities, once the COUNTY renews the permit, that then become a COUNTY liability.

If the county renews the permit, it becomes the property of the county, thus relieving the LOCSD of the liability.

What Briggs didnt say was that the ONLY way the state can recover their illegally awarded and dispursed $6 million is if the county builds the sewer at Tri-W.

So maybe that is why they are so insistant on that permit being renewed... because the only good faith effort in their mind is the effort to build at Tri-W.

Ron said...

Great piece, Ann. Awesome stuff. Great scoop on the Supes meeting story, too.

G. Hens said:

"It’s incredibly shortsighted on the part of the county. It demonstrates to the water board a lack of will to move ahead and eliminates the site for what appears to be purely political reasons.”

Hey, San Luis Obispo Coastkeeper that pollutes said coast every single day because you don't want to shell out a nickel, or lift a finger to curb your water pollution into the "coast" that you "keep," when are you ever going to wake the hell up?

The county is dumping that $30-million, bait and switchy, environmentally overridden, piece of crap permit for purely PRACTICAL reasons.

They know, Gordon. Gordon? Everyone knows, now. I know. Steve Monowitz knows. Noel King knows. Paavo Ogren knows. It sounds like Bruce Gibson knows now, too. Everyone knows, G. And I also think you know, and I also think Roger knows.

Ann wrote:

""Is that why Gordon & Roger have taken their thumbs off the scale and instead have climbed on top of it and are now leaping up and down? Boing! Boing! Boing?"









Conspiracy Boy said...

Has anyone thought about what Noel King's previous comments to the BOS that ran at the last CSD meeting were?

The county was willing to look at other sites apparently, but not willing to look at anything other than gravity.

Many people at public comment have said that the TRI-W must be off table before they could vote yes. This piece of news will help the county on the 218 vote.

This is a good PR move for the county, well, it can't hurt.

The only way the county's 218 isn't a blank check is if we go ahead and write a check for $300 million dollars!

If anyone can't see through the county, the TAC's, the water boards circus show is brain dead.

Just throw all kinds of projects into the mix and give false hope people who want an affordable project...hey, that will work!...throw into the mix the promise of grants...hey, that will work!...don't tell the people that this 218 is just the first assessment...hey, that will work too!...

HOOK THE SUCKERS BEFORE THEY ARE TOLD THE TRUTH! It's the oldest game in the book...Dr. Alexander

4crapkiller said...

To tcg:

What do you think of the opposition of the staff of the CCRWQCB? The original and revised letter of opposition clearly lays out the liability issue. Have you read their statement? Do you think their opposition is unfounded speculation?

Of course, anything that Ron Crawford writes is the "Word of God" especially to ANN CALHOUN.

His hate of Hensley is well recorded. His arguments are full of holes. He would have us think that the Coastal Commission and the CCRWQCB are nothing but fools.

Hey folks, they represent the people of the state, environmental
law, and water law. In addition they hold all the cards.

FED UP: Don't give up. Western Civilization would not be where it is today if we gave into fools.

There are twice as many fools as wise people. However, the wise people hold the cards, the money, the power, and fully understand that there are far more chains than dogs.

The problem that wise people have is to convince the unwise as to the stupidity and futility of their ideas.

I would think that contemplation of $900 a month for a discharge permit, OR the shutting off of water, and the expense of sealing a septic tank in 2011 to avoid paying a discharge permit would make the unwise wise.


The state has always listened to you. I listen to you! Everyone listens to you! You are a hero to fools along with ANN and Crawdad.
We listen to them! Reply to them!

You are chained by the Blakeslee LAW and the CCRWQCB, as we all.

We would not be in this mess if it were not for fools who stopped the sewer and brought us to insolvency.
The property owners in the PZ will pay the debt.

Shark Inlet said...


Why is it that while you've never even quoted Monowitz on the topic, we are supposed to believe you when you say that he will make sure the TriW will never fly?

Also ... what makes you so sure that if the County has a justification for the site ... that the CCC will say "no" to using TriW?

Mike Green said...

Why would Waddel and the County Staff even recommend this course of action if The CC told them it would kill TriW?
Why not report to the TAC that amendments are impossible and the County will just have to accept the ESH liability?
Something aint right
And so far Ron is the only one with any kind of answer, what really strikes me is that even Crappy agrees with him, talk about strange bedfellows.
I'll await more information.

4crapkiller said...

To conspiracy boy:

1. If the county is looking at only gravity, I wonder how they will pump all the stuff up to an out of town site. Of course it can be done, but permits and easements?

2. The opposition to a site outside the LOCSD district would be fierce from neighbors, and since there is a site or multiple sites within the district (for a cluster solution), they probably would prevail.

3. If the county renews the permit, the previous destruction of ESHA and mitigation still resides with the LOCSD. The county did not perform any acts.

4. The many people at public meetings saying that TRI-W should be off the table before they would vote yes for the 218, are 20 at the most, and very vocal. They do not support themselves well in their testimony, appear as, or are well known as nut cases, and some are known renters. They are known obstructionists. I cannot believe them.

$900 a month for a discharge permit as opposed to $300 a month for a sewer is a strong incentive to vote YES!

I will tell you this: even if TRI-W is taken off the table because of the county's actions leading to unforeseen consequences, in defiance of the concerns of the water board, I will still vote YES on the 218 assessment. I am not worried about the site and type of sewer. I simply want a sewer and to comply with the Law.

5. I do not think there is any such thing as an affordable solution.

6. What is the interest rate for a GE loan. Is there a binding letter of intent? Since there is nothing, how could they commit themselves?

Steve said...

You know, if I called myself a coastkeeper and believed that using a septic tank in Los Osos was polluting the waters of the state... I would have ethical issues with living in Los Osos... I would either move or never have moved there in the first place.

How couls I, as a coastkeeper, continue to live and pollute in Los Osos? Shouldnt I at least take personal responsibility for my own discharges?

I think I would move to a non polluting location and fight to end tho pollution so I could move back to Los Osos if that's where I called home.

But I guess to have ethical issues... you need ethics.

Mike said...

I believe Mr Hensley was a CSD Board Member when a honest sewer project had begun. Maybe you should remember the wonderful decision made after the recall? The one where the Schicker CSD stopped the legally permitted and funded sewer.

Mr Hensley has continued to work toward getting a sewer project back on track and is working with the County and the State Water Boards. That's one hell of a lot more than can be said for this Blog and the present CSD! You might want to take your ethics and move somewhere where there already is a sewer and avoid the complications of trying to work with a divided community.

4crapkiller said...

To Mike Green:

I do believe Crawdad. I feel that if the permit is allowed to expire, there will be so much opposition by nut cases to re-permit the site, public hearings, extensions of hearings, and obstruction that we will lose the option. You must realize that the wishes and rights of the property owners are not the only concerns in this hearing to re-permit.

I am also afraid that TRI-W MAY be our only option. If we are stuck with no options, what do we do?

I am trying to look at unintended consequences. Ann considers me paranoid. She and Ron have NEVER put forward answers and solutions, but have been simply opposition. From day one, they have never looked at unintended consequences.

Where have you ever seen an opinion from ANN stating: Stop the sewer? Whoa! Ready for fines, breach of contract suits, very expensive litigation, possible insolvency, and vastly increased costs?

And now the problem is in the hands of the county, back to where it was in the beginning. They were really happy to get rid of Los Osos when we formed the LOCSD. They grabbed whatever they could of value and left us with the least they could legally, and got rid of a sewer hot potato.

As before, this is a very bad situation, lots of opposition to whatever they do, and if the 218 vote fails, I expect a huge sigh of relief from the county. If the 218 vote passes, the political pressure on the county will be intense as to site, price, and system by property owners. It is here now.

As far as the rest of the county and state is concerned, based upon the publicity and video on the net, and those I talk to, it is clear that obstructionists have opposed a sewer for more than twenty years, even if the price was very "affordable". Other communities have gone through this, built their sewers, and handled their water problems. We did not. The state passed a law to chain us.

NOEL KING: You support your staff. Want to let the permit expire! Is your staff supported by the best legal opinion available on the Blakeslee LAW? Have they done "due diligence"? The CCRWQCB disagrees.

The CCRWQCB made mention of "bad faith" in their original letter. They took it out in the "revision".

All playing fields are level! Some fields have better grass. Some have astro turf. It is easier to hit a home run in some than others.

What will happen if there is no field to play in? You will be in difficulty if you take the field away when there is no other field.

At this point there is no other field.

You are paid a large salary to make correct decisions. In light of the opposition from the CCRWQCB I am concerned, deeply concerned.

Conspiracy Boy said...

To CrapKiller,

Wrong again. You say, "We would not be in this mess if it were not for fools who stopped the sewer and brought us to insolvency."

We wouldn't be in this mess if the county wouldn't have built a town without a sewer! What in the world was the county thinking?

And what kind of a moran wants to spend $100 million more than we have to?...or $150 million...or $200 million more? It's nice for the MWH's and such, but not for us.

And what kind of a moran talks about Step front end costs and never looks at the back end costs of gravity!

I'll take the $100 million less and the cheaper up front costs.(Bearden's septic out front looks good to me..)

You said: "$900 a month for a discharge permit as opposed to $300 a month for a sewer is a strong incentive to vote YES!

CrapKiller, first of all the monthly charge will be only for fees & charges. We have no idea how much this monthly charge will be -- no price cap needed. Second, the asssessment won't be a monthly charge, it will be one big lump sum added onto your property tax bill.

Since this is our first 218 vote and even though Paavo said it was the largest, we will have more assessments.

This 218 is only the green light for the county to get the okay to start, and once it starts, no matter what happens or how much it costs, we can't stop it once it's started -- even if it's $300 million.

It's absolutely a blank check.

The county and RWQCB wanted just the PZ to carry the financial burden for the entire district that benefits, now we could be looking at a regional project and carry the financial load for Morro Bay...incredible. What a rip off, what a scam!

Conspiracy Boy said...

Did anyone ever find out where the sewer was that Gail built?

How about Richard's sewer plant that he built?

Also, can anyone tell us again, what arm of the state government can come in and build our sewer without our vote?

Mike said...

More of the FINANCIAL MISMANAGEMENT by the LOCSD!!!!!!!!!

Anajane Hugh reported that the Administrative Account (Fund 100) is currently showing a $340,000 discrepancy. Annajane will be discussing with District Auditor how to rectify the problem.

Also, Director Joe Sparks asked for discussion and update on how and when the $750,000.00 borrowed to pay last the Waste Water Assessment Bond payment from last September would be repaid. It was apparent that no one at the District seemed to know where the April 2006 Bond Payment was deposited when the County released the funds to the District. The request was tabled by CSD President Cesena.

Where is the State Ordered Audit?
We have been making payments, supposedly to make a Bond Payment, then this CSD could not make the last(April 2007) payment. Did that payment actually get made??? Are we going to have to makeup that payment??? Isn't that double taxation??? Seems like bank robbery by this CSD!!!!!!!!!!


Churadogs said...

tcg sez:"I support their decisions, and think that if we let the County people do their job, it will be our best chance of getting this thing done. The RWQCB staff needs to realize that, as well."

Wouldn't you think that SOMEBODY over at RWQCB would realize that? Like I said . . . tin ears.

Crap sez:"I will tell you this: even if TRI-W is taken off the table because of the county's actions leading to unforeseen consequences, in defiance of the concerns of the water board, I will still vote YES on the 218 assessment"

Why would Tri-W be "taken off the table?" Even without an extended permit, IT'S STILL ON THE TABLE AND HAS BEEN FROM DAY ONE. It's just that the table has gotten a bit more level and now the TAC and the community and BOS and county engineeres can see just why and what projects will stand or fall on their own merits. So, what's the problem? Isn't that the way The Process is supposed to work?

4crapkiller said...


Of course, TRI-W will still be on the table for consideration. I just agree with the CCRWQCB on the permit issue. They make very valid points as to liability issues and the possibile problems of re permitting if the permit is allowed to lapse.

I saw the problems of getting the site permitted in the past. It was opposed by people wanting to build under the power lines at the Andre site, despite the easements on the property. Andre: A non usable site.

I am all for a fair and balanced look at all sites and systems.

At the same time, I feel that the CCRWQCB is trying to do a difficult job, and all their actions have been taken because of obstruction to any sewer system. It is the same group of people that worked hard to obstruct the original county project, and caused by people like you with "no brains" who accuse the CCRWQCB of "tin ears".

I, like the CCRWQCB, am looking at possible unintended consequences of allowing the permit to lapse. Ron Crawford feels that allowing the permit to expire will effectively kill TRI-W as a site in that it will never again be able to be permitted.

I agree. I am sure you realize this, and are just trying to put YOUR hand on the scales with YOUR comment. TRI-W MAY BE OUR ONLY OPTION, why make it even more expensive because of the extensive delay and hearings to get it re permitted? What if it can't be re-permitted? Noel King thinks it can, Crawford thinks it can't.


Do you (anyone), as an individual, realize that there is no way you are going to be able to pay for a sewer at this point? In that case it would make sense for you to do anything to delay. All you will do is buy time at the expense of your neighbors and insure that a greater percentage of them find themselves in the same situation.

Socialists love to spend other peoples money, but like everyone else, don't like spending their own. They are first to demand that taxes be raised so that they can enjoy increased services, as long as it is not their taxes.

As far as I am concerned, if you continue to try and level a table by cutting off legs, the table may become useless.

Lady, you can't fool me, but you have been highly successful in fooling others. Such is the nature of politics.

Mike Green said...

I asked Mr Waddel at the Farmer's market if he knew if the coastal commission had been in contact with the water board, He said "I do not know"
He also told me that Steve Monowitz had indicated that re-permitting would be on a timely basis, but that in any event some amending to any project would be inevitable in the county's view.

No communication can sure cause confusion.

Shark Inlet said...


Are you saying that John Waddell didn't tell you that Steve Monowitz cussed him out and said that TriW was never going to be permitted under any circumstances because of Ron Crawford?

Has Ron been lying to us all along?

If he would give us references it would be far easier to believe.

Myself, I e-mailed Monowitz and when he answered my questions he wrote nothing like what Ron said.

I've got to wonder.

KeepMHonest said...

What a freak show!

Pinky fumed:

"If you do not provide your data and facts, then it is obvious to all that you have nothing to offer to this blog or that are you are due serious consideration.

Regards, Richard LaGross"

Richard, who the hell do you think you are anymore to ask for anything in this town except a swift kick in the ass? I lift my leg to you!

Get this, Pinky: There is no "ALL" on this blog who agree with you on ANYTHING except you, your multiple identities, TownKiller and its multiple identities, Mike1, Mike3 and Mike3.


No amount of webtriloquism can hide that FACT. You have isolated yourself to all but those few diehards assigned to your bunker.

Fact: You are a CERTIFIED LOSER ... MANY TIMES OVER!!! This is well documented, so stop acting like you are alive in this town when YOU ARE NOT!!!

Fact: You are a TRAITOR walking amongst those you betrayed. Think about it.

Think "LEPER" because that's what you are to this community. Think "LEPER COLONY" because that's your gift house on Rodman.

You deserve all the SCORN, RIDICULE and ABUSE this town can possibly heap on you -- AND MORE! You are an unrepentant bore who keeps asking for more, a fool to be sure!

And remember this simple TRUTH as the years ebb away, Pinky:




Mike said...

KMH, So Sweet, So working up to a massive stroke!!! Please do it quickly so we don't have to pay your hospital bill. Would you mind deeding over your property to me very soon so the State won't have to go through all that escheat business. Have a real nice sleep and if you don't wake, well...

KeepMHonest said...

Mike bleated: "Have a real nice sleep and if you don't wake, well..."

Which Mike are you? Mike1, Mike2, Mike3? Hee-hee-hee!


Mike said...

Your worst nightmare! You really wouldn't want to know, but you are just a joke, have a quick stroke!

Ron said...

Anonymous commentor:

"Has Ron been lying to us all along?"

F you.

Here's my question, Anon? Will the people that have been funding you for the last two years (and, God, I hope you were getting paid for this, because the thought of one guy bouncing around from blog to blog in front of a bank of computers, 24/7, and out-wording Ann and I combined at about a 4-1 clip, without compensation, is just too creepy of a mental image in my mind. So, I've resolved that creepy mental image in my mind by assuming that you are a PR agency funded by the handful of Tri-W-supporters-so-they-can-cover-their-ass people. Please don't tell me otherwise, because if you actually turn out to be the former, well that's just flat-out creepy) still fund you when Tri-W is no longer around. We shall see, huh?

"Myself, I e-mailed Monowitz and when he answered my questions he wrote nothing like what Ron said."

Witnessing your comprehension skills over the last two years, I'm positive that you have no idea what he wrote to you, IF he wrote something to you.

Was one of your questions, "Why did Commissioner Potter call the LOCSD 'bait and switchy' in 2004," Einstein? Not that you would be able to comprehend the answer anyway.


"Ron Crawford feels that allowing the permit to expire will effectively kill TRI-W as a site in that it will never again be able to be permitted."

I don't feel that way, the Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance feels that way:

"CZLUO Section 23.08.288d allows public facilities within ESHA only where there is no other feasible location."

According to the TAC, there are other feasible locations (plural!), obviously, therefore, sans crappy, $30 million, "bait and switchy" CDP, to build a sewer plant at Tri-W is illegal, and has been the entire time. California environmental law can be a bitch, eh? If they could only figure out a way to carve out that ridiculous "Statement of Overriding Considerations" loophole, they might actually be on to something.

Shark Inlet said...


I am yet again saddened that your response contains zero content, zero facts and zero quotes from Monowitz, the guy whom you tell us will never allow any plant at TriW. If you are actually interested in the well being of Los Osos or were interested for any reason other than to say "hey, I was right back in 1997", you would probably put more effort into understanding what Monowitz did say and if you really are a journalist, you could get a quote from him to back up your claim that TriW will never work. If you can't get him on record as saying that, it is clear that you've over-stepped the facts when you told us this.

Oh ... one other thing ... as has been pointed out to you already at least five to ten times, your citing one ordinance but neglecting to discuss other ordinances (such as one that prohibits the development of AG lands unless there are no other reasonable alternatives) is just pathetic.

Yet another time ... if the County has a justification for TriW, it will be approved because they'll need to make their own case and if they don't refer to the LOCSD SOC of 2001 (or whatever), your crystal clear logic will be shown for what it is ... tunnel vision.

Oh yeah ... on the language ... nice touch. Get us a reference to back up your specious claims or stop pretending to know what you're talking about. If you can't get us a quote it would seem that either you have been lying all along or that you're clearly trying to b*llsh*t us by making unjustified claims. Let us know, Ron.