Monday, September 24, 2007

Ah, And You Thought It Was Just A Lot Of Hot Air?

Various folks have asked that the upcoming Los Osos Wastewater assessment 218 vote somehow be kept as a secret ballot. They feared "retaliation" for their vote since the ballot is a public document. Other folks snorted and said, who would be nuts enough to sue people for their vote? Well, herewith I give you an "anonymous" poster on this blog, who posted the comment below in her/his 9:31 PM, September 23, 2007 posting: (Months ago, she/he had already hilariously "threatened" to track down other anonymous posters and hold them accountable for opinions (anonymously) expressed on the blogsite, which had other (anonymous) posters blowing coffee out of their noses in laughter -- as IF -- but now --- finally -- she/he posted this: Exhibit A, so to speak.)

"And by the way, it would be very difficult to take anyone anonymous to task for their postings. [refering to her previous "threat" on anonymous posters mentioned above] However, a No on 218, as a public vote and accessible as to APN#, name and address by a public record request is another story. As long as I am not damaged by a $900 a month discharge permit caused by those who vote NO, I will have no case."

Interesting number, $900, but there it is. Knew it would only be a matter of time before the threat would be made.

Thanks, "Anonymous," for illustrating why a certain number of people may well refrain from voting at all or will vote yes so they can feel safe from the likes of you. (This in a community that saw an email go up to Roger Briggs before the recall vote was even certified demanding that the CSD be "fined out of existence." Idle threat? Take a look at Briggs' email response: he was preparing the paperwork even as they were tapping keys on their respective computer keyboards.)


Area51 said...

You're a pip Ann, you really are. Here you go on about a blogger who evidently inspires fear in people, so much so that they will refuse to vote for the 218 because it is a public vote, which, by the way, is the way the law is written, but you say nothing about bloggers who you obviously admire and, for some strange reason, don't inspire fear in you: To wit:
“Anyway, for people who are really insecure and fucked-up, I guess group therapy is a good thing. You can surround yourself with people who are just as fucked-up as you and it doesn't make you feel so bad.
Ok everybody, ready for the daily affirmation? Get out you mirrors.”
"Afore mentioned idiot loser rejected by this Community scumbag loser Richard "no dick but I have fucking balls" le Gros said…"
“Let me make this as simple as I can, Richard the Loser Heart,
“Sieg Hile Area51, that's right, It's time for you to get out that Swastika and dust off your SS lapel pins. Unfortunately for you, this Community will defeat your march towards economic genocide & gentrification. I have an idea Area51. If the 218 does pass(which I know it wont), why don't you just round up all the low income families & retired seniors living on fixed incomes, who can't afford the project, into your Area51 concentration camp and burn them? Grandpa Joe Mengele would be so proud of you!”
"I have a question for you....Who in the hell is Bruce? You really are fucking losing it aren't you? The only Bruce that I can think of regarding this stuff is Bruce Buel(sp?). Has he finally come to his senses to realize what a complete and total jackass you are?"
"There are all kinds of ways that you can legally fuck people over. This seems to be an area that you have great expertise Richard. Adultery, for example, is not illegal. But, does this make it right? I'm sure, Richard, you're the type of guy that cheats on his wife all the time and has no problem with it cause it's not against the law. Does your wife know what a complete and total asshole you are?"

These are your peeps Ann. You proud? And I’m sure they don’t inspire fear in you, but anyone who compares those who vote for the 218 to nazi’s, well, I’m sure you’re fine with that, but my guess is it makes many feel, well, uncomfortable.

"Feel safe from the likes of you?"

You’re funny Ann. You really are.

4crapkiller said...


I am putting this in the right place so all can read without going to the previous opinion comments:

In response to property owners voting NO or NOT voting for an assessment, they can make their choice. If they vote NO or do not Vote, and some sort of sewer proceeds without CDOs and $900 a month discharge permits, I will not be damaged. At the same time other property owners will not be damaged. THIS IS A BIG FAT "IF".

To place your hope in constitutional challenges to the water law, and the regulatory power of the CCRWQCB is "false hope".
The only sure fire solution is to vote YES, and thereby insure that their vote will not damage other law abiding property owners in the PZ who wished to stop criminally polluting the ground water through their YES on the 218 assessment vote!

Clearly this is a vote to stop pollution and insure our water supply. The county will decide where to put the system, and what type of plant and collection system, if the assessment vote passes. We will decide whether or not we want a submarine in our yards, or "flush it and forget it". There will be a survey with options.

There is a consequence to obstruction, the same way there is a consequence to speeding, losing control of a car, and smashing into another car or home.

At this point the LOCSD is insolvent, has filed for bankruptcy, and resolution is not in sight. For anyone to expect that the LOCSD will be able to do anything, IF the county leaves the scene because of a majority NO Vote, or that private financing will be available, or a "knight on a golden horse" will come to our rescue, or the FEDs will pay, is "pie in the sky" speculation.

There are no "letters of intent", no fast plan, nothing about the above sewer venders to perform, no cost analysis, etc. Plenty of empty words, and we surely have been down that route before.

It is about time you wrote about reality and logical consequences of NO or NON Vote IF the county process fails. I have, hence your opinion, which did not address the problem, only a possible consequence of discharge permits and possible damages to law abiding property owners who wish to stop polluting and want to insure our water supply by voting YES to assess themselves, and suffering FINANCIAL HARDSHIP to comply with the law.

I would be remiss if I had not brought this to your readers attention. Surely you did not think of consequences. You never have, and probably lacked the foresight. But now it comes out!

4crapkiller said...

To area51:

Balloooooooon has no ability to stop the idiotic foul mouthed fools who comment on her blog. However, you are correct, Balloons silence is deafening. She never corrects these kind of people because they echo her warped thoughts and lack of reality with their in kind posting (without the vulgarity).

We will see where this leads us.

TCG said...

I think that the County can build a state of the art sewer at a reasonable net cost for that system. Then we can move on.

I am sure that the CSD can not.

Bottom line.

Churadogs said...

TCG sez:"TCG said...
I think that the County can build a state of the art sewer at a reasonable net cost for that system. Then we can move on.

I am sure that the CSD can not.

Bottom line."

a reminder to all: County's Informational openhouse/workshop on all things 218 and sewerish at Sunnyside School, Saturday, Sept 29, from 1 - 5. Please attend and ask your questions of all the county staff and others who will be represented there.

Shark Inlet said...


Will there be anyone there from the LOCSD who could explain any plans they've made to solve our problem, should the 218 vote fail?

If not, I would suggest that someone from the CSD be there for that purpose as TCG's question is not one that could be answered by County staff.

For one, I would hope that they would have a workable plan for how to deal with the debt while taking on such a huge undertaking.

TCG said...

Shark inlet, you misunderstand me. There was absolutely no QUESTION in my post above, and there is none in my mind. The CSD does not have the experience, the knowledge, the organizational infrastructure, or the finacial resources to build a $150-$200 Million publioc works project.

It does not matter what a representative would say this Saturday. If they, as an organization, had a process in mind it would have been laid out for us prior to the start of the voting period so we could consider our options in that regard.

In my opinion, we have only one choice if we want this project to ever get built and this cloud to be lifted.

Sewertoons said...

Upcoming CSD follies (sans Joe - the only rational member in the bunch - being a "follifier"):

October 4 - The CSD will discuss what to do with the 218 vote on their own properties.

October 18 - The CSD will have a public discussion on their fallback position should the 218 fail.

For those who cannot, or prefer not to, attend in person, tune in to Channel 20 - or visit a friend who has cable channel 20.

These meetings will, I am sure, be eye-openers.