Saturday, September 29, 2007

Reminder: County Hosted Sewer/Wastewater Workshop/Open House, Sunnyside School, Los Osos Valley Rd, Saturday (today) Sept 29, 07, 1pm - 5 pm, All Kinds of Official Personages There, Face Time With Official Personages, Q&A Face To Face, Lots of Presentation Boards, Presentations By NGO Types, (i.e. "alternative systems Rep's are supposed to be there), Diagrams, Little Arrows Flying Everywhere, Take-Away Flyers, Info On The 218 Vote by Official Assessment Personages, Repeated Intro Presentations Every So Often For Those Wandering In Throughout The Day, Balloons! Dancing Bears! A Guy In a Clown Suit! (o.k. I'm making that part up). In short there's NO EXCUSE to Claim You Didn't Have A Chance To Go Ask Your Questions To An Official Personage & Get Official Answers.

Then plan to attend the Oct 4 CSD meeting for Info on how they'll vote on the CSD Properties and find out what their fall-back position will be, (if any and should the 218 fail) then go home and study everything, mull, mumble, scratch your heads, get out your calculators, ask yourselves questions about If and If, Then and If Then, What? and so forth, then VOTE -- one way or the other, I don't care, just VOTE -- so that way nobody can later whine and claim that property owners didn't have a chance to put their money where their mouths are. Thank you . Have a nice weekend.

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Mike said...

Be sure to ask how a bankrupt CSD could possibly build a sewer.

Vote YES to end this financial disaster...!!!!!