Wednesday, September 05, 2007

CSD Director Tacker’s Request to the RWQCB

The following editorial Viewpoint was sent to the media, directed at the RWQCB for their Friday meeting at Aero Vista Place in SLOTown, with the Los Osos Wastewater Project update report from the county team and BOS Gibson due in the afternoon session.

Dear Editor,

On Friday, (September 7, 2007) the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) will be meeting at their Aero Vista offices in San Luis Obispo. The Los Osos Waste Water Project Update given by SLO Co. Public Works Director, Paavo Ogren and District 2 Supervisor, Bruce Gibson is on the afternoon agenda. The update will inform the Regional Board the status of the County’s work -- under the guise of the Blakeslee bill AB2701 thus far.

The County will explain their next step is the Proposition 218 election process and its $25,000 lien facing property owners of developed property (no vacant lots) in the Los Osos “Prohibition Zone.”

The 218 vote is a public vote, the ballots will be printed with Assessors Parcel Numbers, property owner names, and voters will be asked to sign their ballots and return them to be counted by October 23rd. The ballots will become part of the County public record and subject to the California Public Records Act, giving anyone who asks access to them to see which voters voted and how.

The RWQCB has held the community of Los Osos hostage to threats of fines (equating to millions of dollars) for nearly 20 years if we don’t build a community-wide sewer. In fact they have no authority over type of sewer the community builds; their only charge is that we discontinue discharge to our groundwater. These “threats” translate to “fear” of the public ballot and likely voters will participate if they know the RWQCB can look at their ballot and perhaps target them for the next round of enforcement.

In the spirit of cooperation and democracy without fear, I would ask that the RWQCB publicly state at Friday’s meeting that they will not seek access to the ballots. That they direct their “prosecution” staff to take a “hands off” approach to the process and let the will of the voters be. If the vote is successful, the County will stay their course. If the vote is unsuccessful, the Los Osos Community Services District will be charged to pick up the pieces of projects old and new and move ahead as quickly and sensibly as is reasonable. Continued threats of enforcement from the RWQCB distract the community from a necessary focus.

The overarching issue facing Los Osos (at large -- not a select “zone”) is a severe water shortage, the “threat” that hangs over this community should not be fear of the RWQCB and its enforcement actions; the real fear is sea water intrusion that plagues our only source of drinking water.

The community realizes millions of dollars in infrastructure needs to be spent and that those dollars must be spent in a direction that includes a waste water system to collect, treat, and dispose the treated waste water in places where it can be used again and again. The 30+ year, multi-million dollar, “Sewer Saga” isn’t about sewers, nitrates, politics or fines, it is about a sensible solution at a reasonable cost in the most effective location that protects our drinking supply.

Julie Tacker-Director
Los Osos Community Services District
36 year resident of Los Osos

Additional Point by CCW-PZLDF Gail McPherson

From a recent email on the request to rescind the CDO’s and CAO’s of The Los Osos 45 at Friday’s hearing. If 83-13 is the basis for that assessment, then the County is the “responsible” party. Question of the year: Will the RWQCB finally get with the “virtuous cycle” and off the “vicious cycle” and actually fix their mistake?

McPherson will be on The Dave Congalton Show, KVEC 920 am at 5 pm. today, Wednesday, Sept 5, so any interested callers should call in with questions regarding this water board meeting. It may well be THE critical meeting before the 218 vote and could have profound implications on that vote.

Additionally, by vacating the individual enforcement against all property owners with enforcement orders the RWQCB would go a long way toward allowing a decision free from illegal threats and intimidation. Further,the position by the Board to not base any future enforcement against individuals on how they vote needs to be stated as well as enforcement placed rightly on the governmental agency empowered to carry out the needs of the community.

The basis of the assessment is CCRWQCB resolution 83-13, and that was specifically included in the assessment engineers report. 83-13 is directed at the County NOT individuals, and as such the water board should make amotion to vacate all enforcement. The board should direct staff to prepare a simple letter vacating the orders, and allowing anyone with an order who objects to it being vacated afforded the opportunity to be heard. Otherwise the signed acknowledgement of the rescission of the order would be simply returned by mail.ASK FOR THIS PLEASE!!! It may not occur to the Board they could actually fix their mistake.


TCG said...

There's one simple way to relieve all of this anxiety--pass the Prop 218 vote.

Area51 said...

Kudos tcg. It just couldn't get any simpler than that.....

But I guarantee, I GUARANTEE, if the RWQCB miraculously vacated their enforcement at noon today, by 3:00 there would be some new complaint by these people "threatening" the 218 vote. As sure as the sun rises every day.

4crapkiller said...

The request to vacate and stop threats of enforcement is like a judge saying that no longer will he fine people for speeding.

Laws have to be enforced, otherwise bad guys would never heed them.

However, to randomly select a small group of people from a larger group and make an example of them for the actions of the larger group is just not right, regardless of legal precedent.

This is what the Germans did during the second world war. They would line up the townspeople who were obstructing their will, pick a few, and shoot them as an example.

The water board should treat everyone equally. They can send discharge permits to everyone right now, and bill them for $900 a month. No pay, no water. Gail and Tacker had better watch out for what they ask for.

We need the power of the county to protect us from the water boad. Best to vote yes on the 218.

Area51 said...

I am far from an investigative genius. Can anyone suggest how I might find out who the "Committee for Los Osos Property Owners"? is? There's only a PO Box listed, no address or phone number.

Steve said...

Get yourself some coffee and donuts and stakeout the post office... sooner or later someone will check the mail of the box.

What is the PO Box number?

Is it in Los Osos?

Conspiracy Boy said...

SharkInlet and CrapKiller:

I do mean the recalled board should and may be sued for public waste. That over $40 million debt is from them and their actions. They couldn't have done it without the State Water Board though.

If the State Water Board hadn't loaned out this "unsecured loan" then we wouldn't have a $40 million debt. Period.

A vote was needed. Two laws there. A sewer fee and charge for a $220 million dollar sewer (w/interest) doesn't cut it. No way!

This is Federal investigation stuff here. Federal, not state.

We'll see.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

We'll see who the real idiots are!

Mike Green said...

One of the biggest political mistakes is to delay decisions and allow the opposition to gather ammo.
The ballots have been delivered, this is a smart move by the county, although we can change our decision right up until the time of reckoning, those that choose to vote now have probably made up their minds and unless something (like a papal decree) comes up I expect few will change their minds.
One thing that bothers me is the sloganeering going on.
How many of us know exactly what a "blank check" is?
To me it means that you have signed it without an amount filled in.
The assessment is clearly defined in the ballot.
There is no blank check., the true blank check is voting no
No plan
No protection from the insane Water Gods
No guarantees of costs limits
No ability to do any further bidding
No due diligence
I got an E-mail from Ogren, concerning the Orenco system, basically it said "get in line" with everyone else and you will get your chance, I cannot imagine a better process at this time. My vote is in, Yes on the 218.
Down with the water gods
And may the Trivs offices be infested with fleas.
I'm home!

Area51 said...

The water gods may be down, but they'll never be out.
If the Triv gets fleas, what prey-tell should The Rock get?
Who the hell is the "Committee for Los Osos Property Owners?" (sounds a lot like CREEP)
And like a breath of fresh air filling a dank, musty, cigar-filled room....welcome home safely Mr. Green!

Mike Green said...

Yep, good ride! 5600 miles on a motorcycle.
And nowhere did I encounter a story a weird as ours.
Got into a conversation with some economist at a motel in Vicksburg Miss. there was a computer available so I showed em Ron's blog.....
They were hooting and laughing for hours
(desperate for entertainment?)
Anyway the overall country is HOT
I never loved fog as much as I do now.

Churadogs said...

Mike Green sez:"Anyway the overall country is HOT
I never loved fog as much as I do now.

8:43 PM, September 05, 2007 "

Hey, welcome home. Yesterday I looked at the US weather map in the L.A. Times. From the Mexican Border to all the way to nearly the top of the artic circle it was red,orange,yellow, (hot, hotter, hottest) from sea to shining sea. I don't ever remember seeing that litle map with no green or blue on it. Creepy.

Crap sez:"We need the power of the county to protect us from the water boad. Best to vote yes on the 218."

Ding! Ding! Ding! FRAUD Alert. By her/his own posted criteria,(see Comments posted Sept 04, 07 at 10:02a.m. and the posting of August 31, at 1:13 pm.) only homeowners have any credibility to comment on all things sewerish. If you're a proven homeowner, then, as Crap notes, property owership "gives a GREAT AMOUNT of weight to your opinions. It also shows that YOU are not operating as a FRAUD in property owner matters."

Crap is an anonymous poster who claims to be a property owner. But without knowing who Crap is, nobody can verify her/his claims by checking the public property records. So, in Crap's own words and by Crap's own standards, look out. A FRAUD alert! Caveat everybody.

4crapkiller said...

To ANN: from the admitted anon FRAUD, 4Crapkiller, who choses not to reveal her name so her property can't be looked up: FOR VERY GOOD REASON. FRAUD ALERT:

You cannot tell me that there are not WACKO activist type people who do not want to pay for a sewer. We have heard them at meetings and read their postings. You cannot tell me that they do not want to delay and obstruct the building of any sewer, BELIEVING it is not necessary, no pollution exists, and in any case, THEIR contribution to pollution has not been proven. They also BELIEVE that some conspiracy by the water board in conjunction with the county, Taxpayers Watch, recalled directors, and THIS FRAUD exists. All those wishing to put in a sewer are viewed as EVIL PEOPLE.

At the same time you cannot tell me that environmental activist WACKOS have not burned down new construction, SUVs in dealership car lots, made bomb threats, and pounded ceramic nails into trees to break chains on power saws. Anyone hurting the environment and not conforming to their views, are EVIL PEOPLE.

Both of these groups EXIST and have the capacity for violence. Not ALL members within each group, but SOME. All it takes is ONE.

Fortunately, in Los Osos, there have been no fist fights, chair throwing, etc. in town meetings. Many saw violence coming and chose not to attend the meetings, watching on TV. It was pretty hot for a while, and a deputy was called to attend meetings and provide a measure of security. The deputy was removed by the current BOD. Surely if a deputy returns, there will be more public participation and democratic PROCESS will not be hindered by NUT CASES from either side of views.

Now as the full measure of costs for the bankruptcy are soon to be revealed; commissions for advocacy of certain systems may be lost; the nut cases ramp up their misinformation and personal attacks against whatever and whomever; and the county and water boards take action: all costing MONEY to individuals, things will get even hotter.

The blame game has gone on for quite a while, resentment has festered, there WERE death threats against the recalled board members.

There is a similar situation going on here as went on for many years in Northern Ireland, and it broke out in untold violence. Heaven forbid!

However with your writings in the paper, posts on this blog, and reply to comments, or lack thereof with people that you agree, and the failure to consider both sides of any story, you are surely receiving rancor from all "BELIEVERS".

Gail McPherson admitted on the Congleton show that if she was a property owner in the PZ, she would vote YES, but hedged her comment, saying something about regretting the lack of choice of systems. She did complement the work of the TAC and the county PROCESS. At the same time she said "property in the PZ would be reassessed by the county". She just put this out, not giving any specifics. Prop 13 was not mentioned concerning this. Congleton, after stating that he was not involved in the controversy stated: "Everyone in the District should pay for the sewer". Congelton also stated that HE did not want to pay in response to someone from Santa Maria who suggested a county wide sales tax to handle the problem. This is a clear example of a socialist always wanting someone else to pay.

Otherwise, Congleton asked hard questions, McPherson avoided them to the best of her ability, set some rumors about her involvement with Racano prior to her moving here as being false, denied any serious involvement with Stan Gustafson, and omitted her involvement in the recall as an activist. She was asked why she was being singled out by some people and said she did not know why, and could not understand why the TT article came at this time and not previously. She stated that she does not read the blogs except occasionally. The whole interview was recorded and can be listened to or downloaded as a podcast from sometime this afternoon and will be around for quite a few weeks or longer for your listening pleasure. You can check this FRAUD's comments for yourself.

Even Joey Racano called in to get approval for his ABC regional sewer from McPherson. Lots of McPherson's supporters called in with love and appreciation.

McPherson was just a retired wastewater expert, trying to help. We all know WHY she was retired and there were no details about that.
Congleton was only partially prepared.


Listen for yourself.

Conspiracy Boy said...


I know why you choose that name. You are so full of crap.

Everyone has agreed to a sewer!

Even if it's not needed, we all have accepted that it has to be done. Unfortately, you want a bad system and some of us want a good, affordable system. What's your problem? Why are you so scared of that?

By all your writings, it's clear you want the riff-raff out of town. It's clear that you have a vested interest in the big sewer.

Why would one work so hard, write every day on blogs, day and night, day in and day out? You work almost as hard as Gail. Why?

Queen or King of misinformation -- you are!

By the way, didn't Press (RWQCB) say $1 a day fine was okay with him? You say $900 a month over and over and over.

Are you Gordon?

Churadogs said...

Oops HYPOCRITE ALERT. Here's FRAUD CRAP: "To ANN: from the admitted anon FRAUD, 4Crapkiller, who choses not to reveal her name so her property can't be looked up: FOR VERY GOOD REASON. FRAUD ALERT:"

So, one standard's o.k. for me, but not for FRAUD CRAP? Ah, yes, what's that word I'm looking for. Oh, yes. HYPOCRITE. Hypocrite doesn't want HER/HIS property looked up in the public records, to verify that he/she is indeed a property owner, but it's o.k. for her/him to check out other people? Do we need to add the terms COWARDLY to the mix? Apparently looking up property (after all, it's just a public record, right Hypocritical Fraudlent Cowardly Crap?)is o.k. for other people, but not for HFCC My my.

4crapkiller said...

To Ann:

Just add the word "smart" to my description. Should I start to be like you and add the description "stupid twit" to my replies. Why is it that the flaming liberals always go for personal attack?

Where is it written that there have to be equal standards except under the law. I already conceded that your opinions have more weight.

Men are not created equally. Maybe they are equal under the law, but some people are brighter than others. Don't blame me for your risks, misfortunes, or failures to express a fair and balanced view. Don't blame me that any really intelligent person affected by this sewer in Los Osos thinks that you a pawn of nut cases. I ain't yo mamma.

To CB: The tapes are available. The board set a $30 a day cost for a discharge permit.

Churadogs said...

Fraudlent Crap sez:"Why is it that the flaming liberals always go for personal attack?"

Personal attack? Good lord no. I'm simply letting the reader know how you have self-indentified yourself. That's not a personal attack, just making sure the reader is up to speed on your own evaluations of self and others. It's actually keeping the context clear.