Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CSD Elections Starting Now

Chugga-chugga, the CSD elections are starting and the candidates are sending out info on their campaigns. Any CSD candidates running, please send me info on your campaign events and I'll post it here. First up, Karen Venditti's shindig:

Kick-Off Wine & Cheese Party for Supporters
to Elect Karen Venditti -- Positively!

Friday, September 5, 2008, 5:30 - 7:30 pm. at the home of Keith & Beth Wimer, 1101 14th St. (last house on the left before Elfin Forest)

RSVP by Sept 3 (805) 704-7255, or email: Elect Karen Venditti (

Please bring a bottle of your favorite wine to share, and join us for tapas to kick off the campaign to elect Karen to the LOCSD board.

vote Venditti . . . Positively!


Watershed Mark said...

Akron City Council would need to approve the sale of the sewer system, Williamson said. Some Council members indicated they would need a lot more information before they could throw their support behind the mayor’s plan.

Ward 8 Councilman Bob Keith said in theory it’s a “great idea. Can you pull it off? I don’t know.”

He said it’s early in the process and a lot remains to be seen.

“One, who’s going to buy the [sewer] system?” he said. “Two, how can we assure the citizens that the rates won’t go up for a long period of time?”

Keith characterized the city’s system as an old one that’s a drain on the city’s budget, and noted it comes attached to a $340 million mandate for upgrades from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. He said he didn’t know who would want to buy it.

Who would want to buy it?
Someone who wants to make money off the people addicted to the pipe...

Watershed Mark said...

If you don't think this applies to you, think again.

Watershed Mark said...
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