Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Save The Date

A Brief Head's up: There'll be a Town Hall/informational mixer/ meeting, Friday, August 22nd at the commnity center from 7 pm - 9 pm on various wastewater collections systems being considered for Los Osos. Since the collection system is the most expensive part of any sewer system, community members can come talk with the various experts and get more information.

I'll post further details as they come available.


Maria M. Kelly said...

Wow, good for the county to get something organized on a Friday night!

Sewertoons said...


Here is some information that has become known about the event - I just watched yesterday's Board of Supes meeting on my computer and a STEP proponent mentioned this event. John Waddell did not reference it - he was the County's project representative in the meeting, and if it was a County sponsored event he surely would have mentioned it.

So am I to take it that the County term of "town hall" has been appropriated by another group? Which group would that be? Don't you know? Who contacted you with this information to post? Why would you withhold it?

Has the County been invited to participate? Who will provide us information on gravity systems? Orenco? Dr. Ruehr?

Churadogs said...

Did you not see where i said will post more information as it comes in to me?

Jeeze, enough with the raging paranoia. "Townhall meetings" called "Townhall meetings" were held by the CSD and other groups for years. The county does not have a copyright on the name "Townhall meeting."

Get a grip.

Sewertoons said...

Grip idea noted. But I am still sure you know who gave you this info about the meeting.

I saw the CSD meeting Thursday night - Chuck referenced some meeting along these lines in September - same meeting?