Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ah Am Mah Own Granpaw, twang-twang-twang . . .

OMG, I see everything twice! Is that recalled CSD member Gordon Hensley X 2. Is it cloning? Franchising? And just who IS WHO2, anyway? It's a mystery perhaps only CSD candidate Maria Kelley can answer. Over at Ron Crawford's blog it's "I Want To Be Like Gordon Hensley." twang-twang-twang . . .


Mike said...

Frank said...

duh, it is, but Ann knew that anyway.....,, say why not ask Karen Venditti if Gordon is 'the boss' as well since she joined WH20 and apparently does not mind taking direction from Gordon 'the boss' Hensley, as well as Gail 'the control freak' McPherson and since Gail must have indicated to Karen it was a good strategy to join WH20 isn't it all so wonderful

Osos Change said...

I find it very interesting that if you look at the WH20 web site, Karen is not mentioned as a volunteer on the site. That particular web page was edited on the same date when Maria Kelly complained that her e-mail address was not included in the latest WH20 press release. Jealous much?

GetRealOsos said...


I brought up Gordon with connection to Maria because the relationship is curious to say the least.

Maria has praised the county when the county has been dis-honest to say the least.

Maria has the same agenda as the recalled board, yet no work experience (other than the job Gordon got for her?)...

My point wasn't to bring up Gordon's past, its to look at Maria and the connection between the two.

I asked Mike to let us know why Gordon was fired as the youth minister. They don't get fired.

After watching Sara Palin speak about the pork spending in her state she blamed it on Fish & Game and the university that wanted the money for various stupid studies.

That is what Gordon apparently does, he's in with Cal Poly and Fish & Game. Gordon knows how to get that federal money.

If you FOLLOW THE MONEY you'll find the answers. Everyone who stands to profit off of a super big project (Tri-W) is for it. That includes Cal Poly (Shark Inlet knows).

Maria owns a vacant lot and I would assume she plans to build. I assume since she's kissed all that county butt, she'll be able to build her nice home quickly...favors...

I've got it! Maybe Maria's slogan should be: "INVEST IN MY FUTURE IN LOS OSOS"!

Let Maria build, let Maria's husband get those grants at Cal Poly...oh, did Gordon help him too getting that job at Cal Poly?

Mike said...

Ah, but this is Los Osos, a land where speculation, gossip, and wild accusations are hosted on the blogs as legitimate journalism.

Personally, I am only interested in the opinion of one person right now, Judge LaBarbera. His opinion will be a matter of record soon enough

Shark Inlet said...


I replied to your most recent message here ... pretty much identical to the one in the last comment section ... in that comment section.

I don't mean to offend, but to post the exact same comment in two locations is typically frowned upon.

Please read my reply there.

Shark Inlet said...


I don't remember a while back reading you ask about who is members of CCLO, LOTTF and CVVC? Was there common membership between these groups? If so ... a great evil has been done to our town.

Ron's full of it and he knows it. First he castigates Gordon for being all of Coastkeepers and then he says that the WH20 group who includes Maria and Karen (at least that is what Karen told you) is Coastkeepers.

Ron, the group cannot both be one guy (as you claim) and a group with members (as you claim). Which are you gonna stick with?

GetRealOsos said...

Shark Inlet,

You are such a phony. You know exactly what I'm talking about regarding Cal Poly. Who are you trying to kid?

Your job (obviously) has been to police the blogs and promote your agenda which is big gravity and now the new (recalled) board.

Maria is Gordon and Marshall is Richard.

If you like George Bush, you'll love McCain and Palin.

If you like the old board and a disgusting sewer plant in the middle of town, you'll love Maria and Marshall.

Talk about phonies, Maria promotes herself as a Democrat. That's a stretch. By doing what she's doing she is a Republican - she cares NOT about people, but cares only about herself and her financial gain.


She believes Jon Seitz and others that say the big sewer will increase the home values so (of course they didn't see ahead for the fall of the real estate market) and Maria will build her nice home and be rich.

Yep, Maria's slogan should be:


p.s. I'm asking questions, not spreading rumors. You ask questions too.

8:16 PM, September 13, 2008

Shark Inlet said...


I replied to your most recent message here ... pretty much identical to the one in the last comment section ... in that comment section.

I don't mean to offend, but to post the exact same comment in two locations is typically frowned upon.

Please read my reply there.

Mike said...

getrealosos, if you want us to believe you know what you want us to believe, then simply answer the question... where in Oregon was Gordon employed ...???

Maria M. Kelly said...

An enormous thank you to the community of Los Osos and beyond that participated in the event today. The discussion after the movie was great, the displays for the event were amazing! CNPS and SWAP and MBNEP and all the purverors and the other non-profits and the business' that participated as well as the purveyors were troopers to the end.

We had over 40 folks for the movie and discussion alone. If you missed it this time, please check HopeDance and see if FLOW will be shown again in this area. It is should be seen.

The commitment to LO is that we are going to do again.

Thank you again,

Churadogs said...

I'm glad the Water Event was well attended. I hope the event is repeated since many may have issed it due to work & etc. Still lots of work and education to be done vis a vis water.

Shark Inlet said...


As a commentator and someone vaguely associated with journalism, how do you feel about Ron's continued attempt to cast Maria as having been in favor of dissolving the CSD (because, presumably, the LAFCO document said she was even though they clearly make errors in their meeting minutes, including getting people's names wrong) when the videotaped meeting shows otherwise?

Myself, I would feel uncomfortable even referring people to his website because he seems more interested in pushing his agenda than in the truth ... "The facts be damned, full speed ahead!"

I am curious whether you feel uncomfortable with his choice in this matter or whether you support it.

Churadogs said...

Ron's blog is Ron's blog. You have a quarrel with Ron, go to Ron's blog and rail at Ron there. As for the transcript vs. tape, Ron either needs to dig further for any missing context, (what we nowdays call flip-flop, saying one thing on one date in one context, then changing ones mind and saying something else somewhere else) then if there is a clear error, he can update his posting and/or drop a note to Paul Hood. Maria also can write to Hood and request he change the record. When the RWQCB misquoted my written statements, I wrote pointing that out and requesting they correct the record. They declined, prefering to have incorrect, wrong, false information in the record, but at least they also had my correction in the record as well and a posting here of that false inclusion. Maria should do the same.

Richard LeGros said...


Sharkinlet askes an excellent question. You need to answer directly and honestly without punting to another issue.

Ron is KNOWINGLY lying about Maria's position regarding the attempted Dissolution. You know this; yet you purposely direct folks to his blog. Why? You know he is lying; and has lied repeatedly in the past. Do you support Ron's lies?

Additionally, why do you only direct folks to Ron's Blog; there are many other important Blogs; none of which you see need to promote. Why not, if providing information from all points of view is important to you?


Ron said...

Richard? You, Pandora, and Gordon need to ask yourself a question: Is it in your best interests to do things like call me a "liar" when I don't lie?

What do you think that does to my motivation to further investigate you guys?

Why do you think your election record is so abysmal in Los Osos since Three Blocks?

From my latest comments section:

- - -

Hey Cronkites,

Look, if you anonymous types want to interpret the subtle nuances of someone else's takes, hey, knock yourselves out. I really don't care.

That's not what I do.

Nor, do I say, "Oh, O.K." when a politician goes to the, "That's not what I said" card.

I report on real things, like when an official document reads:

"Maria Kelly... supported dissolving the LOCSD"

I'm pretty sure if you click on this link, you will see that it reads:

"Maria Kelly... supported dissolving the LOCSD"

How am I wrong?

Tell ya what I'll do, I'll go back to that document and copy-and-paste again just to double check that it actually says:

"Maria Kelly... supported dissolving the LOCSD"

Yep. Page 7. Just like I reported.

And, I have to tell ya, as I continue to work on "Dissolutiongate," it just keeps getting better, and better. You guys are awesome.

The funny thing [fixed a typo] is, and I don't want to tell Maria how to run her campaign, or anything, but if her campaign manager was smart, Pandora would tell her to, instead of backpedaling away from her nuanced takes, she should EMBRACE "Maria Kelly... supported dissolving the LOCSD"

Maria, should be stumping at every stump she can find, "Damn straight I wanted to dissolve the LOCSD! Because it would have saved Los Osos voters up to $80 million."

Now THAT'S how you win an election!

By the way, Taxpayers Watch (or should I just drop the charade, and say, "Gordon Hensley." I feel kind of silly saying "Taxpayers Watch"), did you read in the Trib how the SLO Blues baseball team owner quickly paid off his $11,000 worth of debt to the city of SLO?

Thought of ya...

- - -

Wanna see a REAL lie?

Guppy Inlet wrote:

"Ron's full of it and he knows it. First he castigates Gordon for being all of Coastkeepers..."

Of, course, I never said that. Hensley is SLO Coastkeeper. I wrote that about 15 times.

So, I'll tell you what. You guys keep that kind of stuff up.

Keeps me focused.

Shark Inlet said...


Maria has ... here ... told Ron about his error in her stated position. You pointed out that you've had your position incorrectly stated in official documents. Richard's name was incorrectly written as "Robert".

Ron is trying to defend the indefensible. You yourself say that Ron needs to dig further and follow up by making a correction and/or letting Hood know there is an error. What we do know is this. Ron has either refused to do this or he has investigated and he has willingly chosen to misrepresent Maria's position.

I would ask that because Ron is a regular contributor here and because you value the truth ... that you warn him next time that he ... in your blog ... make reference to the LAFCO document as if it verifies her position. I would further suggest that if he does it again ... that you delete any of his comments which are deliberate mischaracterizations of her position and that you warn people about the veracity of his statements when providing links to his blog.

Just a thought ...

Shark Inlet said...

So now ... right after Ann points out that official records are often chock-full-o-errors and says that Ron needs to dig further ... Ron yet again acts as if the document ... which now everyone knows is likely in error ... trumps the videotaped evidence of what Maria did say.

I wonder what would cause a person to argue that black is white (because, after all, a document from SLO County says so) even though we all know otherwise.

It is sad to watch Ron's credibility drain slowly away.

If I were Ron I would either make the correction and apologize or let the issue slowly die away. Like Nixon in Watergate, it is not so much the original mistake here but what followed that causes the problems.

Richard LeGros said...


Your continued attacks on Maria based upon a reporting err on the part of LAFCO, while the video of the meeting clealy shows you are wrong, is baffling. So continue to 'defend the undefendable'; in doing so it destroys your credibility.


Shark Inlet said...

I just got a chuckle from re-reading Ron's comment.

He says that I am lying when I change the word "is" into "for being all of". I guess he wanted me to quote him exactly instead of paraphrasing.

What started me giggling is the context ... a discussion about whether, when Maria opposed dissolution, Ron was right to say that she supported dissolution.

Sort of like the cast iron dutch oven calling the copper tea kettle black.

*PG-13 said...

Richard, please. A simple confirmation or denial. Have you ever used or gone by the name Robert? I know you as Richard. We all know you as Richard. The world knows you as Richard. But whether you really are a Dick or a Bob seems to be taking on new importance. Was the attribution to you as Robert a typo? An error? Or something else? Only you can set this straight. Thank you.

Richard LeGros said...


'Richard' is my name. 'Robert' is typo, an err, a boo-boo. LAFCO got it wRONg.

Richard Blair LeGros is my full name; 'Blair' being the first name of my great-great-great-great grandfather on my mother's side.
(A trivial side note: My mother and me are decendants of 'Robert Morris, Jr'; who signed the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, the Articles of Confederation; who was regarded as 'the financier' of the American Revolution, was an early Secretary of the Treasury, a US Senator and a member of the Pennsylvania Legislature.)


*PG-13 said...

Very cool. Thanks. And Wow. What a great name and a great lineage! Any relation to Robert Tappan Morris? Or Robert "Bob" H. Morris? (See, I knew there was a Robert/"Bob" in there somewhere ;-)

*PG-13 said...

So, uh, is your heritage number crunching? Do you come from a long lineage of number-crunchers? See: Robert Morris University. Meaning no disrespect what-so-ever but that explains a lot ;-)

Frank said...

he supported dissolution, she supported dissolution, he did not..., she did not.... minutes/schminutes/who is taking the minutes..... no matter what LAFCO strung it out until AB2701 passed and duh, it is not a coincidence the hearing on dissolution was held three seconds after the ink was dry on AB2701 and once AB2701 passed there was a way for a wastewater project to be completed so LAFCO was bailed out of the main reason to disband the District (whew!) because the albatross of the project was no longer hanging over the head of the District so life could go on in Los Osos pretty much as before which means constant angst and arguing about sewers even though the District won't do a sewer (whew!) but we can watch as some people pretend and persuade the gullible that it can and will.

Ron said...

Robert wrote:

"Your continued attacks on Maria based upon a reporting err on the part of LAFCO, while the video of the meeting clealy shows you are wrong, is baffling. So continue to 'defend the undefendable'; in doing so it destroys your credibility."

You guys are funny.

"Attacks." "Destroys." Oh, what was the other word I saw from you guys recently that made me laugh? Oh, yea, "terrified," if Karen got elected to the Board. Funny stuff.

Oooooo... attack, destroy, terrified... scaaarrryyy.

So, I suppose I'm also "attacking" Maria when I report this?

- -

First, she flip-flops on her take on the Tri-W project, when she recently wrote:

"I don't have a preference for the mid town project. I have said that on many occasions."

... after previously writing:

"Whatever the county will be able to offer us, in my opinion, isn't comparable to the old mid town site project."

- - -

Or when I reported that Gordon Hensley is her "boss" at WH2O? (I have a question: If she's the "co-founder" of WH2O, who's the other "founder?" Let me take a guess...)

Those are "attacks?"

Robert, trust me, you want your reporters to be like that. You WANT us on that wall. You NEED us on that wall.

Look, all I'm reporting is that LAFCO wrote in an official document, "Maria Kelly... supported dissolving the LOCSD."

If you guys want to interpret Maria's, "I question the dissolution at this time," as, "I do not support dissolving the Los Osos Community Services District," then, like I said, knock yourselves out.

That's not what I do?

However, I will give Maria a bit of free, professional advice, in a subject that I know a heck of a lot about -- communication:

When you mean:

"I do not support dissolving the Los Osos Community Services District."

Instead of saying:

"I question the dissolution at this time."


"I do not support dissolving the Los Osos Community Services District."

Effective Communication 101

- I question whether I will drink beer today.

- I will drink beer today.

See the difference?

Much better.

Shark Inlet said...

It would appear that because Ron is not a careful listener, he wants Maria to use small words and speak slowly so that he can catch the main point.

Even so, Ron seems to now be opening up to the fact that Maria didn't say that she supported dissolution ... just that the official minutes said she did ... which is not what he originally wrote in early August. Ron wrote that Maria "didn't give a flip" (about the LOCSD). Now, had Ron actually watched the video beforehand rather than trusting what now appears to be a flawed document ... or once he was told his assessment of Maria was incorrect (only two hours after his original error) ... he could have avoided this whole embarrassing episode.

Ron, if you have trouble understanding Maria's comments as being opposed to dissolution, your understanding of the English language is insufficient for you to call yourself a journalist.

If, on the other hand, you've deliberately misrepresented Maria's viewpoint just to try to paint her as being so closely associated with Gordon that she should not be elected, you don't have the ethics necessary to be a journalist.

There is a third possibility. Perhaps you now recognize that you were originally incorrect to paint a picture of Maria as being opposed to dissolution and you now realize that you were wrong to not check out the facts when given the chance ... and now you don't have the balls to admit it, offer up a clarification in your blog and apologize properly.

So Ron ... what are you lacking ... the ability to understand English above the 9th grade level, ethics or balls?

Sewertoons said...

ron's silence will indicate a lack of all three.