Thursday, September 11, 2008

Calling All Sewer Collection Systems
Below is a Press Release on an upcoming townhall meeting on sewer collection systems (the biggest cost of any sewer system). Good chance to get information directly from the experts and ask questions.

Media Release-----------------------------------------

Contact: Gail McPherson

Los Osos Townhall Meeting:

Date: Friday September 19th , 2008 -7:00pm to 9:00 PM

Collection Systems for the 21st Century -Sustainable Sewers –It’s No Pipe Dream

In partnership, Surfrider, Sierra Club & SLO Green-Build; invites residents of Los Osos to “Join friends and neighbors to find out more about the collection system options for informed choices.”

Divided into three parts speakers will address:
Collection System 101: Presentation will cover the background and basic description of collections systems. The most common is gravity piping system with lift stations and pressure mains. Additional system options, including Septic Tank Effluent Pumping will be presented.

Design and construction issues: Speakers will address new design and construction Requirements-(I&I-CMOM-WDR) dealing with Regulations and site conditions. Modern cleaning & maintenance requirements, and monitoring using web-based remote telemetry system.

Method to develop and compare system costs
Why Forecasting Costs through Life Cycle is Important to You

Q& A Panel The program will conclude with participation and interaction from experts and the audience to answer questions.
(The County may be on hand to address on-lot policy questions if they arise, but it is my understanding that the Co will not be presenting. In any case we will compile questions for the County to address separately.)

Project Posters and system displays: Gravity and STEP or Effluent sewers are both presented. However, STEP effluent sewers are becoming recognized as the best solution for collecting and transporting wastewater in small to mid-sized communities, new subdivisions, and environmentally sensitive areas. Effluent sewers are often one-fourth to one-half the cost of conventional gravity sewers. When properly designed, they are easy to install and maintain, they require less costly treatment systems.


Prefix528 said...

Gail doesn't mention who her "experts" are. The last time she organized a town meeting she fielded the Ripley-Orenco team. Will we get to hear from the STEP sales force once again?

Sewertoons said...

Gee, at the BOS meeting on Tuesday, I saw LOCSD candidate Karen Venditti promote this very event - (making it seem like it was her own) - but now, once again, we see the hand of Gail McPherson.

Just what we need, another Gail-controlled PZLFD Board majority - haven't we had enough of that?

There have been so many non-budgeted line items for that PZLDF case draining the District coffers. I don't think that there will be any O & M insurance to cover this folly - we just get to pay and pay and pay on a case that has lost every point so far (and it is just the CSD water rate payers paying to boot).

Of course some blogger will bring up the cost of the TW case. But who ultimately will pay for that will be either Taxpayers' Watch if they lose, the directors if found guilty, or the insurance company if the directors' suit prevails, NOT us the water rate payers.

Sewertoons said...

Funny that there is no LOCATION posted for this "townhall meeting." Quite an oversight on someone's part or maybe Gail wants you to contact her to see how many might attend so the properly sized venue can be chosen?

Shark Inlet said...

I heard Karen mention this event and thought "hey, that sounds like a pretty good idea."

Now I wonder ... after all, it was Gail's CVVC website where the "we have a plan" "$100/month" sewer was promised. In over three years we've been given no details about this plan or been given any calculations to show that $100/month was a realistic figure to promise.

According to OsosChange (who claims to be male but), Maria has been out to destroy the community ... but I've got to wonder whether it is really Gail who deserves scrutiny for duplicitous actions.

If I were Karen, I would be reluctant to have people know I was associating with Gail. After all, when you consider the level of animosity toward Maria shown here it is clear that some people are not willing to move forward. It would only be if she were truly in agreement with Gail on most issues that her association would be anything less than damaging.

GetRealOsos said...

Things don't change much.

The town is divided. Gravity or Step.

If you liked the old board and the over priced gravity middle of town project - you'll love Maria and Marshall.

Maria and Marshall work for the county. Maria was brought in by Gordon and Richard. Marshall has been involved from day one with the Tri-W project.

Has the county shown good or fair intent at any time since AB2701? I haven't seen it, quite the opposite.

The county will pick a project and yet have NO liability. The PZ will have to pick up the tab for a dangerous project with fines, any construction related problems, name it. The county has taken absolutely NO responsibility for anything sewer related over the past 30 years, their hands are clean?

The county should have had the state and federal government help pay for the sewer, but didn't want to ask. They should have collected development fees from the builders. They should have included outside the PZ to pay for benefit of clean (STATE) groundwater, saltwater intrusion, etc. They should look at affordable systems, green projects, etc. but do not. They are determined to have only the PZ pay the big fat bill for the most expensive system money can buy. Right now they have spent almost $6 million of our money...for what again? Repeat studies and mailing pieces?

The county will collect an administration fee. The more they spend on a project, the more profit they make. Makes sense for them, not Los Osos.

It's all sooooo wrong, yet Maria and Marshall and TW people thank the county at the BOS meetings over and over again for a job well done.

Aren't the county employees getting good salaries? I know some in the county make more than U.S. Senators.

Yep, if you like George Bush, you'll love McCain and Palin and if you liked Richard, Gordon and Stan, you'll love Maria and Marshall!

GetRealOsos said...

One more thing.

I noticed after reviewing Maria's application for TAC that she just happens to be from the very same town in Oregon where Gordon was charged with child molestation.

Interesting coincidence wouldn't one say (especially since Gordon and Richard brought her into the Los Osos CSD scene).

Realistic1 said...


No matter what project gets picked, someone will sue to stop it. STEP, gravity, ponds - it doesn't matter. Someone will attempt to derail it. That's this community's history since the 1970s.

The decision needs to be out of our hands - someone - anyone - just needs to build something so we can get on with our lives.

Community input has done nothing but delay the process further - and I say that about every single group that has wanted to weigh in since this whole mess started. Everyone is to blame. The County, the CSD, CAWS, CASE, Solution Group, PZLDF, Save the Dream....take your pick.

In my opinion, the State (who's laws are being enforced with this project) should just bring the bulldozers and start building, wherever they want to and screw the "community input". It's the only thing that will end this nightmare.

Sorry All, I have had a rough day...and the pettiness has just become intolerable.

GetRealOsos said...

Obama said recently that the county could do infrastructure, sewers, etc. to put people to work. He said the sewers were failing. He didn't say to have a select group of homeowners pay for these projects and taxed out of their homes to pay for it.

Nope, the county should have insisted the state and federal government help pay as it's the STATE'S groundwater to be saved, not the PZ's.

Mike said...


One of the hazards of being a teacher, youth minister or coach is that any one can make that aligation... Go ask your minister if he had ever had that vile comment made by some disgruntled pillar of the community... Nearly every teacher, minister and coach has had that comment made at one time or another in their career...

Perhaps you have some proof that Gordon was ever "Charged"...??? If not, then you are a very vile gossip monger...!!! Along with being "Charged" is usually some further action... or in Gordon's case, after a full investigation, it was found that a single person in that church only said that because Gordon was too successful with bringing under-privilaged (read that as not good enough) kids to church... Gordon was never "Charged" as nothing had ever happened... Just some creep much like you who was afraid of a youth minister doing something that was not perfect in her eyes, not God's, but her own vile eyes...

Now if you want to try sliming Gordon again, I suggest you start by talking to the SLO Police and District Atty... Until then, you are one of the vilest persons who uses innuendo, gossip and lies as you have no facts on which to base any of your comments...

Gordon is a whole lot nicer than I am and he will probably just laugh off your ignorance... He's had to listen to that lie since Julie Tacker tried bringing it up during the recall... Don't you think that if it had been true, don't you think he would not be in town... No. it was just a shameful tactic to try sliming a candidate... much the same as you have just tried to do...

GetRealOsos said...

Well then Mike (Richard's angry side) tell us about the coincidence of Maria and Gordon coming from the exact same town in Oregon. This is so interesting.

Rumor has it that Gordon also got Marie her legal job here (that's what I've heard anyway).

Mike, how do you know for sure that Gordon wasn't charged? I've read about it and heard from many sources (including some of your buddies) and from one person up in Oregon.

Mike said...

You really are an ignorant gossip working on hearsay... But if that is how you live your life, have a wonderful time... You obvisously don't know Gordon or you wouldn't even have that thought... I can only hope some one spreads a similar lie about you and that you have no defense... He happens to be in the public light and gossips like to embellish a tale...

But life does go on and Gordon will continue to press the lawsuit against the CSD-5, it's not going away, Julie will have her day in court... and that's a 'fact'... You will probably not like the outcome and will start another round of gossip... I don't believe you will let a little thing like facts alter your gossip, because that's what you apparently live for...

franc4 said...

Mike said...
"You really are an ignorant gossip working on hearsay..."

franc4 sez, "People who live in glass houses..........."

GetRealOsos said...

Mike (you are sooooo Richard),

Couldn't sleep last night? Couldn't wait to post at 5AM?

Aren't blogs wonderful?

If you don't want to address the issues raised, you don't have to. You can distract and cover up whatever you want covered up.

If you liked Stan, Richard, Gordon, and Tri-W, you'll love Maria and Marshall.

If you liked what President Bush and what his group has brought the country over the past 8 years, you'll love McCain and Palin.

P.S. I didn't start any rumors about Gordon. This has circulated around (strongly) for a long time. Heck, your real estate buddies talk about it too. Why don't you tell us why he was fired from the church? Maybe that could help clear up the matter!

It is quite interesting that Gordon brought Maria into the CSD scene AND they're from the same exact town in Oregon AND he got her a job with a local law firm (which looks to be her only professional job experience). That's incredible.

Shark Inlet said...


I agree with you about how rude some of the proTriW crowd have been about the personal lives of some of the current boardmembers ... but that doesn't make it okay to further spread what are essentially rumors with an apparent political use.

As was pointed out to you, you have no evidence of any charges being filed and thus you should not be saying it is true or even saying it at all. Just because you didn't start the rumor and just because it might already be widespread doesn't make it okay for you to gossip.

As to your claim that Maria and Gordon are from the same town in Oregon ... I challenge you to put your evidence on the table and name that one common town of origin. If you cannot even do this it will demonstrate your credibility. If, after all, you are willing to pass on a false statement without even bothering to check it out ...

Prefix528 said...

Ann -

I'm disgusted with the personal attacks being made by "getrealosos". He/she is slandering Gorden Hensley and then trying to spread the smear to Maria Kelly.

A while back when things were getting dragged down by the pottymouth posters you cut them off. That makes sense here. I abandon following your blog when it became an unending battle personality attacks and counter attacks. I was relieved when you set limits on this sort of vilification and put the discussion back onto the issues.

Your original post announced a community workshop on collection system alternatives. There are real questions here deserving of debate. Postings such as those being made by "getrealosos" are an impediment to intelligent discussion.

GetRealOsos said...

Shark Inlet,

People talk and the Gordon rumor has been strong for some time. Too strong, too long.

I asked Mike to at least explain why Gordon was fired from the church and how it may help to do so since he (Mike) seems to know so much about the situation.

The town in Oregon is Corvallis. That is what was on Maria's application for TAC.

Who is gossiping? I said it was interesting that Gordon found Maria her first (real) job, came from the same town, brought Maria into the CSD scene ... you are the company you keep.

P.S. Funny YOU should talk about credibility, YOU don't have to pay for the sewer, but talk as if you do. Gee whiz. You have NO credibility with me.

Why don't you answer if Marshall lives in the PZ?

Sewertoons said...

getrealosos, why don't YOU ask Marshall? You can contact him off of his website.

Shark Inlet said...


Here's a thought. If a rumor has been too strong for too long doesn't make it factual or okay to continue to spread. Especially if there is someone who benefits from it's continued spreading.

Now that you've named *one* town in Oregon as being where Maria comes from most recently ... can you name the town where Gordon lived up there in Oregon when this incident supposedly occurred? Perhaps including a date as well would allow us to check your detective work.

Until you tell us where Gordon lived, we will continue to think that you're just passing on a rumor that you haven't even checked out yourself. This is pretty much the definition of gossip.

As to the question of credibility you raise, you suggest that someone (me? Mike?) doesn't live in the PZ. Who are you addressing? (Hopefully you weren't addressing me ... I live in the PZ ... and you would be wrong.)

Mike said...

Shark... you are absolutely correct in your line of reasoning and that question...

Yes, it looks like the typical Los Osos politics of character assassination are in full swing.

Hilarious as usual.

Churadogs said...

Prefix528 sez:I'm disgusted with the personal attacks being made by "getrealosos". He/she is slandering Gorden Hensley and then trying to spread the smear to Maria Kelly.

A while back when things were getting dragged down by the pottymouth posters you cut them off."

O.K. Folks. Enough with the Gordon/Corvalis/Church claims. Ancient history, old rumor, no evidence, long on gossip, just like the other slams against Julie and Richard and others. Enough.

Maria's professional/personal connection with Gordon is a legitimate point of discussion, one I'm sure Maria can set right. Ditto as to whether she and Marshall are planning on running as a "slate" that shares views and plans for the CSD & etc. When they get their websites up and running, they'll be posting their statements and platform & etc. and you can go read it for yourself.

As for the rest, I post a notice about an information event at the COMMUNITY CENTER to give people information on the various collection systems being proposed. A chance for people to go talk to actual experts and what do we get? Crap, including Inlet saying, Oh I think this might be a good idea but, eeeeuuuu, I may not bother going to talk to the experts directly because Gail and others are sponsoring this event, eeeuuu.


Time to grow up, people.

And, if I'm not mistaken, aren't Karen Venditti AND Maria Kelley working together on today's Water Fair event? Hello. It's WATER, folks. We ain't got enough of it and we all need to work together to conserve it.

GetRealOsos said...


I brought up Gordon with connection to Maria because the relationship is curious to say the least.

Maria has praised the county when the county has been dis-honest to say the least.

Maria has the same agenda as the recalled board, yet no work experience (other than the job Gordon got for her?)...

My point wasn't to bring up Gordon's past, its to look at Maria and the connection between the two.

I asked Mike to let us know why Gordon was fired as the youth minister. They don't get fired.

After watching Sara Palin speak about the pork spending in her state she blamed it on Fish & Game and the university that wanted the money for various stupid studies.

That is what Gordon apparently does, he's in with Cal Poly and Fish & Game. Gordon knows how to get that federal money.

If you FOLLOW THE MONEY you'll find the answers. Everyone who stands to profit off of a super big project (Tri-W) is for it. That includes Cal Poly (Shark Inlet knows).

Maria owns a vacant lot and I would assume she plans to build. I assume since she's kissed all that county butt, she'll be able to build her nice home quickly...favors...

I've got it! Maybe Maria's slogan should be: "INVEST IN MY FUTURE IN LOS OSOS"!

Let Maria build, let Maria's husband get those grants at Cal Poly...oh, did Gordon help him too getting that job at Cal Poly?

franc4 said...

real 1 sez:"In my opinion, the State (who's laws are being enforced with this project) should just bring the bulldozers and start building, wherever they want to and screw the "community input". It's the only thing that will end this nightmare."

If Iknew your name I would "write you in" for CSD director. ;-)

franc4 said...

Mike sez;

"Yes, it looks like the typical Los Osos politics of character assassination are in full swing. " should know!!!!! Maybe I should dig up all the "wonderful" things you have said about Julie and Lisa....ya think?...Julie in particular. I all too well remember the vicious attack you made on Julie...more than once, on your blog, "Why Julie should resign from the CSD." Remember???

You got alot of nerve.....but little compassion or brains.

Shark Inlet said...

Okay GetReal,

You've shown yourself to not bother checking into rumors before passing them on. Gordon did not live in Corvallis. Also, it is 100% incorrect to say that youth ministers don't get fired. One of the most common reasons is that a new head pastor might be appointed and the personality clash or difference in ministerial styles or vision will cause the youth pastor to be let go.

Your comments about Cal Poly are absurd ... or confusing. To suggest that some guy in Los Osos has any pull with the department that hired Maria's husband is laughable. I am wondering what you meant about how I know that Poly will benefit from a "super big project (Tri-W)" ... I certainly don't know because I don't have a clue what you mean.

Frank said...

This event has no purpose but to promote an agenda of 'we must now have STEP because we are all a bunch of sewer experts' and move the sewer wasn't really move the sewer but was really move the sewer if we can have a STEP system unless it still costs too much so I guess it was really move the sewer and shrink the pipe and dig a bunch of holes in our yards we are not too sure of that because the pollution is not really that bad and it's all based on bad science because we read it must be bad science because Ann said so and we messed up because move the sewer was not really planned out other than delay and buy some time until we could figure out what we wanted to do next and now we are still trying to figure out what to do next and maybe if we elect Karen she will hold lots of meetings about STEP systems because she has extensive experience in something that we are not really certain about but that is not what matters because what is important is that we keep having workshops and what a fun merry-go-round this is as we think we learn and learn and never do anything but figure out what is wrong with actually doing something

Shark Inlet said...


Thanks so much for your summary.

Just to be clear, did someone actually say that the point of the recall was to delay to buy some time? I believe that this was the goal, but I've never heard anyone who supported the recall say this.

I also wonder if someone really suggested that the CSD would once again do more meetings about STEP.

I am sure that OsosChange was referring to this event when he (or she) said that he (she) was going to reveal his (her) damning information about Maria. What was said (or not said) in the public meeting that was announced?

Really, was there anything said other than four legs good, two legs bad ... or have they moved on to all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others yet?

GetRealOsos said...

Shark Inlet,

You are such a phony. You know exactly what I'm talking about regarding Cal Poly. Who are you trying to kid?

Your job (obviously) has been to police the blogs and promote your agenda which is big gravity and now the new (recalled) board.

Maria is Gordon and Marshall is Richard.

If you like George Bush, you'll love McCain and Palin.

If you like the old board and a disgusting sewer plant in the middle of town, you'll love Maria and Marshall.

Talk about phonies, Maria promotes herself as a Democrat. That's a stretch. By doing what she's doing she is a Republican - she cares NOT about people, but cares only about herself and her financial gain.


She believes Jon Seitz and others that say the big sewer will increase the home values so (of course they didn't see ahead for the fall of the real estate market) and Maria will build her nice home and be rich.

Yep, Maria's slogan should be:


p.s. I'm asking questions, not spreading rumors. You ask questions too.

Shark Inlet said...


In the same paragraph as you tell us to follow the money you talk about Cal Poly benefiting from Los Osos having a gravity sewer and say I know what you mean.

I say that I don't.

You say yet again that I do.

Let's move past this foolishness and suppose that even if I did understand what you meant ... that you wanted to communicate with others as well.

Spell it out. How does Poly benefit financially from a super big project?