Saturday, February 06, 2010

Rainy Day Activities

I know, it's Saturday and it's raining and we can't go out to play. So, here's a few fun things to do until the sun comes out.

1. Visit the Allee Willis Musuem of Kitsch at Don't be shocked to find things there that are duplicates of things you may have laying around the house. Didn't know you owned museum quality things, now did you?

2. The late David Levine was a brilliant artist and caricaturist whose works regularly graced the pages of the New York Review of Books. AT, you can click on any year and take a gander of some of the amazing drawings of noted people throughout the years. His was an extraordinary talent that will be missed.

3. Now it's cleared off it a bit, head down to the San Luis Obispo Art Center (1010 Broad St on west end of Mission Plaza ( to see the 25 year retrospective of the work of David Settino Scott, "California primitive."

I knew David centuries ago in L.A. We had some of his early works in the downtown Simard Art Gallery where I worked. When I moved to Los Osos in 1984 I rather lost track of the L.A. art scene and years went by and up popped a Tribune "Ticket" story on a "David Settino Scott" show at Cuesta College Art Gallery. The name "Settino" wasn't familiar, but the images featured in the story sure were, so I went to the opening and sure enough: David Scott. Unbeknownst to me, he and his wife had moved to the Central Coast about the same time as I did and he'd been working away quietly ever since.

I've been following his career since then and couldn't be happier that he's having this wonderful show. His work's quite amazing, especially the stunning tryptichs and screens. Oh, and be sure to look for three of his wonderfully Poe-ishly creepy and beautiful, beautiful wood, wire, fabric, and encaustic (pigment in wax) black "crows." Woa!

Hell of a show, David. Hell of a show.

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